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New Golden Board Revealed for Super Mario Party

The latest Nintendo Direct gave Super Mario Party a nice spotlight but primarily featured minigames and modes we’ve already seen. This is not the case for a video just released from Nintendo Germany that highlighted players demoing Super Mario Party at Gamescon along with two quick looks at fourth board.

This very small board is coated in gold and features Chain Chomps that activate once a green space is landed on. A Thwomp can be seen on the left and a statue of Kamek sits at the top. Three red pipes also seem to play some kind of role.

Big thanks to Aaron for spotting this! Expect to play Super Mario Party when it releases on October 5.

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11 thoughts on “New Golden Board Revealed for Super Mario Party

  1. Yoshiman222

    Interesting note from this as well, during the scene where the kamek statue activates you can see Toadette with 2 stars above her. I wonder if this means there’s an event (either exclusive to this board or during the final 5 turns because I believe that was shown off in a different video that they still exist) that doubles the number of stars you can get from her?

    1. Spongyoshi

      I hope so, although I wish it is like Mario Party 10 where you have to pay 10 for a star and 20 for two of them.

  2. Spongyoshi

    Well, this is certainly WAY less of an inspiration of an pre-existing Mario Party 1 board compared to the three previous boards already shown, it’s a good thing imo although it kinda throws away my theory…

  3. Armon Wilson

    The fourth one looks very small and I just hope the last two boards aren’t very small as this one, but hey I’m happy that they got rid of the car

  4. Buzzy Trombone

    I think the pipes might be entrances to an underground part of the board that we haven’t seen yet, probably like a casino. Considering the theme is money and gold it would be kinda nice……

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