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Every Minigame in Super Mario Party So Far

Super Mario Party has a confirmed 80+ new minigames and we’re here to catalog each and every one, just like any Mario Party fan would do. We’ve seen dozens of minigames in the official trailer and gameplay demos but only a handful of minigame names exist and we’re not quite sure what’s what. That said, the list will be updated once names become known and as details trickle in before the October 5.

So far we’ve discovered a total of 84 minigames. All the minigame titles are correct, but some of the images were placed under certain names based on the title.

UPDATE : With the update of the Japanesse website, all minigames have been shown in categories. We also have a video showing all minigames below

Note : All names in (brackets) are those found in the European version of the game.

4-Player (30 in total)

Candy Shakedown Croozin’ for a Broozin’
Sphere Mongers
Gridiron Gauntlet
Feeding Friendsy Fuzzy Flight School
Precision Gardening Rumble Fishing
??? Sizzling Stakes
Slaparazzi Snack Attack
Soak or Croak (Rattle and Hmmm)
Don’t Wake Wiggler!
Trike Harder
Barreling Along
Can Take Pancake Looking for Love
??? (Trip Manager)
Look Hard
Social Climbers
Lost in the Shuffle
??? (Bonus)
(Lightning Round) (Bonus) ??? (Bonus)
??? (Bonus) ?(Metal Detectors)? (Bonus)

1vs3 (10 in total)

Block and Load Dart Gallery
Dust Buddies Off the Chain
Smash and Crab Sign, Steal, Deliver

??? Bopping Spree
??? Drop Quiz

2vs2 (10 in total)

Fruit Forecast Making Faces
Maths of Glory Nut Cases
Pie Hard Tall Order
Tow the Line
??? Perfect Fit

Ally (10 in total)

(Note – All Ally minigames are played as 2v2s (some are even playable as 4-player minigames), except every ally character you collected joins your team to assist you as well)

It’s the Pits (2v2/4 Players)
Hammer and Sic ‘Em (2v2/4 Players)
Bumper Brawl (2v2/4 Players) Lit Potato (2v2/4 Players)
Train in Pain (2v2/4 Players) Pull It Together (2v2)
??? (2v2) Rowboat Uprising (2v2)

Get Over It (2v2/4 Players) Half the Battle (2v2)

Toad’s Rec Room (4 in total)

Shell Shocked Deluxe (2v2/4 Players)
Banana Split (Co-op)
Puzzle Hustle (Co-op)
Mini League Baseball (2v2)

Co-op (10 in total)

Isthmus Be the Way Go with the Flow
Net Worth
Sort of Fun
Suit Yourselves
Penguin Pushers
Home on the ‘Rang
Miner Setbacks
Fetch Quest Fireplace Race

Rhythm (10 in total)

??? ???
Take a Stab
All Star Swingers
Rhythm and Bruise ???
??? ???


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43 thoughts on “Every Minigame in Super Mario Party So Far

  1. Mario_Comix

    Wow they look really great! Just feeling bad that Toad and Toadette were dropped from playability for no good reason…

      1. Rosie

        Mario Party 8? I actually kinda like it, I would say Mario Party 9 and 10 are worse, in my opinion.

          1. J.C.

            I was agreeing with you though, haha.

            9 and 10 are the weakest games in the series.

            I haven’t played 8, but it looked good from the gameplay that I saw.

          2. J.C.

            I never bought a Mario Party game on the Wii so I never got to experience such a glorious game, lol

        1. J.C.

          I was thinking of Mario Party 10.
          I agree that both those games are the weakest in the series.

  2. CuriousUser

    Sure hope Boss Minigames do end up appearing in Super Mario Party. They were great to have in the previous Mario Party games of the 2010s facing off familiar bosses from the Mario Franchise (King Boo, Big Bob-omb, ect.) to face off in minigames.

    1. Mario_Comix

      I would just prefer if they actually felt like boss fights instead of slightly pacifist versus minigames… Like, King Bob-omb’s in MP9 was fun with friends, but he doesn’t attack you until he’s at half health and you let him attack you lol.

      1. Spongyoshi

        True, but it’s hard to come up with an good minigame idea for this kind of scenario. I’m glad Boss Minigames exists and I loved them but I sadly can’t see them return for this one, which would be a first for an NdCube Mario Party game!

  3. Crimson Hat

    The pun game is stronk with this one. I mean we even got a reference to Communism. Never thought you would see that in a Mario game huh?

  4. Yoshiman222

    Pretty sure the tank Toad’s Rec Room game is called Shell Shocked Deluxe. At least I believe I remember hearing someone call it that during on of the gameplay videos of it. Forgot which one.

  5. Spongyoshi

    I think Sphere Mongers is an 2VS2 minigame since it has allies and only 2 colors for the teams. Also, woohoo teamwork minigames are back!!
    I suspect the soccer one to be either 2VS2 as well or a bonus minigame.
    Prediction time!
    Fish Food will be similar to Petey’s MP10 boss battle
    Rumble Fishing will be similar to Treasure Trawlers from MP6
    That barrel minigame will just be an copy of River Rollin’ from Wii Party U
    The baseball minigame… Doesn’t ring an MP5 bell to anyone?
    Candy Shakedown MUST use the joy-con rumble feature!
    Stake your claim and the horse one will be about timing while the penguin one is survival
    The magnet one will be an upgrade of Chopper Hoppers from Wii Party
    The Kamek one is an elimination minigame where you must pick the card Kamek chooses, might be an Kamek minigame replacing an Bowser minigame and you must survive 5 rounds in order to win?
    Glove tanks minigames? Probably an successor to Tank-Down!
    Block-Hitting one is probably timing to hit the hidden blocks. Although the cloud one, I wonder… Would that be an Paper Jam reference?
    OH TUG O WAR IS BACK!!! The 2VS2 minis looks legit af!!
    I could be wrong because of the title but would Maths of Glory be similar to Monkey Cannon from Super Monkey Ball Adventure?
    That fruit ones heavily reminds me of Trial by Tile from MP8 while the raft one reminds me of Synch-row-nicity from MP7!
    Is Dart Gallery just Bob-omb Barrage but actually good?? But the 1VS3 looks legit as well!!
    Also, the Hola one might be an 4VS teamwork one as well though I agree that nothing is certain.

    1. •CamTro Official•

      Snack Attack minigame (popcorn minigame) remind me a lot about Mario Party 5’s Coney Island.

      1. Spongyoshi

        I agree it looks similar but I’d say it reminds me more of Meteor Melee from Island Tour. I don’t recall gameplay of it tho so it’s why I wasn’t sure to say anything about it!

        1. Mario_Comix

          Hm, kind of makes me wonder how exactly it plays. We can see shadows of popcorn implying they fall down from the sky, yet Luigi’s cup is full and he has 0 points.

  6. Mario_Comix

    It’s kind of interesting that some minigames appear to contain waaaay more playable characters than usual, so it’s like they’re implementing allies into some of the minigames (like how Star Rush did for boss minigames). I wonder how these will work exactly?

    1. Spongyoshi

      I’m not sure but I think they’ll be implemented in a way that every ally you got in your party can appears as helpers in some of the 2VS2 minigames. Maybe they did this to balance the 2VS2 minigames somehow? But it’d be weird to be limited to those…

      1. Mario_Comix

        I can see the possibility of implementing it in other games, like 1-vs-3 minigames. They could add allies in similar to the Dry Bones from the Ruins Rumble MP9 minigame.

        1. Spongyoshi

          I’d love them being able to appear in any type of minigames, like your idea is pretty cool! Although what about the solo player then, he can’t use his allies? Or maybe make them bonus obstacles to hinder the team?

  7. NesMeister

    I have a few analyses:

    – The Don’t Look clone with the suits is probably “Looking For Love” from the Gamescom footage. The aim appears to look in the direction of the heart
    – The pancake one is likely called “Can You Take Pancake”
    – Dash and Dine is a 2vs2 minigame as it appears in the Gamescom footage. Partner Party mixes categories together. I’m guessing it’s the “Order Up” like one in the unknown section
    -The 2vs2 rope shape minigame is probably called “Tow the Line” and there’s another minigame called “Perfect Fit” maybe the fruit puzzle.
    -There are 4-Player minigames called “Look Sharp”, and “Feeding Friendsy”
    – GameSpot had new footage that has the missing Co-Op names. The card one is called “Suit Yourselves”. The candle one is “Fireplace Race”. The penguin one is “Penguin Pushers”. And the boomerang one is “Home on the Rang”
    -The game categories based on the E3 minigame menu is sorted by category as well. It appears to be 30 4-Player (includes the Wiggler, Yellow Toad, Tetris shape, and Pokey unknown minigames),10 1vs3 (includes the castle one from unknown), 10 2vs2, 10 6vs6 (involving allies which include Pull It Together, Sphere Mongers, Hammer and Sic Em, the boat one, the punching one, It’s the Pits, the football one), 10 co-op, and 10 4-Player minigames that appear to be based on timing (includes Stake Your Claim, the horse minigame, the baseball minigame, the flipboard cheerleading minigame, the top right of unknown, the hitting block, the dancing minigame, and mole whacking minigame)

    1. Spongyoshi

      So, I guess the 4-Player minigames based on timing will be the ones you’ll encounter on the dancing mode seen on the menu?
      Maybe you’ll have to pick a song and survive as much as possible as the tempo gets progressively faster? Whatever it is, it sounds really promising and really original for a rhythm game! Pretty much multiplayer Rhythm Heaven!

    1. Yoshiman222

      River Survival isn’t a minigame. It’s a main mode. So it wouldn’t go on this list. It is on the main modes list on the game’s main page.

  8. Yoshiman222

    Super Mario Party is making itself more and more difficult to tell what kind of game each is. Are the Rhythm minigames exclusive to that mode they listed in the direct? Or can you still play them in Party Mode? The confusion this game offers.
    At least we know we can play with friends on any set of minigames we want in Mariothon. 😛

    1. Spongyoshi

      I’m pretty sure they are only on that dancing mode, like how the co-op minigames seems exclusive to River Survival.

  9. สวัสดี ครับท่าน

    I have a few analyses:

    – The Don’t Look clone with the suits is probably “Looking For Love” from the Gamescom footage. The aim appears to look in the direction of the heart
    – The pancake one is likely called “Can You Take Pancake”
    – Dash and Dine is a 2vs2 จีคลับ minigame as it appears in the Gamescom footage. Partner Party mixes categories together. I’m guessing it’s the “Order Up” like one in the unknown section

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