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Every Stage NOT Returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

One of the coolest aspects of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement was the sheer amount of content returning from the past four entries in the series. Not including any brand new stages, Ultimate already features a total of 84 returning stages. It’s an incredible amount, but there is a surprising 43 stages that are not returning and we’re here to catalog each and every one.

Of course, any of these stages can be announced to return at any time and we’re giving out a quick rating judging how likely we think a particular stage is to return. Let’s start with the classics!

N64 | GCN | Wii | 3DS | Wii U

N64 Stages

Five stages from the original Super Smash Bros. have not yet been seen in Ultimate.

Kongo Jungle

If it wasn’t for Kongo Jungle appearing in Smash for Wii U, the chances for this stage would have been lower. It’s already been ported over to a newer engine, no reason for this one to miss out!

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Peach’s Castle

Like Kongo Jungle before it, Peach’s Castle was a stage that appeared in Smash for Wii U. It’s fun, it’s different, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t return!

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Mushroom Kingdom


Although it has a different layout, a Mushroom Kingdom stage was also made for Melee. While that version hasn’t been confirmed for Ultimate either, we’re betting that both have a chance to appear as both play a little differently despite their visual similarities. We’re putting our money on the Melee version if there can only be one!

Will this stage return? Likely.

Planet Zebes

Most N64 stages have seen a return in at least one of the newer games, but Planet Zebes has sadly been left out with each new game. Unfortunately, Brinstar from Melee is essentially an upgraded Planet Zebes, so we expect the newer version to appear instead of both.

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Sector Z

Once again, another stage that is just too similar to a stage made in Melee. Sector Z, say hello to Corneria.

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

N64 | GCN | Wii | 3DS | Wii U

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11 thoughts on “Every Stage NOT Returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  1. Mario_Comix

    It’d be cool if Mushroom Kingdom from 64 and Melee could be changed to be based on different games entirely, like one based on SMB and the other on The Lost Levels or All-Stars or such!

  2. CuriousUser

    You have dismissed Planet Zebes and Sector Z from returning but there already are stages with similarities returning, which be both Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Story, along with Dream Land and Green Greens. But still, it’s good to not have every stage return, there’s in fact fewer new stages then returning ones.

      1. Spongyoshi

        Oh, I see! Well, they seem very similar to each-other so I’d be redundant to include both, I agree!

        1. Rosie

          Yes! Though I still find it strange that in Smash Wii U and Ultimate, they’ve included both Town and City and Smashville. Well, I guess they’re different enough, since one is a traveling stage, and the other isn’t. Same for them adding Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2, but these 2 have different transformations, so I see why they’d go with both.

  3. Crimson Hat

    The only ones that will disappoint me if they don’t make it in are Fountain of Dreams, Rainbow Road, Jungle Hijinks and Poke Floats. Those were great.

  4. Rosie

    Having Princess Peach’s Castle, Mushroom Kingdom ll, Yoshi’s Story, Great Bay, Venom and Fourside return after seventeen years is awesome! I love these stages in Melee, and being able to play on them again is great, I really appreciate it! Now, from the list of stages in this post, the ones I’d like to see returning the most are: Fountain of Dreams, Delfino Plaza, Dream Land, Paper Mario and Rainbow Road.

    1. Rosie

      Also, since I didn’t have a chance to play on a 3DS, it’s great that now I’m gonna be able to play on Unova Pokémon League, Prism Tower, Magicant,Tomodachi Life, Find Mii, Living Room and Balloon Fight.

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