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Every Stage NOT Returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Wii

One of the coolest aspects of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement was the sheer amount of content returning from the past four entries in the series. Not including any brand new stages, Ultimate already features a total of 84 returning stages. It’s an incredible amount, but there is a surprising 43 stages that are not returning and we’re here to catalog each and every one.

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Wii Stages

Nine stages from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl have not yet been seen in Ultimate.


Another form of Battlefield. We already have a new Battlefield in Ultimate and there’s little reason to bring back another one, and from Brawl, no less.

Will this stage return? Little Chance.

Delfino Plaza

This stage has too many reasons to come back. It’s a great callback to one of the GameCube’s most memorable locales and the addition of Bowser Jr. as a playable character makes it that much more important. It already made its second appearance with Smash on Wii U and it helps that Delfino Plaza is getting a brand new remix in Ultimate!

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Final Destination

Our second Final Destination. Ultimate will surely have its own version so there is no need for a duplicate.

Will this stage return? Little Chance.

Flat Zone 2

The Flat Zone saga continues. It doesn’t make sense to bring back Flat Zone 2 for the same reasons Flat Zone 1 should get the boot. Flat Zone X from the Wii U features stage transformations from both making it the best option out of the three.

Will this stage return? Little Chance.



Yikes, what a stage. Looking at it from afar makes it look simple and even peaceful. Playing on it is a different story. It’s a mess of a battle where players don’t know where to land and where water is non-existent. It’s not impossible for it to come back, but why should it?

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Mario Bros.

Yes, the Koopa Troopas were insanely powerful, but that was the charm of this retro stage. Seeing characters ping pong off the ceilings and floors made it a stage unlike any other and it shouldn’t be too hard to port over given its simplistic visuals.

Will this stage return? Likely.


Like Flat Zone before it, we’re not sure which of the two PictoChat stages will make it in. One of them was spotted in Ultimate but the two are too similar to tell them apart. If we had to guess, we’d say PictoChat 2 will make it in before the original.

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Pirate Ship

Fan favorite, beautiful visuals, and perfect representation for Toon Link and The Wind Waker. This stage was already brought back in Smash for Wii U, giving it little reason not to return again.

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Rumble Falls

Again, moving stages are generally disliked more often than any other stages, but they also offer something unique and out of the norm. There’s really nothing to suggest Rumble Falls wouldn’t make a return, other than the fact that there is a lot more to update graphically than a stationary stage.

Will this stage return? Likely.

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  • Mario_Comix

    Yeah, fair points. I would personally like to see Pictochat in over PictoChat 2, as I’ve had fonder memories/nostalgia with the original. BUT who’s to say they won’t make a PictoChat Deluxe? Lol.

  • •CamTro Official•

    PictoChat is already confirmed got in.

  • Spongyoshi

    I really liked Rumble Falls as well, hope it comes back!
    I don’t remember much of Hanenbow tho but I wouldn’t mind having weird stages.
    Also, I’d love the WarioWare stages to have more microgames (kinda like Super Smash Flash 2 did)

  • CuriousUser

    Swell it would be for Mario Bros. to be a returning Stage in Ultimate. Couldn’t hurt I’m sure for 2 stages that’ll represent ROB. Plus I’m sure there being 14ish Mario Stages shouldn’t hurt (yep, a Stage representing Super Mario Sunshine would be a nice addition indeed).

  • CuriousUser

    And now Delfino Plaza is indeed confirmed to be back in Ultimate: