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Every Stage NOT Returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Wii U

One of the coolest aspects of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement was the sheer amount of content returning from the past four entries in the series. Not including any brand new stages, Ultimate already features a total of 84 returning stages. It’s an incredible amount, but there is a surprising 43 stages that are not returning and we’re here to catalog each and every one.

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Wii U Stages

Eleven stages from the original Super Smash Bros. for Wii U have not yet been seen in Ultimate.


No reason to add this Battlefield, especially since it looks so similar to the Ultimate version.

Will this stage return? Little Chance.

Big Battlefield

A larger version of Battlefield will likely make it into Ultimate, so why not just base it off the new Battlefield?

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Final Destination

Again, if a Final Destination from a past entry is going to return, it’s going to be from Melee. No chance here!

Will this stage return? Little Chance.

Flat Zone X

We’ve speculated enough about Flat Zone. Either there will be a new definitive edition called something ridiculous like Flat Zone X2 or they’ll just bring back Flat Zone X and leave the rest out.

Will this stage return? Likely.


Every series wants as much representation as they can get, so taking out Wario’s second stage would be nothing less than a head scratcher. It has a nice gimmick, the stage looks great, and there doesn’t seem to be a need for any major improvements.

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Jungle Hijinx

Moving between he foreground and the background has become a staple of the Donkey Kong Country series and the recent port of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch bumps the importance of this stage quite a bit. We’d prefer an icy level to match Tropical Freeze, but who says you can’t have both!

Will this stage return? Very Likely.


Miiverse was a great idea and a great stage, too bad it was made for a specific system. Even though Miiverse has been shut down, default Miiverse posts created by Nintendo themselves could still pop up in the background. It’s not impossible to bring back, but it won’t have that same charm.

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Orbital Gate Assault

The latest Star Fox stage is a beautiful one but it’s often looked upon with negative light for its crazy and unpredictable nature. One minute you’re riding on Arwings, then next your falling to your death because the platform you were standing on vanished in a flash. It’s wacky, but it’s fun.

Will this stage return? Very Likely.


Ridley being playable makes this stage obsolete, right? Not quite. Remove Ridley as a boss hazard and you have a perfectly fine stage. It would be nice if every Metroid stage wasn’t lava or acid based but it’s not enough to stop one from coming back.

Will this stage return? Likely.

Windy Hill Zone

It may not be the best representative of the massive Sonic series, but it’s the only other Sonic stage we have outside of Green Hill Zone. And seeing people bounce to their death off the double-sided bumpers on either side of the stage is enough to warrant a return.

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Woolly World

A new Yoshi game is headed to the Switch with a similarly yarn-filled theme as Woolly World. Bring it back to represent Yoshi in both the new and the recently old. Like so many of the Wii U stages, the game engine they were designed for seem so similar to Ultimate that it’s hard to see a reason for these stages not to make it a second time.

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

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  • CuriousUser

    Woolly World returning would be appreciated, paying respect to Yoshi’s most recent adventure.

  • Spongyoshi

    I really hope the more original stages make a come back!
    Personally, I hope for PokeFloat & Golden Plains as well because they are such original stages imo and I’d love to try PokeFloat actually, even with more Pokemons!
    Besides that, hoping hard for Flat Zone X, Pictochat 2, Mario Bros & GAMER!
    Windy Hill Zone was great as well, deserves to come back!

  • Rosie

    Having Princess Peach’s Castle, Mushroom Kingdom ll, Yoshi’s Story, Great Bay, Venom and Fourside return after seventeen years is awesome! I love these stages in Melee, and being able to play on them again is great, I really appreciate it! Now, from the list of stages in this post, the ones I’d like to see returning the most are: Fountain of Dreams, Delfino Plaza, Dream Land, Paper Mario and Rainbow Road.

  • CuriousUser

    All Star Fox stages with Codec Calls should return, so Orbital Gate Assault should be included. Same said for a Stage that would work like Jungle Hijinx.

  • CuriousUser

    What’s wrong with these stages returning?:
    *Woolly World, a Stage based off Yoshi’s most recent adventure. We could’ve had more YWW Tracks to listen to.
    *Orbital Gate Assault, where are we supposed to hear Star Fox chats from Star Fox Zero Cast now? Does not do well now with having 3 different Star Fox casts for this aspect.
    *Jungle Hijinx, that was a Stage not like any other for having been the only Smash Bros. Stage to travel between background and foreground.

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