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Every Stage NOT Returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – GameCube

One of the coolest aspects of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement was the sheer amount of content returning from the past four entries in the series. Not including any brand new stages, Ultimate already features a total of 84 returning stages. It’s an incredible amount, but there is a surprising 43 stages that are not returning and we’re here to catalog each and every one.

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GameCube Stages

Eleven stages from the Super Smash Bros. Melee have not yet been seen in Ultimate.


Look, you can be nostalgic for the Melee’s Battlefield, but it’s nothing more than a different background. Considering we already have a new version of Battlefield in Ultimate and each stage will have a Battlefield form, it would be excessive to see this one make a return.

Will this stage return? Little Chance.

Brinstar Depths

Unique stages are always a big welcome and Brinstar Depths is certainly one of them. Its rotating stage along with the giant Kraid in the background are too good to pass up on. It might be more work to get this stage ported over and upgraded, but we’re feeling good about this one.

Will this stage return? Likely.

Final Destination

Normally, a Battlefield or a Final Destination would get the lowest possible return status, but the original Final Destination from Melee is so packed with nostalgia that it might just be worth bringing back. If we’re going to get any of these basic stages to return, it’s going to be this one.

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Flat Zone

Some iteration of Flat Zone will certainly be back, but it’s up in the air as to which one. Melee introduced the original Flat Zone and Brawl gave us Flat Zone 2. The Brawl stage returned on the 3DS but the Wii U got the new Flat Zone X which was actually just Flat Zone 2 with an extra stage transformation from the original Flat Zone. It’s complicated, so we expect one definite edition of Flat Zone to appear and it’s not going to be this one.

Will this stage return? Little Chance.

Fountain of Dreams


Fountain of Dreams has been a fan favorite for over a decade and it’s a shock that it hasn’t returned since. It’s confusing, really. It features a basic layout and there’s nothing in the background or the general design that make it so demanding to recreate. We’re confident about this one returning!

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Icicle Mountain

Scrolling stages get hated on quite a bit, but that hasn’t stopped the Smash series from including at least one in every iteration after Melee. With the Ice Climbers returning, it makes sense to bring back whatever little representation they’ve been given in the past.

Will this stage return? Likely.

Mushroom Kingdom

Earlier we said Mushroom Kingdom from the original game didn’t have the best chance because  a newer version of the stage was made in Melee. Well, this is that stage and thankfully, the layout is different enough to consider it a new stage. For a game that aims to represent the best of Nintendo, Mushroom Kingdom should feel right at home in Ultimate.

Will this stage return? Likely.

Mute City

If Big Blue can return, so can Mute City! That said, giving Mute City a much needed visual upgrade is going to take some effort with its flat background and blocky models. Plus, Port Town Aero Drive from Brawl has already been spotted in Ultimate and the two play off the same idea.

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Poke Floats

Fond memories were had on Poke Floats, but it’s really not the greatest stage for fighting. You never really know what’s coming next and it can be super unfair depending on the character you’re playing as. Overlooking that aspect, how cool would it be to see this stage updated with Pokemon from Gen III and up?

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Rainbow Cruise

It’s visually similar to Princess Peach’s Castle which has already been confirmed to return and Rainbow Cruise was already brought back once in Brawl. Chances are good with this one!

Will this stage return? Likely.

Yoshi’s Island

Made it to Brawl, made it Smash for Wii U, and it’ll no doubt make it into Ultimate. No questions here!

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

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  • Mario_Comix

    The only reason I think Fountain of Dreams is a no-show so far is they’re working to port it into the new engine all the way from Melee, and all those background elements still need remodelling. And who knows, as it’s Sakurai’s design baby, he may be fond to tweak it some more too lol.

  • CuriousUser

    Nice it would be if one of those 8bit Mushroom Kingdom stages had a return.

  • Spongyoshi

    Yoshi’s Island, Rainbow Cruise & Mushroom Kingdom really need to make a comeback imo. Icicle Mountain would be nice as well!

  • CuriousUser

    I think it would be nice to see Brinstar Depths again, along with Icicicle Mountain. Either nearly 100 stages will lead to have thousands of tracks, or the tracks will work like they did in Smash 4’s 3DS Version.

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