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Every Stage NOT Returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 3DS

One of the coolest aspects of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement was the sheer amount of content returning from the past four entries in the series. Not including any brand new stages, Ultimate already features a total of 84 returning stages. It’s an incredible amount, but there is a surprising 43 stages that are not returning and we’re here to catalog each and every one.

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3DS Stages

Seven stages from the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS have not yet been seen in Ultimate.

Dream Land

Retro stages should feel right at home in Ultimate with stages like 75m, Pac-Land, and Balloon Fight already set to make their return. Dream Land is especially unique with its nostalgic color scheme and boxed-in camera, making it the perfect 3DS stage to make the jump.

Will this stage return? Likely.

Golden Plains

What an absolutely lazy stage, visually at least. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is usually regarded as the low point of the New series and its fuzzy and muddy look coupled with the eye sores they call platforms make it a stage we hope doesn’t appear again. The coin mechanic and the gold power-up were nice, but it’s only worth a return if the stage gets a graphical overhaul.

Will this stage return? Not Likely.

Mute City

Another retro stage! It’s simple, pretty, and presumably easy to import. Granted, we already have a potential Mute City returning in the form of a Melee stage, but this one is different enough to make it worth a second go.

Will this stage return? Very Likely.


Similar to Golden Plains, Pac-Maze sees players collecting objects specific to this stage to grant themselves a status effect boost for a temporary amount of time. Like all retro stages before it, it’s simple, basic, and it looks nice too. Should be an easy port!

Will this stage return? Likely.

Paper Mario

While it may not be the best representation of the Paper Mario series, it’s definitely an upgrade over a few trophies here and there. Each of the three stage transformations offer something a little different and the Bowser’s Castle area could benefit a lot from the larger screen.

Will this stage return? Likely.

PictoChat 2

As it was mentioned before, it’s not clear which PictoChat is returning but one has definitely been spotted. If we had to pick one of the two, we’d go with the stage that has newer and more refreshing transformations.

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

Rainbow Road

It’s true, we already have an abundance of Mario Kart stages confirmed to return, but how can you say no to Rainbow Road? This track is so closely tied to the series, it’s surprising it took so long for it to get an adaption in Smash. Yes, we definitely think this one will be back!

Will this stage return? Very Likely.

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  • Mario_Comix

    The only problem I see with Rainbow Road is the graphical overhaul they’d need to perform on the background. As well, I hope they can implement Pac-Maze even with the “different players on different screens” situation they had for the ghosts when you had enough pellets.

  • CuriousUser

    It would be swell if one of the 8bit Mushroom Kingdom stages and Woolly World returned in Ultimate, but why choose PAC-Land over the infamous PAC-Maze? If you ask me I think they should actually combine PictoChat 1 and 2 into becoming PictoChat X this time around.

  • CuriousUser

    I think Ultimate should have a PictoChat X, combining the features from both PictoChat and PictoChat 2.

  • Spongyoshi

    It would be unthinkable to NOT have the famous Pac-Maze in Smash!
    Also, please make an updated Paper Mario stage!

  • CuriousUser

    If there were to be one other 3DS Version of Smash 4 Stage in Ultimate from the Mario Franchise, I’d say the one not similar to a Stage from the Wii U version, which be Paper Mario.

  • Rodney Jenkins

    Golden Plains actually showed up the on Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct today.

  • CuriousUser

    How could PAC-Maze be left out, based off the infamous maze from PAC-Man. I mean c’mon, Sonic has more then one stage in Ultimate already.