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Super Mario Party Announced!

Classic gameplay is back! Super Mario Party is the first iteration of the series on Switch and will feature the biggest character roster in the series. Look out for it to release on October 5, 2018.

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24 thoughts on “Super Mario Party Announced!

  1. Mario_Comix

    Amazing… The first time Bowser will be fully playable in a Mario Party, plus I’m loving the classic gameplay mixed with the unique character dice blocks from Star Rush! It’s too bad Toad and Toadette have been delegated to mere host characters this time again… We’ve got great choices like Toadsworth, Paratroopa, and others to choose from after all!

    1. XT

      Yeah why is it that they never make unique host like characters anymore like they did in previous Mario Parties? Like the Star Spirits from 5, Brighton and Twila from 6, and MC Ballyhoo and Big Top from 8. I honestly would preferred them to have another new host than taking stable characters from being playable and making them the hosts. Oh well at least Ill get to play as them in Mario Tennis Aces when it comes out next week. Also Im a bit surprised they decided to regularly make Bowser fully playable this time, though I did kind of see this coming since he did sort of have “playable appearances” in others like 4, and 10 plus not to mention that they even did this with Koopa Kid and Bowser Jr. I still find this funny and it makes me wonder how hes gonna play in this game compared to the other characters.

  2. E.Gadd

    Cautiously optimistic, but I can’t wait to see more! I feel like if they do this game justice it’s going to be huge. The Mario franchise is really hot again recently, not that it isn’t always successful, but there is a buzz surrounding it nowadays that I haven’t felt in many years and I am hopeful Nintendo doesn’t squander that. Odyssey, + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Kart 8 Deluxe, Tennis Aces… if Super Mario Party can match that level of quality… man oh man.

  3. XelaFury

    It looks really fun, plus the old formula is back, which the series desperately needed. Let’s hope this can be the game that brings Mario Party back to its roots.

  4. Spongyoshi

    I’m HYPE!! This totally shows Nintendo’s mind lately. Bring back series to their roots while still keeping their new or original features (Like Odyssey did for example!)
    I’m so hyped to play this!!

  5. Waluigifan32

    This is amazing! Even more amazing is the fact it releases a day after my birthday! 😀
    Love the fact that they brought back the Ally mechanic from Star Rush.

  6. E.Gadd

    Watched all the Treehouse segments for this… this game looks AMAZING. They’ve addressed pretty much every gripe I had with series’ more recent trajectory. I have to have this game!

    I think it’s interesting that they mention there would be ongoing support for the game. Could really mean anything, but hopefully it means they keep adding new boards, mini-games, and modes to Super, making it like the Ultimate edition of Mario Party…. wait a second. lol

    1. Shelly the kid

      Maybe they mean DLC since that’s a rarity in Mario Party games. More Character DLC, more stage DLC, anything is possible.

  7. Dalton Simpson

    Come on Nintendo, Sakurai just made the all time best Super Smash Bros. game, by bringing back all the old characters that the fans ever wanted and not trying to overflow the game with new oddball characters. Its a Super Smash Bros. All-Stars game who’s title suites the game PERFECTLY. Mario Party why can’t you get it together, keep up and Make it right this time.

    1. Shelly the kid

      BOI! Stop drinking koolaid and realize that Mario Party is back to their roots again.

  8. Rayree

    I was looking at the videos and was checking who what it looked like was playable.
    Looks like.
    Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Boo, Shy Guy, Bowswer, Bowser Jr. Goomba, Hammer Bro. Koopa Troopa (green), Pom Pom, Dry Bones, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong. and I’m gonna assume Monty Mole is too, he’s in one of the tree house videos.

    My guess for the amount of playable characters its because the have the Ally system in. gotta have alot Characters then.

  9. •CamTro Official•

    It’s so long time since I’m here, where’s the people who used to post a lot of interesting comments?

  10. BossBlitz

    Glad Mario Party is back to their roots. Though I had fun with 9, I really want to see a dev interview to see the process in which they finally decided to give the fans what they wanted :p.

  11. Mr. Luiginary

    It’s about time we’re getting a Mario Party that actually can play like a Mario Party. Although I did see a board function like Star Rush, I have a theory that for boards, you can choose whether you play it a la Mario Party 1-8 or a la Star Rush. A good way to blend both versions together while leaving the car out (even if I could still picture a way to make it work).
    Also, only 10 turns? I hope that you can be able to change the number of turns in a game, so that 20 turn games can still occur.

    1. Spongyoshi

      It has been confirmed you can change the number of turns! Nothing much besides that but one can guess the limit will be 50 like in Top 100!

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