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Chain Chomp Playable and More in Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces got a considerable amount of time during today’s Nintendo Direct, highlighting new game mechanics, new characters, and new courts.

And yes, Chain Chomp is now a playable character.

Mario Tennis Aces is set for a worldwide release on June 22, 2018 with an Australian release slated for sometime this fall.









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21 thoughts on “Chain Chomp Playable and More in Mario Tennis Aces

  1. Yoshiman222

    I just like the fact that the mario world equivelant for a dog (I know there are actual dogs too but chain chomps are also dog-like) as a tennis player. 😛
    Game actually looks fun though, like they rebuilt and refined the Power Shots from the GameCube version, and vastly improved on it.

    1. Mario_Comix

      When they even mentioned using “Offense (Zone Shots) or Defense (Zone Speed)” I was immediately reminded back to the good old days of the Power Shots.

  2. E.Gadd

    New in-depth gameplay mechanics – Check
    Cassic gameplay for those that prefer it – Check
    Motion control gameplay for those that prefer that – Check
    Story mode – Yep
    Online multiplayer – *nods*
    Diverse courts – *smiles*
    Sizable roster that is going to keep growing over time – *points finger* nice
    Chain Chomp playable – WUT

    I believe in Mario Tennis again! Keep it up Nintendo.

  3. Mario_Comix

    Boy, I am SO excited for this. The fact that the gameplay’s been this refined is amazing. I want to know more about the block, though. And I expect that the “future information” they’ll tell us will include the pre-release tournament and the Story Mode. Also, to me, the Swing Mode looks like a reiteration of Wii Sports, haha.

    I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we’d be pretty satisfied with the roster if they just added Diddy Kong, and either Pauline or Cappy. It’s already a pretty well-rounded roster otherwise. It’s also great to see that, even 20 years after Mario Golf 64, Camelot continues to surprise us with their out-of-the-blue roster decisions. And I can’t wait to play as Chain Chomp!

    Another really great part of this game is how the characters’ trick shots and special shot animations add to their personality, making even the characterisations feel deeper than in Ultra Smash. I just cannot wait for this game to release. Mario Power Tennis introduced me to the world of Mario, so that game has a special place in my heart, and seeing Mario Tennis Aces actually compare is amazing.

  4. Rosie

    The game seems great so far! I love how they actually put effort in this one! And I love how they now gave athletic clothing for the boys, and new tennis shoes for the 3 girls, they are much more fitting for sports than the ones they used in all the other sports games. I also noticed by zooming on the artworks that their new shoes have their emblems, so Peach’s shoe has her crown, Rosalina’s has the Grand Star, and Daisy’s the flower.

    1. Mario_Comix

      Interesting find! I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the new shoes, but I didn’t notice they had their emblems on it too! On a side note, Peach’s gown is slightly redesigned and all three ladies seem to have a wristband as well. It’s too bad the other characters don’t have any tennis-related outfit changes, but perhaps we’ll see these added as special in-game outfits?

      1. Rosie

        Yesss! Peach’s gown is slightly redesigned! This is my favorite Peach sports outfit ever! And Daisy is wearing her shorts, so it’s nice that Peach’s with her dress and Daisy isn’t, highlighting their different personalities. About what you said of special in-game outfits, I’m really curious about them as well, I mean, I don’t think that fot this game, these outfits will be for the Miis, so like, this time we would be able to change the Mario character’s outfits and that would be great! Like, maybe Peach having her shorts and Daisy her sporty dress? Or unique outfits? l would love to have Peach in the “real world tennis outfit”, which is a shirt and a skirt.

        1. Mario_Comix

          Great to see Daisy back with her shorts after MTO and MG:WT, highlighting their personalities indeed. It’s true that the in-game outfits probably aren’t for Miis, so would they be for the main characters? This makes sense considering it would be very odd if Mario Bros. & Wario Bros. could not be selected with their classic outfits.

          1. Mario_Comix

            It’d be kind of interesting if Rosalina got a non-dress sports outfit similar to Daisy, and Peach from Mario Baseball. And of course, realistic tennis outfits too!

    2. Mr. Luiginary

      While it’s neat that they have tennis outfits for some characters, it’s a shame that doesn’t apply to the rest of the roster. They could’ve figure out some way, such as tennis shoes for Yoshi or a visor for Boo and Chain Chomp.

  5. ImpaDude

    Low-key I really wanna see Pauline in this. I feel like Luma has always been a default partner for Rosalina when people make up rosters but now that Pauline had that big role in Mario Odyssey, who’s to say that she could be to Rosalina as what Daisy is to Peach. Just putting it out there! I feel like now Pauline has a legitimate personality, and in these games could really contribute to the different personalities.

    1. Mario_Comix

      Even if the two don’t act as partners, they’re always good to act as counterparts (think DK and Bowser).

  6. Pikachu Trainer

    Sigh, ok so I at first thought this game was basically going to be no effort when it was first announced, I will say they did learn from past problems but it still somewhat bugs me. Like Why Chain Chomp? Still, the story looks awful and lazy, guys you had right on the GBC. why can’t you learn? The art errors still make me mad and screams lazy. Still hopefully its good for the people who like tennis

  7. Haru Villa-Guarnero

    I hope one of those unlockable outfits is Toad’s T-shirt and rainbow racket from Mario Tennis 64 😄

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