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Luigi Update Coming to Super Mario Odyssey

A free update is headed to Super Mario Odyssey that will add a new minigame and Luigi to the game.

Balloon World is a new minigame that allows players to both hide and find balloons throughout the kingdoms of the game, tasking players from around the world to find these hidden balloons. As you find the balloons of other players, your ranking will go up. Find Luigi after you complete the main story to start this challenge.

The update will be released in February and will include new Snapshot Mode filters and three new costumes:

  • Sunshine Shade & Outfit
  • Musician Hat & Outfit
  • Knight Helmet & Outfit






















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  • Mario_Comix

    Great to see Luigi in the game! He hasn’t missed a 3D Mario game since Sunshine. Speaking of Sunshine, I hadn’t even realised they missed the opportunity to include the outfit in the first place, so glad to see it back!

  • Pikachu Trainer

    If they don’t patch out of bounds glitches, I wonder if people will be able to place balloons out of bounds?

    • Bearman 3600

      That would be annoying.