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Mario Party Legacy

Happy 10th Anniversary Mario Party Legacy!

10 years.

One decade ago, Mario Party Legacy officially opened. I still remember that day. It was a Monday and I just got back from school. All day I was thinking about the launch. I’ve wanted to run my own website for the longest time and that dream was finally coming true. Fast forward exactly 10 years and here we are.

To honor such an important anniversary, I pulled together a retrospective video and tribute to Mario Party Legacy and its entire history. I know so many of you hold our little corner of the internet very dearly. I’m hoping this video can bring back precious memories and remind us of the great friendships we’ve made.

Thank you for making Mario Party Legacy a reality. Without the community, we would have never made it to 10 years!

Michael Koczwara

Executive Editor and Founder of Mario Party Legacy. Head Administrator at the Mario Party Legacy Forum.

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23 thoughts on “Happy 10th Anniversary Mario Party Legacy!

  1. ImpaDude

    AHHHH I Can’t believe it’s been ten years! I’ve said this a thousand times, but regardless, before I joined this site and involved myself in the community, I was a very introverted kid but as time went on and I started talking to more people, I became even more confident in real life as a result! Thanks for this community for always being so supportive, and though I may not be as active as I used to be, I still always check this site for anything new Nintendo-wise. SZ and the other MPL staff, you should be proud of this site, it’s accomplished so much in the past ten years. You have seriously impacted a ton of people’s lives. I started visiting this site when I was only 10, barely starting fifth grade. Now I’m a junior in high school! This place has been a part of me for over 1/3 my life, and that’s crazy for me. Regardless, I hope everyone in the community has been doing well lately. Happy 10 years everyone!


    P.S. I have a switch, so if you want to add me, my friend code is SW-1645-2910-3708! I’m so excited for this anniversary and I can’t wait for many more years to come.

  2. DJ Colyton

    Good lord, crazy to think I joined when I was just a teenager still learning to write and speak english correctly, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Many years later, I’m now ”adulting”, with trouble, but I am. So many stuff happened in the time I was active, so many friends I made and lost, but overall, those people, the whole community, is what made this place so special. I always thought I would totally stop coming to this site, which I did in some way as I grew older, but the memories float back and I still find myself scrolling through the news page from time to time, even if it’s just once a month. Happy 10th Anniversary MPL!!

  3. Stalfos King

    Happy 10th anniversary! I’ve only been around for about 2 of 10 years, but I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot so far, so I just want to say thanks! As has been said already, the creators should be proud! I’ve ultimately learned a lot from the site’s influence. It’s what drove me to learn Sketchup, image manipulation via GIMP and Paint.net, and more recently, Blender. Using all of these things in conjunction with Party Planner 64 has taught me a lot about graphic design and even game design! It’s also worth mentioning that I discovered Party Planner 64 through Mario Party Legacy, so I have that to thank it for as well! Anyway, thanks again, Mario Party Legacy, and congratulations! I only wish I had been around earlier in its life… When it was bustling with activity.

  4. Spongyoshi

    I remember joining between Mario Party Island Tour’s release and Mario Party 10’s release. I’ve made my own website and discovered Mario Party Interactive and the whole forum + this website. I joined it to talk about my favorite series ever and was glad to see it having some love by others too! <3 The countdown to MP10 was SO HYPE!!

  5. Spike "R" Jagger

    Man, has it been 10 years for this site already? I remember back when I joined this place. Being here with the community back in the day really helped me become a better person, and while things may have gone quiet for this site, I shall cherish the memories I have of this here site.

    Happy 10th Anniversary, MPL. (^D^)b

  6. Mario_Comix

    Gosh, where do I begin? It’s hard to believe I stumbled across the forum 8 years ago, and this website alongside. From the days of “Super Mario Party Site” to “Mario Party Legacy”, I’ve seen a lot happening around this place. I’ve seen “faces” come and go, and the bustle of activity throughout different facets from the forum to the website. Honestly, so much has happened here that it’s hard to process. But MPL has always been my go-to Mario/Nintendo community hub. Here’s to all the great memories, and to many more, from “Community Image of the Day” to Mario Party board contests, and everything in between!

    1. Mario_Comix

      Oh my! Nice to see me make a cameo in the video, as well as a preview for the Winter Board Contest!

      Also, after watching that video, thank you so much SuperZambezi and all the other staff for all the hard work you’ve put into this website!

  7. Yoshiman222

    Huh that means I’ve been around here for 7 or so years… since I started looking up Mario Party 9 information… interesting.

    A lot sure had happened since, many things have come and gone. ( Kinda wish I could still host Community Nights if people were interested. 😛 )

    I might not appear as much now-a-days as everything’s died down, but it’s still nice to come on everytime something new pops up and see how everyone’s doing. Happy 10th MPL.

    ( If you all really want to know where I’ve gone, most of my days are spend on Discord playing games or working, whichever comes first. You can visit me in some places if you wish. 😛 )

    1. Stalfos King

      Community nights are one of the biggest things I regret not being able to experience… Such a shame!

    2. Spongyoshi

      I’d love to experience thoses too! They were either on games I didn’t had or on days I wasn’t free 🙁

  8. Waluigifan32

    This community seriously made me stronger, both irl and online. We’ve had some fun moments so far. Glad I got to know you nice people, who are (most likely) also “Super” Mariofans. I really hope this site doesn’t die. It’s like there’s less and less to see or do on here imo. I just hope we get more Community Nights and stuff. I haven’t joined a single Switch CN cuz I didn’t own a Switch at that time. The last one I joined was probably MK8 Wii U. But really y’all are awesome people. After all it’s the things we have in common that makes us friends.
    And may MPL go for 10 other great and hopefully more active years to come! ^^


    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Wow it’s incredible to think this community is a decade old. I’ve had so many wonderful memories here and made loads of great friends that I still talk to today. It’s been a wild rollercoaster I’ll never forget. Thanks for all the great times. Toasting to the community tonight.

  10. DX Impulse

    Happy 10th anniversary!! Omg time fly by so fast, I remember digging through the internet trying to find more information on mario party 9 and came to a bunch of dead end websites. finally I stumble upon a website called mario party legacy and I decided to stick around for a few months. I told myself that I wasn’t going to stay for long and that once mario party 9 come out, I was going to leave. That thought went smooth out the window as I found myself getting addicted to site/forum and its community member’s as I met wonderful people to talk about my one of my favorite Nintendo series. Though I might not be as on as often as I use to, I’m glad to see new members envolpe and continue to carry on the lineage. Yazzz may the legacy never fade into oblivion!!!!

  11. Mr. Luiginary

    I remember when I first found this site. It didn’t have as neat the tech, but I remember coming here for info on Mario Party 8 or to take advantage of videos and watch other videos. Later on through the site’s time, I joined in as Marioman01, which helped me get to know you all. Sure, there were problems involving me, such as my feud with Luigiguy567, but I managed to get past that. Based on so many other moments I spent here, this place never left, no matter what. This place became home. We all became family. The site’s not as active and most people don’t come here often, some leaving entirely. Despite that, I still hope that someday, MPL will grow stronger and return back as a powerhouse community. Thank you all.

  12. XelaFury

    Congratulations to all the staff for 10 years of MPL! I still remember the day I visited this site for the first time, it was back when Mario Party 9 was close to release and MPL was just celebrating it’s 4th anniversary, since then I’ve met lots of great people in this community and had the most enjoyable time on this site. Hopefully the Community Nights, Super Mario Survivors and everything else that made MPL such a great active site return one day.

    Once again, congratulations to everyone who has been part of this site for these 10 years and let’s hope for another 10 years for Mario Party Legacy! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  13. NotSoEpicDude

    Wow, 10 years. I remember when I first joined in 2011, I was so excited for Mario Party 9 since I loved Mario Party 8 when I was younger. (That was the first game in the series I played, now I own all of them) I followed the website throughout the hype train for MP9 and although didnt talk much in comments and forums, was there seeing all the people in there and, some of which I still see here surprisingly. I remember you guys did that poll series in like 2013 or so which I loved, which I think you guys should bring back honestly that was a huge hit! Despite the website being much slower now, I’m glad to be apart of this legacy of a website! Happy Anniversary MPL! 🙂

  14. Poisonclaw64

    I know I haven’t been here for not even a year, but Happy 10 years! This website is great, and I hope to stick with it in the future!

  15. Toblet

    Ah so many memories. I wouldn’t know where to start. I think I joined around the Mario Tennis open era with the QR codes. I was around 16. Now I’m 17. Nope I haven’t aged. Not me. Rip. Then I moved to the Forum where I participated in many activities and engaged in many… colourful discussions. :p I got involved in Mafia, Blizzard Bonanza, Slacker’s survivor game that never concluded, community nights and even creating a board once. I also visit the Miitomo app occasionally.

    In all honesty my hype started to die when Mario Kart Wii got cut off permanently. That game was my pride and joy and Mario Kart 8 was OK but it just didn’t have the fun factor/ Replay-ability. Then again, I don’t have a Switch yet either. And the end of the POTD and community nights was the nail in the coffin for me. VIP getting mad at the excessive comments seems like a fantasy now. :p

    Having said that, there’s hope that E3 will ignite some hype among all of us if another Smash game gets announced, or a classic style Mario Party. One can hope even if it’s not this year. It may just bring the community back together again. Perhaps if the site is to have a future it needs a set of new faces as moderators with new ideas/ contributions to continue the hype and spark of the young generation.

    But regardless I do appreciate the wonderful memories I’ve made with everyone. I’d love to name names but there’s honestly too many to count. Happy 10 years. 🙂

  16. CuriousUser

    Congrats on the 10 year Anniversary. Been a pleasure it has to’ve given you my support over the years.

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