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Donkey Kong Swings into Mario + Rabbids

A Nintendo Direct Mini was released this morning showcasing a brand new playable character in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Donkey Kong is set to join the cast this spring as part of the next DLC pack. He will also be available to purchase individually and will be included in the Season Pass for the title. Nothing else is known about how Donkey Kong will function throughout the game.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct Mini here

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5 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Swings into Mario + Rabbids

  1. E.Gadd

    Recently 100%ed this game and loved every minute of it so I’m ready for this. Really hope there are a couple more Rabbid-ized Mario characters hidden in there too. They were awesome, I hope Rabbid Peach and the Phantom especially continue to show up as at the very least cameos in other Mario games.

  2. Waluigifan32

    Honestly I expected a Mario character like Wario or Waluigi or someone like Rayman. I mean it’s Mario + Rabbids after all. I guess DK is still considered part of the Mario series. I might skip this DLC but I’m happy to see that they’re still continuing to support the game ans hopefully they add Daisy, Wario or Waluigi at some point in the near future.

  3. Stalfos King

    Haven’t had the chance to pick this game up yet, but it’s on my list! Looks like a definite must-have to me.

  4. DX Impulse

    this game is so awesome and now they are adding my main man Donkey Kong. Hopefully they continue to add more Dlc because I really want Daisy to be playable as well.