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Check Out the Amiibo Trailer for Mario Party: The Top 100

A brand new trailer for Mario Party: The Top 100 has been released, this time featuring the amiibo features and the new Minigame Island. A variety of new modes were announced including Championship Battles, Decathalon, and Minigame Match.

Amiibos can be used on Minigame Island when you land on an Amiibo Space. Tap in an amiibo to get 10 coins, but find a Goomba or a Koopa Troopa and scan in the respective amiibo for an impressive 50 coins. 

Mario Party: The Top 100 is set to release on November 10 in North America and in January of 2018 in Europe.

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  • Mario_Comix

    This is starting to shape up now! It could still use some improvements, but it’s looking better. Interesting how Minigame Island has balloons of King Bob-omb and Petey Piranha…

    Meanwhile, RIP to playable Toad and Toadette (and by extension, DK and other veterans). Toad’s been playable in every multiplayer Mario Party since Mario Party 5… Meanwhile, Toadette’s been relegated to the host. Quite unfortunate to say… Also makes it awkward that Yoshi is literally the only non-human playable now.

    Also, that MP7 minigame theme remix at the end! That was a pleasant surprise. I wonder how many other themes will be remixed?

  • anthony92800

    I’m kinda less excited for the game now since they missed the perfect opportunity to return the classic gameplay. But instead they used the Star Rush gameplay, don’t me wrong I find it to be decent but they need to stop experimenting and trying to make the game go faster.

    In my opinion, they should’ve returned at least one board from every game. That would’ve been better. But it could’ve been worse, at least there’s no car. At least they remixed the music from the past Mario Parties, I was hoping they did that. I’m glad they did that at least.

    Now I have a feeling that the number of minigames per game will vary since I only saw 6 minigames for the first Mario Party unless you have to unlock them via gameplay, but I doubt that’s the case.

    • Mario_Comix

      Huh? I’m pretty sure the narrator says that you have to play through Minigame Island to unlock more minigames.

      • anthony92800

        Oh you’re right, she did. My bad.

  • XT

    Im really curious as to who the new playable characters will be since so theres always been adding new playable characters since Mario party 5. Its kind of unfortunate that toad, toadette, and dk have been removed from being playable which makes me wonder who will take their spots? That is if this is whole roster which I hope not.

    • anthony92800

      There’s only 8 players unfortunately. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, and Rosalina. Very disappointing imho

      • XT

        Im not so sure I believe this is the whole roster yet, I already did see the list of characters on wikipedia but this is the first bit of videos where we get to see gameplay. Im still thinking there will be at least two new ones but were gonna have to wait and see until the full game is out.

        • anthony92800

          I’m not sure if you saw this already but there’s a gameplay video that reveals the roster. At 6:56

          • XT

            I already did see this but isn’t this just the demo? Cause otherwise they would’ve shown all the minigames. Like I said before Im gonna wait until it comes out to see. If this is the whole roster thats in that video then that is a HUGE downgrade especially compared to the last two on the 3DS, which is why Im hoping there will be unlockable characters.

  • Spongyoshi

    Not even interested by the modes of this game, oh well…

  • Pikachu Trainer

    Sadly this game looks disappointing to me, was kinda hoping they would bring back the old boards or make ones similar to it (unless they just haven’t been revealed)

    • Shelly the kid

      It is a mini game only Mario title after all.

      • Pikachu Trainer


  • Mario_Comix

    Actually, it’s too bad Toad and Toadette could’ve been playable but aren’t, especially considering Toadsworth could have taken over as a Toad host.


      Yeah the weak roster is a shame.

  • •CamTro Official•

    Eh, it’s another Star Rush v.2 tbh

  • Hey kiddos its me sans from undertale

    well, it looks like it’s time to reintroduce myself. I’m AGPianist, some of you may remember me as being Wiiukid9,but others may be quite new to the community. Surprisingly **yes, i’m still alive**. It’s also been three years since I’ve joined the MPL community! When looking in the comment section for the newer posts, I don’t really see anyone that I had chatted with in the past. I don’t know if they left, changed their username, whatever. But yeah, just a quick lil update from me. I’ll at least try my best to come here once in a while. It’s hard for me to do things now since I’m in high school. The workload is pretty large in it, not gonna lie. But if I’m focused enough, I can pull through it and get good grades. It’s kinda funny that starting out on this site, I was in elementary school transitioning into middle school. Now I guess I’ve… matured? a little bit? I don’t really know but I guess I am taking school more seriously so that’s kind of (mixed opinion). So hopefully next time I don’t make an entire paragraph stating that: ‘hey i’m back remember me hahaha upvote.’ But like I had said before, I’ll try to be a little more active just to prevent this and just to see what’s going on! Alright, I guess that’s all from me right now.

    Now it is time to lurk in the shadows of the Mario Party Legacy site, being silent for another six months.