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Mario Party: The Top 100 Announced!

A new Mario Party game was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct! Mario Party: The Top 100 brings back minigames from all ten console Mario Party titles. Each one is remade for the Nintendo 3DS and reworked to fit the handheld. 

Each Mario Party game will have ten minigames represented in the new collection. While there is no online play, local multiplayer is still an option. No word on any board gameplay just yet, but the way it was announced makes it seem like it’s just a minigame collection.

Mario Party: The Top 100 will be released on November 10 in North America, December 28 in Japan, and January of 2018 in Europe.








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  • Mario_Comix

    Oh boy, the nostalgia’s starting to kick in! I hope there’s a good selection of playable characters, including the Toads, Kongs, Birdo, and Boo. It’s not everyday that you see HD recreations of good old games!

    • Mario_Comix

      I also hope they beef up this game with several minigame modes pulled from the past installments, like Pearl Hunt, Rocket Rascals, etc.

    • SuperZambezi

      I’d like to think that but the character select is not looking promising. Donkey Kong is part of the Jump, Man minigame and Toads are seen driving the cars in Rocky Road. Toadette and Bowser appear in official artwork on the press site.

      It looks like the MPDS roster with Toad replaced with Rosalina.

      • Mario_Comix

        Well, what could give me hope for Toad is that we only see Toads driving cars in Rocky Road. For example, they don’t show up as spectators in GOOOOAL!!! (Even though they were in the original game, actually…)

  • Yoshiman222

    Some of the problems I have are that they claim these are the “best of the best” yet I’ve already seem some bad minigame in their trailers… also no online play so poop.

    • Mario_Comix

      Yeah, I was saddened to see some poor MP7 choices…not to mention the luck-based ones abound.

    • Mario_Comix

      It should be noted that the Japanese name is just “Mario Party: 100 Minigame Collection”, hence why the selection isn’t really “best of the best”…

  • Spongyoshi

    I’m glad there’s such an hommage to that amazing series <3
    But also, I've never been so disappointed by a Mario Party trailer before…

  • I just want Granite Getaway, GIVE IT TO ME NINTENDO!

  • E.Gadd

    I like that they’ve brought back old mini-games and I know tons of people have wanted to see old favorites return in newer Mario Party games, but if the board-play is no good it’s going to kill this for me.

  • Isaac García González
    • Mr. Luiginary

      Take that, BitBlock.


    I wish it would of come to the Switch honestly. Isn’t this like the 3rd Mario Party game to come to te 3ds?

  • StalfosKing

    Ooh, I have to say, when this one was announced I got excited. Can’t wait to see the remastered versions of all our favorite minigames!

  • RobinFTW

    The idea is great, but I think they missed this opportunity. A complete MP game with boards, characters and minigames from all the previous installments would have been way more promising and would probably be one of the best MP game, even with the price of waiting a year or 2 more.

    Also, since this game is heavily focused on minigames, why isn’t there an online mode?! It’s like the perfect game for it, since minigames only take a couple of minutes to play… but whatever.

    However, it seems they’ll add some kind of “boards” so I guess it’s not going to be a total lackluster game.

    But enough negativity. I’m still hyped for the game, because, like I said, the main idea is awesome and I’ve spotted a good amount of minigames I love. And the game was just announced so they may keep a couple of good surprises for later.
    I think I’ll have a great fun for a couple of days/weeks, depending if I can gather a friend or 2 to play with me.

    • Spiny Bro

      I think that in the website they confirmed that there are boards, but wheter or not they are old fan favorties remains to be seen.

  • Rayree

    I really hope that since its on the 3DS, we just have a combination of the 3DS Mario Party Rosters
    So it would be like:
    Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Rosalina, Boo, Bowser Jr, Toad, Toadette, DK, and Diddy.