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Every Minigame in Mario Party: The Top 100 So Far

Mario Party: The Top 100 sets out to include 100 of the best minigames from all ten console Mario Party titles. The trailer and the screenshots show off a ton of these minigames and we’re here to catalog them all! 68 minigames were shown. While it hasn’t been confirmed, we can assume that each title will get ten minigames each.

UPDATE (10/19): Four new minigames were seen on the updated official website. These include Bowser’s Big Blast (MP2), Hide and Go Boom! (MP4), Hotel Goomba (MP5), and potentially Cage-in Cookin’ (MP5)!

UPDATE (10/17): Three new minigames were seen in the amiibo trailer. These include Desert Dash (MP1), Piranha’s Pursuit (MP1), and Slot Trot (MP6)!


Mario Party (1)

Four more minigames have not been revealed.

Bombs Away Desert Dash
Face Lift Piranha’s Pursuit
Shy Guy Says Tug o’ War


Mario Party 2

All the minigames have been revealed.

Cake Factory Bowser’s Big Blast *new*
Bumper Balls Dizzy Dancing
Hexagon Heat Honeycomb Havoc
Mecha Marathon Roll Call
 Shell Shocked  Slot Car Derby


Mario Party 3

All the minigames have been revealed!

Bounce ‘n’ Trounce  Chip Shot Challenge
 Eatsa Pizza  Ice Rink Risk
 Snowball Summit  Storm Chasers
 Rockin’ Raceway The Beat Goes On
 Toadstool Titan Vine With Me



Mario Party 4

All the minigames have been revealed.

Beach Volley Folley Booksquirm
GOOOOOOOAL!! Hide and Go BOOM! *new*
Mario Speedwagons Paths of Peril
Revers-a-Bomb The Great Deflate
Three Throw  Trace Race


Mario Party 5

All the minigames have been revealed.

Coney Island Dinger Derby
Heat Stroke Hotel Goomba *new*
Later Skater Leaf Leap
Night Light Fright Pushy Penguins
Shy Guy Showdown Triple Jump
Cage-in Cookin’ (not confirmed) *new*  


Mario Party 6

Five more minigames have not been revealed.

Catch You Letter Rocky Road
Slot Trot Snow Whirled
Strawberry Shortfuse  


Mario Party 7

Two more minigames have not been revealed.

Balloon Burst Dart Attack
Deck Hands Jump, Man
Monty’s Revenge Pokey Pummel
The Final Countdown Track & Yield


Mario Party 8

Seven more minigames have not been revealed.

Aim of the Game At the Chomp Wash
Crank to Rank  


Mario Party 9

One more minigames has not been revealed.

Bumper Bubbles Don’t Look
Goomba Bowling Jigsaw Jumble
Logger Heads Magma Mayhem
Peak Precision Pier Pressure
Speeding Bullets  


Mario Party 10

Seven more minigames have not been revealed.

Flash Forward Jewel Drop
Soar to Score  


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  • Spongyoshi

    Thanks for the recap with pictures so far!
    There’s some fan favorites but also some bad choices imo

  • I bet it’s 10 minigames per installment since only 3, so far, already has 10

  • Rayree

    I don’t want to nitpick, or be that person…
    That version of Shy Guy says is from Mario Party 2, it was in both Mario Party and Mario Party 2, but the one where they were floating in the sky by a balloon is from the original Mario Party.

    • ces715

      You have it backwards. The ocean one is from MP1:

      And the sky one is from MP2:

      • Rayree

        Omg you are right! That is so odd, because my family has only ever had Mario Party 2 on the N64, and I only really remember the Pirate one. It made sense because Pirate Land is there, and Mario’s Rainbow Castle was in MP1, so I remember the sky one with that one.

        My bad.

  • CuriousUser

    Good to see MPL back in Business. Good analysing here to determine the Confirmed Minigames and that there’ll be 10 from each game.

  • RobinFTW

    Looks like a solid minigame pack imo. Can’t wait to replay those MP3 minigames after ~10 years.

  • courage1

    You made some typos on some of the installments when you said you expecting 10 on each game like some already has 9 and you said 3 or more mini games have not been revealed which is a huge typo which should of said 1 more has not been confirmed.

  • Mario_Comix

    Maybe it’s possible the reason there are at least two Mic Minigames from MP7 (which, come on, people didn’t actually LOVE, right?) is that they’re going to utilise the 3DS mic for those?

  • EB The Original Master

    The game looks like fun. But I’m still looking forward to Odyssey

  • Mario Kirby

    1) It’s Shy Guy Says, not Slhy Guy Says…
    2) The fact that Jump, Man and Jewel Drop are there is interesting. That means there will be bonus games of some sort, and (maybe?) DK Minigames. (DK isn’t in any other screenshots so it’s a possibility.) Anyways, I like where this is going.

    • Mario_Comix

      I do wonder about the context for 1P Minigames. Like, why would one just play it? It seems kind of odd.

      So what if some minigames were reworked to incorporate more players at once? And DK is playable, and the game is actually in a duel context?? Just a thought.

  • Rayree

    Odd if I remember, “The Final Countdown” and “Balloon Burst” from Mario Party 7 used the Mic Accessory, and were Mic Minigames. But I could be remembering wrong.

    • Mr. Luiginary

      I don’t know if Balloon Burst is a Mic Minigame, but I do know that The Final Countdown isn’t.

      • Mario_Comix

        Balloon Burst and Dart Attack are Mic Minigames. I hypothesise the 3DS mic will be utilised in a similar fashion?

  • Mr. Luiginary

    I have an idea for a Mario Party game for the Switch. It would be movie-themed. Minigames, boards, and the characters would be based on movie genres. Do you all think it would be neat?

    • Spongyoshi

      Maybe not the characters but it would be great and could bring back costumes for each boards!!

      • Mr. Luiginary

        I meant that you could have different movie-related costumes in the game on characters (Luigi & Daisy are a high school rom-com couple, Rosalina is Marilyn Monroe, Koopa Troopa is Freedy Kruger (or Koopa Kruger), Anthro (an OC of mine) is a gangster, Yoshi is a Cowboy, ect).

        • Spongyoshi

          Oh I see what you mean. That would be cool but I guess you shouldn’t do something too specific on them 😛 (Or else, copyright infringement.. I guess?) But yeah that’s a cool idea! It’s kinda like candy transformations in a way, right?

          • Mr. Luiginary

            Kinda, except you can change them around as you please (Example: Gangster costume gets you a discount on Boo, Cowboy costume doubles rolls, Marilyn Monroe costume earns you 5 coins from each player you pass, ect). There could also be regular items, but they can be upgraded (Example: When you upgrade a Mushroom, you get a Golden Mushroom). It would allow for a bunch of inventive and creative strategies.

      • Mr. Luiginary

        I meant that costumes would be like items you can equip.

  • bubblesishot46853

    I wish that Aces High was in there…and Dungeon Duos.

  • StalfosKing

    Am I the only one who was hoping for Crazy Cutters?

    • Mario_Comix

      That’s a classic

  • Simon Kawasaki

    Watch them add the soda shaking one from 8

    • Mr. Luiginary

      Mash A to shake soda.

  • Alvaro Nava

    I have some problems with these 12 mini-games
    Slot car derby . but because always loose
    Chip Shot challenge . Really? after a lot of mario golf?
    Mario speedwagons . why?
    Dinger Derby . …uhh…
    Triple Jump . T.T
    Snow Whirled . who said this mini-game were between 100?
    Dart Attack . Bowser’s mini-game from MP4 was better
    Jump, Man . I don’t even finish 100% of this Mario Party ={c
    Crank to Rank . Please tell me we aren’t gonna break our joysticks
    jewel Drop . c’mon! >:u
    Soar to Score . are you kidding me!?

    • Mr. Luiginary

      I counted 11.

      • Alvaro Nava

        my mistake hehe

  • SuperZambezi

    Looks like Petey is taking over in the Piranha’s Pursuit minigame.

  • allav866

    It’s a shame there aren’t more of the vs. puzzle minigames, like Puzzle Party Pro.

  • Pikachu Trainer

    If the last Mario Party 4 minigame that gets revealed isn’t Dungeon Duos, its a 0/10 game. I loved that minigame.

  • Mario_Comix

    Also, the official website’s been updated to include Bowser’s Big Blast, Hide and Go Boom, and Hotel Goomba.

  • SuperZambezi
    So! What minigame is this? I’m guessing Cage-in Cookin’ from Mario Party 5. It has the fire in the right place, Bowser in the background, and the cages. Blue orbs would be the button commands.

    But Mario Party 5 already has 10 minigames, this would make it 11. It’s not confirmed that each game gets 10 minigames, but I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the case. Hmmm.

    • Miguel Angel Gonzalez Ramirez

      Checking the website in the same picture you can see

      Page 3/11

      You can account 12 minigames in the page so if we asume all pages have 12 it would be 132 games.

      And even if page 11 only has 1 game it would be 122 games in total.

      I’m guessing games such as DK, Bowser and Beach Volley Folleybare counted as extras.

      Or the ones in the Goomba Pack or Koopa Troopa Pack are bonuses.

      I don’t know but I have the feeling there are more than 100 games or probably (even crazier) DLC

      Let’s just wait and see!

    • StalfosKing

      I’m pretty sure you’ve pinned it down. Looks pretty much exactly right.