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Leaks for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Provide First Look

Artwork and other bits of information for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle were leaked this morning, confirming the reports from last year that this still unannounced game is in the works. Looks like it’s real!


It’s a crossover nobody could have anticipated. Described as a strategy RPG, the game is set to blend exploration and turn-based combat as you play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, along with their Rabbid counterparts. Laser guns and other weapons are said to be the focus of combat, while tactical options include team jumps, warp pipes and other attacks. Each character will have their own unique playstyle.

WWG revealed the full artwork while Nintendo World Report provided additional images and details.

According to the leaked images, there are four worlds to explore, each with their own set of Mario themed Easter eggs. The players control something or someone known as Tuttorio in the exploration portions, not the characters themselves. You’ll also get the chance to play with two players in a co-op mode. 20 hours is the approximate playtime length.

An announcement at E3 2017 was the original goal, but today’s leak and the countless reports within the last few months squander that a bit. Other details explain that the game is being developed using the Snowdrop engine by Ubisoft’s Paris and Milan studios.

There will be a lot more information in the coming weeks. You can catch Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference on June 12 at 1PM PT and Nintendo’s presentation on June 13 at 9AM PT.

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11 thoughts on “Leaks for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Provide First Look

  1. Mario_Comix

    This is nuts… “Conservative universe no more” rings exactly true by Peach’s description lol… I guess I’m intrigued to know more, but I’ve never played a Rabbids game before

    1. E.Gadd

      There really isn’t a singular gameplay style associated with Rabbids, it’s more that they are known for being over the top slapstick silly while yelling a lot. They are basically the pre-Minions Minions. Mr. L’s suggestion is the best of the various Rabbids games.

  2. E.Gadd

    While this could still end up being terrible… I’m actually way more interested in this game than any potential new Paper Mario or M&L RPGs so… yeah lol.

    The Peach Rabbid reminds me of that “Petch” meme from a few years back(ya’ll know the one). Donkey Kong Rabbid(from the cover) looks wildly different from the other Rabbids, guessing that’s a boss character?

    Also, who wants to bet this gets an amiibo line? 😛

    Seriously tho, between this game and Odyssey, I’m just so gosh-darned happy to see Nintendo letting Mario be weird again!

    1. Mr. Luiginary

      If only they could allow that with the sports games. And do an actually right Mario Party game once again.

      1. E.Gadd

        I have my fingers crossed that this trend spreads outward… but I’m not gonna get my hopes up either lol

        1. Huedenne

          Well it’s happening in Zelda and Pokemon too. And Nintendo has its weird new IP, ARMS. I think we’ll see more unique things done with other franchises including Mario spin-offs

  3. RobinFTW

    Rabbids never really was a series I liked… but it doesn’t mean I will not give it a chance. By the descriptions of the game, it looks pretty interesting.

  4. BossBlitz

    It still intrigues me how Nintendo agreed to letting Ubisoft handle Mario. they really are changing.

  5. E.Gadd

    The revealed game looks amazing! So excited for this now. It’s even got music by Banjo Kazooie composer Grant Kirkhope! A lot more effort went into this than I thought.

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