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Say Hello to the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo gave the system a proper reveal this morning with a full three minute video that showcased the system itself, as well as several games.

As the rumors have predicted for many months, the system is both a home console and a portable as you can play at home on the Nintendo Switch Dock that connects to the TV, or by lifting up the Nintendo Switch itself and playing on the go. Yes, the detachable controllers are there, and it looks like Nintendo is calling them Joy-Con controllers. There are two controllers to detach, but you can bring more if necessary. If you’ve got multiple Nintendo Switches, those can be used as full controllers as well!

There is plenty more to discuss on Nintendo’s latest console offering, but lets take a moment and let the Switch sink in!


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  • CorrinFTW

    This is simply AMAZING! It’s the best of almost every rumors! Portable home console games and many more things omg I felt like this was a dream 😀

    • E.Gadd


  • E.Gadd

    They actually did blow me away with this. And this is just the teaser reveal…when is the full hands-on event?! I need more details now!

  • Spongyoshi

    The NX Mario game really looks amazing!
    Also, MK8 DLC Pack 3 confirmed?

  • Spike “R” Jagger

    Am I dead? ‘Cuz only a dream could produce something this kickass : D

  • RafalRib



    What the Wii U should of been lol

    • RafalRib

      RIP Wii U 2K12-2K16

  • Mr. Dubstep

    Thanks Nintendo, for making me have to clean my pants again….

  • XelaFury

    After looking at the list of third party support for the Switch, I think we’re in for one heck of a ride for this console!

  • SmashBoo

    I absolutely love everything about the system or at least everything they showed about it. I love that it’s a hybrid and I love even more this probably means the merging of two systems into one which will be the solo focus of Nintendo when developing games. The detatchable controls also seem like a really good idea and, I just gotta mention this, the “click” sound in between scenes is so satisfying to hear.

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