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First Look at the Latest Super Mario on the Nintendo Switch

The official unveiling of the Nintendo Switch was not the only big announcement today. In addition to Mario Kart 8 getting some kind of port to the Switch, we also got our first look at the next Super Mario title for the Switch.

It’s clear that the gameplay still plays similarly to Super Mario 3D World, but even the two short clips give a greater sense of exploration as Mario travels through a very vibrant and expansive town in the first clip.

There is a lot to analyze, and we’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

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    Majora’s Mask size moon in the background D:

  • E.Gadd

    I was so happy to see that quirky little day-of-the-dead-style town. Mainly because it indicates a departure from the NSMB aesthetic that has swallowed up the Mario series this past gen. And it also brought back some Mario Sunshine memories!

    • Jack Haywood

      Thank god for that, those repetitive environments from NSMB were starting to kill off the Mario franchise, IMHO.

      • Mr. Luiginary


  • Mr. Dubstep

    There looks like cactus characters roaming around. Not sure if they’re NPC’s or enemies. Either way, I’m pleased.

  • Spongyoshi

    Love the original environements and enemies! Looks already richer than 3D World!

    • Superdeejay64

      I’d argue that 3D World had original environments and enemies, but still, this looks like it will have more variety.

  • Greninjario

    Pause at 0:31 and look to the right. There is a spinning heart in the air. Like the hearts from Super Mario 64?!

  • DJ Colyton

    So Mario in Mexico? I’m down for it.

  • Blobbo

    Red Dead Mario confirmed

  • Mario_Comix

    Real neat touch that as he stops [to run in the opposite direction] his hat plops a bit!

    • Mario_Comix

      Forgot to mention, but it’s interesting to note the Triple Jump is back in this game, despite 3D Land and World dropping it from 3D Mario games.

  • Jack Haywood

    The Triple Jump? That heart at the end? From what it looks like, this game will play similarly to Super Mario 64, which I’m very well pleased with. It already seems as if it has something that the 3D series didn’t.

  • Simon Innes (Skippy)

    Mario meets samba de amigo?

  • Spiny Bro

    So, if this was shown even before the Switch comes out, does that mean it will be a launch title?

    • Mr. Luiginary

      Many titles were shown along the N64’s announcement, but they weren’t all launch titles. So I’d wait a bit to jump to conclusions.

      • Spiny Bro

        Well yeah, even then, I remember an article saying it might come some months after 😛

        I just wanna see more of it 🙁

  • XT

    I wonder what the story for this game will be?

    • Mr. Luiginary

      If they change the background to an underground cave and Mario’s appearance to be his skeleton, this story could work:
      Bowser manages to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, kidnaps Peach, and kills Mario, sending his to the Land of the Dead. Mario goes to different worlds in order to earn enough Stars so that he can be given his life back to set everything back to normal.

      • XT

        Hmm maybe though I doubt that they’ll have Mario be a skeleton since I remember that they rejected the idea of a skeletal version of him that fans tried pitching. The idea of life being brought back into worlds would be interesting but depends on how it works since they’ve done that kind of thing before in Mario games but there are different ways of how you can restore everything.

        • Mr. Luiginary

          That’s not what I meant. In a 2014 film “The Book of Life”, the main character has his appearance turned into a skeleton form. He then had to face a challenge in order for himself to be brought back to life. While the restoration of worlds could work (like what Yooka-Laylee is doing), what I meant is that Mario would have to collect things throughout the levels in order to bring himself back to life. But then again, I could save that story idea for a spin-off game about an original Mario character of mine.

          • XT

            Yes and like I said before I dont think they’ll ever have Mario as a skeleton no matter how he appears, plus gamexplain pointed out in their analysis that the main element of this game might have something to do with ice or crystals if you’ve noticed that in the footage there seems to be crystals everywhere in town and in the level too. I guess we will have to wait and see when the next trailer comes cause Im very curious.

  • Greninjario

    O_O This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen…

    • DerpyKong

      I’m throwing money at the screen and nothing’s happening!

  • WiiU2

    So does this mean if Nintendo IS getting rid of the wii u does this mean color splash was its parting gift? And what will replace the wii u? Welp they brought back the Nes so maybe that?