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Tons of New Footage for Mario Party: Star Rush

While those in North America will have to wait until November 4 to get their hands on Mario Party: Star Rush, players in Europe and Australia will be playing by October 7. Accordingly so, lots of new video footage is starting to appear online, and we’ve got a nice selection of them for you to enjoy below!

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  • E.Gadd

    I was pretty intrigued by the Rhythm Recital mode when we first head about it. I mean in theory a Theatrhythm style game featuring decades of great Mario music could be amazing, but the actual execution of this particular mode doesn’t look too hot. Shame really.

    • Waluigifan32

      The instruments the characters are playing don’t fit with the actual music either.

      • E.Gadd

        Seriously, who thought that was fine?

    • Mr. Luiginary

      In that case, a Fantendo Mario & Luigi game based around music and rhythm is a game idea I want to exist.

    • Spongyoshi

      Seriously? I haven’t seen the video, but if that’s the case, I’m seriously disapointed since I love rhythm games –‘

  • MagiKooper

    Still waiting to hear if its not Region Locked