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Over 10 Minutes of Mario Party: Star Rush Footage

There is a lot to see from all the video clips found on the new Japanese official website for Mario Party: Star Rush! We finally get footage of Balloon Bash, the mode that plays a lot like the classic Mario Party titles, along with new looks at Toad Scramble, Coinathlon, and the minigames. Check it all out in the video below!

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  • Rayree

    Is it odd that I’m very excited about this game. I used to not be interested at all. But the more I’m watching the videos, I’m slowly getting hyped.

    • Greninjario

      Just like Paper Mario: Color Splash!! (fite me lol)

  • RafalRib

    That pic is too HD for the 3DS LMAO

  • Luigiguy567

    This looks like the best Mario Party in a long time. Lots of different modes for different audiences, no cars, excellent-looking minigames, a fairly solid character roster, and plenty of amiibo support.

    All it’s missing is online multiplayer, but imagine they would probably save that for Mario Party 11. I’m buying this for sure!

    • Jake Gantt

      I agree.
      Possible Character List for MP11:
      Donkey Kong
      Monty Mole
      Boom Boom

      • Luigiguy567

        I would prefer Nabbit over Monty Mole, but good list nonetheless!

        • Jake Gantt

          Would you like to have Toad, Boo and Toadette playable in 11 if possible?

          • Luigiguy567


      • Mr. Luiginary

        I’d want the next Mario Party to be a compilation of game modes that play like board games (Battleship, Game of Life, ect) and have the host be one of my own original character ideas: an anteater that goes by the name of Anthro.

  • Jake Gantt

    MP11 will not be out until Q2 2018.
    Boo is likely to return as a playable character in addition to Toad and Toadette.
    Do you agree?

    • Mr. Luiginary

      How do you know?

      • RafalRib

        He doesnt

      • Jake Gantt

        I would be nice to have Boo back in 11.

  • XT

    Looks like peoples opinions are starting to change about Mario Party Star Rush, and Paper Mario Color Splash. Usually I see people judge them to quickly just because it’s not the same but when new footage is shown about how the game works then maybe they’ll eventually warm up to it. At least now we’re finally starting to see more positive than negative for once.

  • MagiKooper

    Huh, this actually looks pretty fun………………please don’t be region locked though.

  • DannyRaisin4

    Dang this Mario Party puts MP10 to shame

    • Mr. Luiginary

      Every Mario Party puts 10 to shame. It’s pretty much a law at this point.

      • marco paolucci

        Except Mario Party Advance.

        • Mr. Luiginary

          Oh yeah. I forgot that existed.