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New Trailer Shows Off Rescue V in Paper Mario: Color Splash

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Get ready for another batch of Toads as a new Paper Mario: Color Splash trailer was just released! This time the spotlight shines on the Rescue V, a group of five different colored Toads set to help Mario as he returns Prism Island to its former self. Looks like we’ll be getting more of these as this one is Episode 1!

Paper Mario: Color Splash is set to release on October 7 in North America and Europe, with Australia getting the game a day later on October 8.

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  • Luigiguy567

    OK, I’ll admit the visuals are beautiful and the Saturday morning cartoon vibe from Rescue V is somewhat funny. It looks like Intelligent Systems is trying to bring back some of what fans liked about past Paper Mario games.

    Too bad the battle system and the card system look god awful and just as flawed as Sticker Star.

    • Spiny Bro

      Right?! The battle system from Sticker Star just sucked! And now they are bringing it back in HD…

      At least it is gonna be better than Sticker Star… Right?

      • Luigiguy567

        Doubt it.

  • Toblet

    If I see one more Toad I’ll be having mushroom soup for dinner.

    And will seriously reconsider purchasing this game at all.

    • MagiKooper

      You were considering purchasing this???

      • Mr. Luiginary


  • MagiKooper

    You know this would actually be cool………………..if they all weren’t Toads and had PERSONALITY!!!

  • E.Gadd

    Love the call back to the Axem Rangers/Koopa Bros. but this time they are you’re allies! Although they’d really like a bit more of the credit Mario…

    This seems really charming, and here we have a non-standard group of Toads who have personality. People you don’t have to hate the nice parts of the game just because you hate the game’s overall problems… too many Toad characters sure, hows about focus on the ones who literally are no different from vanilla Toad rather than this group? I mean it would really make your points stick better.

    This is no hating either, I agree with the criticisms overall, but when you rage about the Rescue V it just looks like you are mad for no reason(would be like someone complaining about Tayce T. or the Dojo Master in Paper Mario)… save it for the generic townsfolk that really showcase the problem.

    Like seriously, think how worse it would be if generic Toads just popped up to form bridges for you, no separate storyline no explanation… this is a step up from Paper Jam’s shenanigans.

    • Toblet

      If this game was a remastered thousand year door with plenty of already unique characters nobody would have a problem with them. Please understand that this trailer comes after we were shown footage of the Beach area a month ago where there was nothing else but Toads. Fast forward to today but this time 6 ‘unique’ Toads were added (5 using the exact same design and thus the design became generic in itself) with the other Toads’ only unique attribute being glasses. It’s just a slap to the face to those who like genuinely unique characters in all honestly.

      Also while I’m not necessarily a fan of the Toads from older games either, you cannot compare 5 Toads that are recolours of each other to Tayce T (or the dojo master). She is like no other Toad with unique dialogue and design that can only be attributed to her. In other words, she’s at least somewhat identifiable as an individual. By the time I complete Colour Splash will I be able to distinguish between the ‘personalities’ of the 5 recolour Toads? Probably not. The other Toad looks as generic as a standard Toad but with glasses. The hate towards even the Rescue V is thus not unreasonable.

      The final point I’d like to address is the tendency for people (not just you) to say “Oh hey it’s better than it was, that means it’s a good”. No. A terrible game upgraded to a bad game does not excuse a bad game from being bad. I want to play great. I want to play fantastic. Heck, I’d settle for good at this point but I’m not even getting that (This game is meh at best). I don’t complain to put a downer on things. I complain because I care. I’ve seen how great it once was and it’s not unrealistic for what has already been achieved to be achieved once more. We can get unique characters back into the game and while complaining isn’t necessarily the best solution to this, accepting/excusing everything Nintendo does will only exacerbate the problem.

      • E.Gadd

        Oh geez louise, I mean I do have a lot of patience and I like you so I won’t be a clown about how I respond to this but please don’t put words into my mouth. I haven’t said even once that I thought this game would be “good”.

        Frankly I don’t know, and no one will know for sure until it’s out just how bad(or maybe not as bad) it actually is. I’ve remained neutral for the most part. Can we make educated guesses? Certainly, and I agree with you and others here about the worrying direction the Paper Mario series has taken(Not a fan of that direction as TTYD is my fav MRPG and I wasn’t feeling Sticker Star) while also acknowledging the things I think that look nice about the game.(The visuals, the humor, in this case the return of the Super Sentai parody team in a Mario game. A tradition I personally enjoy, so shoot me.)

        We all get it. This isn’t the Paper Mario we wanted. But this particular spot seemed fun, and to me(Because yes I disagree with you) it showed some Toads with personality. So to see people wincing at “more toads” seemed like people being unnecessarily nit-picky to me.

        But people are entitled to feel that way, so sorry if it seemed like me being a jerk.

        Oh and one more thing… you better be wrong about them ending up with no personalities. I can live with none of the other characters having personalities, but a Super Sentai parody team DEMANDS personality! ;P

        • Toblet

          Sorry I came off as harsh.

          I think the only impressive thing in this game I’ve seen so far are the visuals. But like Mario Tennis Ultra Smash I don’t play games for graphics. I just can’t even relate to the rescue 5 because they all look the same. No unique attributes at all even if they do have personality.

          I did want to give this game a try and first viewed this game in a hopeful positive light. That’s been knocked down by one bland Toad at a time. It might seem petty but it’s true for me, and some others. 🙁

          • E.Gadd

            It’s cool, there’s been so many sub-par Mario spin-offs lately I totally get it. It’s had me in a mood too. ;D

            Hopefully things change for NX. A rise in quality across the board but especially where these Mario spin-off games are concerned. Like you said, I want fantastic, and we know they were once capable of that. Like, these games became beloved series for a reason, and it’s not just cause the Mario name was attached.

  • Greninjario

    This is funny and is a fun little birthday present for me! Now I’m 17 and still positive about this game!

    • CorrinFTW

      Happy Birthday! 😀

  • Waluigifan32

    Idk about you guys but this still doesn’t make me wanna buy the game. XD
    However the graphics are topnotch.

  • Mr. Dubstep

    I wanna see the Rescue V as the final bosses of this game…….. I’m sorry.

    • TheMarioMario64

      Would be better than just Bowser though.

  • J.C.

    Cool! (Even though they don’t make the game any better tbh… It’s just more Toads!)

  • MagiKooper

    Oh yeah, footage of the op thing items that you NEED to beat bosses.

    Let me guess, they don’t give you hints on what item you need or what boss you use it on…just…like…..STICKER STAR!!!!

    • Mr. Luiginary

      They did give a hint with the bone.

  • Luigiguy567

    A Metal Gear-esque stage with a hint at the next Episode being Smash Bros. themed?

    Not bad, Intelligent Systems. Not bad. The battle system still looks terrible, though.

  • Greninjario

    This stage looks cool! Ludwig on a battleship?! HECK YEAH!!!

  • Mario_Comix

    These are just hilarious! Bwahaha


    I’m glad to see the community happy about something lol. I guess you didn’t completely screw up Intelligent Systems.

    • Mr. Luiginary

      Not just yet. The battle system is still trash and Bowser kidnaps Peach…for like the billionth time. At least harm her in some way. That way, there’s actually motivation for rescuing her.

  • MagiKooper

    So now just saw the third trailer and I think this is the first time this game made me like it. Ludwig is portrayed so perfectly, and Super Leaf Paper Mario, Metal Snake references.

    Well played Color Splash, although……….it’s NOT ENOUGH to make me see past your flaws.

    • E.Gadd

      It will never be a real Paper Mario, and if people want to boycott it for that reason I fully support them. Nintendo kinda needs a wake-up call when it comes to several of their series, for many different reasons.

      But that doesn’t mean this couldn’t be a fun Mario outing in other ways. As much as some people despise seeing them, I actually really love that the Koopalings seem to be getting personalities and social dynamics(between this game and Paper Jam), something we only ever had in comics and cartoons before now.

      But it’s gonna be hard not thinking about how much better this would have been as an actual Paper Mario game with partners and Peach side missions and Bowser shenanigans as he confronts the real bad guys who are stealing his thunder.

      It’s frustrating seeing good ideas or glimpses of something great buried in this kind of game. *le sigh*

  • Greninjario

    Yellow Toad wants us to skip Green Toad’s video LOL!

  • Toblet

    So their personalities are as I thought:
    “Help Mario, guys!”
    “Look at this cool thing!”
    “That’s so unfair.”
    “No it’s not unfair.”
    “My team is the best.”
    “My team is better.”
    -No real attempt to distinguish any of them.

    If these are the most ‘unique’ characters in the game, the trailers have actually convinced me to NOT buy the game. Looks like I’ll be watching a Youtube play through for this game. Oh well.

  • Luigiguy567


    Turns out the main villain of this Mario game is *Gasp* Bowser! And he kidnapped the Princess! I bet nobody saw that coming!

    • Toblet

      I feel like Nintendo is trolling us at this point.

      Paper Mario fans: “All we want is unique characters, Nintendo. Can we at least get that? :(”
      Nintendo’s response: 1:47

    • Greninjario

      There is hope. Peach said something was off about Bowser, ASIDE from being covered in black paint. That could mean something.

      • Luigiguy567

        Actually, it would be cool if Bowser was being possessed by the Black Paint Star, who wanted revenge on the other Big Paint Stars from excluding him as a color on Prism Island, so he managed to possess Bowser in order to remove the other colors from the island and replace it all with black. The Black Paint Star could basically be Paper Mario’s version of the Dark Star (from Mario & Luigi).

        Although I’m probably just getting my hopes up. 🙁

    • Simon Innes (Skippy)

      They literally say that in the game. “Mario! Bowser kidnapped the princess! Nobody saw that coming!”

      • Luigiguy567

        Simply admiting your problems doesn’t fix them.

        • Simon Innes (Skippy)

          I think there trying to make it more of a running gag

    • At least the music is good.

  • Greninjario


  • Luigiguy567

    I’ll be 100% honest… I’m finally considering about buying this game. As Greninjario pointed out in one of his comments below, there could be a big twist behind this game. And if there IS a big twist, then it would be a shame if I didn’t play the game to find it out myself.

    While I still hate the look of the battle system and I hate that Toads are the only friendly characters, the locations of the game look very unique for a Mario game, and the Hammer meter (They confirmed battles actually have a purpose, as they eventually upgrade your Paint Hammer’s capacity, and painting cards while watching your paint reserves does bring more strategy then spamming your most powerful attacks in the Mario & Luigi games and older Paper Mario games) brings some diversity to the bland battle system.

    I really just want this game to be good, since I haven’t played a (new) good Nintendo game since Mario Maker (Paper Jam and Planet Robobot were so-so, and Star Fox Zero and Federation Force were fairly underwhelming).

    I shall embrace the down votes and hate comments. 🙁

  • Spiny Bro

    So yoshies are enemies now? I guess all the times people used them as an extra jump has gotten into them…

  • Simon Innes (Skippy)

    I should point out that episodes 6 and seven are out on the NintendoAU YouTube account

    • Greninjario

      Yes they are.