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Packaging Art for Wave 2 of Super Mario Amiibo Released

Packaging art for the second wave of Super Mario amiibo has been released. Each of the seven new amiibos follow the design of the previously released first wave from last year.

This latest wave was announced last week during E3 2016 and is set to release on November 4th alongside Mario Party: Star Rush.

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24 thoughts on “Packaging Art for Wave 2 of Super Mario Amiibo Released

    1. Geo Stelar

      I already have Rosalina smash amiibo so I don’t need this one
      for this set I am getting Waluigi and Boo

  1. Vipsoccermaster

    Looks very nice. I’ll pretty much end up with all of them, but I will definitely get Boo and Diddy Kong.

  2. NeoStar

    Doesn’t some of the artwork for some characters appear to be the same? Daisy, Waluigi, and Wario’s artwork are the exact same as previous artworks with no changes by the rest are artworks with updated renders.

      1. NeoStar

        If you compare the render that Daisy has and the rended that Rosalina has, Rosalina’s looks brighter and smoother. It looks like Rosalina’s render is the same one used in MP10 and Ultra Smash while Daisy’s render is the one used in the NSMB era. I sometimes feel like Nintendo doesn’t care about some of their characters.

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