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Next Mario Game in the Works, Possible E3 2017 Appearance

Miyamoto confirmed during last week’s E3 2016 Expo that a new mainstream Mario title is in development and a reveal could be seen at E3 2017. Speaking with IGN, Miyamoto stated that he would like to show off the game in another year or two, saying that the team is trying to “create something new” when it comes to the conventions of Mario.

This might sound familiar as a similar approach is being taken with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, Miyamoto explains that the same changes are harder to make with the Mario series as it reaches a much different and wider audience.

It’s easy to assume that we won’t hear about this title for quite some time, but we’ll keep you posted if anything else is revealed!

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13 thoughts on “Next Mario Game in the Works, Possible E3 2017 Appearance

  1. Geo Stelar

    hmmmm something new to Mario?
    like use the Zelda formula on the Mario universe
    like use the Zelda formula on the Mario universe

  2. Luigiguy567

    I think instead of having small areas with a few stars in them, the game will consist of one giant area with hundreds of stars to collect. (Think Mario 64, but all of the courses are connected to each other and Mario can travel to all of them on foot, rather than going to separate areas through paintings)

    1. Author's Ness-Greninja

      I actually love this idea. There could be multiple checkpoints scattered just incase you die.

    2. E.Gadd

      “Open World Mario”

      Or really as open as a Mario can be. Where the hub is the levels and the emphasis is on trying to jump over, onto, into, and off of everything to find every secret.

      Where the focus is whatever you want it to be at any given moment.

      I like this idea and can see how it would appeal to a ton of people. I can also see a lot of Mario fans getting upset at the notion of a more sand-boxy Mario game.

      But I think after Zelda, yeah it’s the right time experiment with it.

  3. Vipsoccermaster

    Since with a possible appearance at E3 2017, this confirms that there likely won’t be a Mario launch title for the NX.

    1. E.Gadd

      Well to me that makes those rumors about Mario Maker and Luigi’s Mansion 3 being planned for launch window more plausible.

      You wouldn’t release both of those beside a new main Mario game, but you would in the absence of one.

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