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Nd Cube is Not Developing Mario Party: Star Rush

Nd Cube will not be developing Mario Party: Star Rush, at least according to the E3 2016 fact sheet for the game. Instead, the game will be developed internally by Nintendo themselves. This is the first Mario Party to not be developed by Nd Cube since the company took the reigns from Hudson Soft with Mario Party 9 in 2012.

No other information has been released on the sudden change, but expect to hear more as we head towards the game’s November 4 release!

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17 thoughts on “Nd Cube is Not Developing Mario Party: Star Rush

  1. windkirby

    Wow…. might explain why this one looks significantly better than the last three! (in my opinion)

  2. Luigiguy567

    Maybe the sales of recent Mario Party: Island Tour/Mario Party 10/Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival were not up to Nintendo’s expectations, so they gave ND Cube the boot and decided to make the next one themselves?

    As odd as that sounds, I can’t imagine why else Nintendo would replace ND Cube.

    1. Kallumsmarties

      I doubt it. Mario Party Island Tour and MP10 actually sold rather well which god knows why and it was a while back that they 100% bought them out so yeah it’s rather odd, but it just makes the new Mario Party game much more interesting.

  3. Geo Stelar

    wow I did not know that
    even though on Mario wiki it said they weren’t doing it
    I hate when people are late to something like this

  4. RafalRib

    The game was already in a pretty “solid” state when it was shown at E3, they just didnt show that much

    I’m actually not surprised with the release date in Europe

  5. Spike "R" Jagger

    Guys, Nd Cube might not be developing Star Rush, but how do we know if Nintendo can make a Mario Party on their own, while making it more like what they did with Hudson Soft?

  6. E.Gadd

    Someone help me clarify this just in case i am mis-remembering history.

    When Konami bought out Hudsonsoft for it’s IPs and disbanded the company, most of the members of Hudson Soft’s Mario Party team moved over to Nintendo and were given the no-longer-in-use developer title of Nd Cube.

    The thinking being that this group would continue making Mario Party games in addition to other non-Mario themed party games for Nintendo.(This was the Wii generation, so this kinda of plan made sense back then)

    Now this wasn’t exactly the same group as before, but it was predominantly the same group that worked on the Hudson Soft Mario Party games and at the time was led by former Hudson Soft employees.

    Several Mario Parties(And Non-Mario Parties) later, and now Nd Cube(see Nintendo owned predominantly ex-Hudson outfit) seems to no longer be making the Mario Party games.

    BUT we know there has been some massive restructurings that have happened inside Nintendo in the past five years and I think it is very likely that Nd Cube has just been absorbed into Nintendo themselves and could very well continue to be made by mostly the same people, just no longer under the Nd Cube banner.

    I guess we will only find out for sure once credits for this game are available. If it’s mostly the same people then this is likely just a dissolving of the name Nd Cube and maybe(in their thinking) the stigma that’s become associated with it.

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