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Nintendo Spot: 6/20/16 – 6/26/16


Week of: 6/20/16 – 6/26/16

Nintendo Spot is basically the major Nintendo news that blasts onto the internet and such, be it leaks or actual news, you’ll hear it from me. I, Sol, will be tackling it as soon as I can, so come here each day to see what has come out into the open!

Sunday, June 26th

I’m a little late to the part, but I certainly won’t go over this new video out! One of my favorite game series on the internet, Pop Fiction, got the axe when GameTrailers did. The show featured cracking some of gaming’s greatest mysteries to find if they were true or not. Now, as GameTrailer’s successor, Easy Allies, arrises, so does a successor to Pop Fiction. This new web show is called Game Sleuth and is more or less the same formula of cracking game mysteries and such. On their first episode, the mystery on whether or not you can beat the running man in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is studied and tested. If you’d like to see if you can or not, you should watch it!


The Japanese Pokémon show Pokénchi will have a feature on Pokémon Sun and Moon the day after the next bit of expected news for the latest Pokémon titles, July 2nd, and will likely just display the aforementioned news to the Japanese public. However, there is a chance we could get some new footage or even something completely different than the news coming the day before. Details on new Pokémon were teased… but what we will actually get is unknown.

The results are in! Team Night Owl has bested Team Early Bird in this past Splatfest. They managed to grab a clean victory with 377 points opposed to Team Early Bird’s 323. Yes, I accept defeat; I already expected the Night Owls to grab the gold. You should see the dialogue between the Squid Sisters, though, its very funny! Side note, have you all realized that we are approaching the one-year anniversary of Splatfests! The first one, Dogs versus Cats, started July 4th here in the United States. How time has flown by!

Saturday, June 25th

You can click this image for a larger view of it, or you may go to the source of it to further analyze the situation. The situation being that following this “Brexit” ordeal, Nintendo’s stocks have lowered tremendously (nearly 8%). This involves a lot of issues involving the stock market, too, but for now, the important part is that Nintendo’s investments are depleting. As time continues, we just have to see what happens to Nintendo’s stocks, won’t we?

So, there apparently is some more Pokémon GO beta footage leaked; this time, it is in English! Like last time, watch it quickly as there is no telling when it will be pulled from the internet. This is one is rather important, as it shows a gym battle! Also, in regards to the beta testing, as Pokémon GO is coming some time in July, the testing for the game will be ending June 30th for the United States just in case you were wondering. There isn’t too long of a wait for this game, though!

I like to stay away from rumors in general as they often are taken fallaciously and are simply not so much “news,” but I think this is a proper case for an exception. Apparently, fan games based off Nintendo IP’s have been taken down, but this video seems to point as someone not associated with Nintendo as the culprit and just posing as Nintendo to take said games down. This is an issue! A big one! Copyright claims have already been a problem for the community and now we have a poser pulling down fan games? I believe this is going to be a rough case to tackle, too. Somehow, I’m sure this will be resolved.

Friday, June 24th


Hey friends, let us start off by quickly mentioning some news for Pokémon Sun and Moon. It appears that, for Japan at the very least, some news for the game will hit the internet on July 1st at 9AM EDT and 6AM PDT. What Pokémon will be coming out from the woodwork? Or will it be something completely different? Time will tell!


Also, Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games has released today. Yes, it is another addition to the classic Olympic series with new challenges to take on. This game features 14 events and 3 Duel events as well as a heated Tournament mode. There is also a local multiplayer mode called “Heroes Showdown” where the events are randomized and so are the teams, with a bit of a twist. Basically, one player will get ten randomized characters from Mario’s side and the other get ten randomized characters from Sonic’s side. Anyways, if you want the game, it is $59.99 on the Wii U and $39.99 on the 3DS.

Yacht Club Games, the developers behind Shovel Knight, have created a poll for the community to vote in that will give them suggestions as to what project they may work on next. The choices vary from a Shovel Knight 2 to a Metroid-like game to even a Shovel Knight Kart racer! It’s not too long a poll and I’m sure you’d like to have your voice heard by the people who created the excellent indie platformer but a few years ago, no? It wouldn’t hurt!

Thursday, June 23rd

The latest Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC pack is out next week in Japan and its theme is Link’s Awakening. Marin, a character Zelda fans haven’t seen in quite some time, hails from Link’s Awakening and she utilizes bells and creates shockwaves with them in battle. Her special attack incorporates the Wind Fish, another character from Link’s Awakening. Equally important, I’d say, is the fact that Linkle has a new weapon to tote; they are simply called “Boots.” To me, they look like riding boots. Also, this DLC pack comes with a lot of extra goodies such as new costumes and a new Adventure map. The video above has a collection of artwork for this new DLC.


Wahaha! The art for the second wave of Super Mario amiibo is here. Yes, we’ve gotten the full look of what Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, and more will look like in box. If you’d like to see the full gallery, please go here! Comment what you think about them over there, too, while you are at it!

Lastly, I mentioned earlier that Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary has been celebrated for a lot of this year considering the blue blur is actually 25 years old, now. Anyways, Sega and Sonic Team posted a little compilation of what Sonic looked like through the ages. It’s nothing major, maybe, but as a person who likes to have their history well-known, I’d suggest you watch it in full to see the complete transformation to how Sonic looks today. You’d learn a thing or two, wouldn’t you?

Wednesday, June 22nd


Shovel Knight, one of the more popular Indie games that has come out as of late, has its second of three new campaign modes announced. The first, Plague of Shadows, had the player take control of Plague Knight. This one, which has yet to be named, will have the player control the ghastly Specter Knight. He has a special “Dash Slash” that can be used repeatedly on foes in air. There’s a demonstration of this below! Also, something else you should take note of, Specter Knight can actually walk on walls. All of this is lining up for a campaign with a lot of mobility, huh? Yacht Club Games, the developer for Shovel Knight, has also announced that the third campaign, designated to King Knight, is also under development as well as the other modes being Battle Mode and Body Swap. Click here for more details!


Sonic Team has officially confirmed that another Sonic title is in the works. Just in time for 25th anniversary, too! This is actually from an interview the Sonic Team had originally with Famitsu. “We at Sonic Team – are developing a completely new game, as well as developing a full movie, actively done by Sony Pictures, and animation on Sonic Boom. We are also ready to improve sponsor ties. The most important thing is not the fact the series survived for 25 years, but how many games was developed. Our goal – add something new and overcome any potential hardships,” said head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka. What do you think is up their sleeve?

Source: serebii.net

This stylish New Nintendo 3DS XL system got announced to be arriving in Japan for Pokémon Sun and Moon’s release and now, Europe and Australia will also be getting it around the same time in November. However, there’s a bit more. Europe will also be having special editions of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, separately. Either edition will be launching November 23rd and will include a special steel book, but other details on this are scarce.

Tuesday, June 21st

Metroid Prime Federation Force has been announced to have amiibo functionality. More specifically, within the Blast Ball, certain amiibo will allow you deck out your Mechs. So far, I’ve seen Zero Suit Samus, Samus, Bowser, and Mario functional with this. I wouldn’t think it silly to expect some more! Remember, the game comes August 19th in North America and September 2nd in Europe.


Mighty No. 9 is out and as happy as the community may be for this release, it is very obvious that there are a lot of issues in terms of how smoothly the game runs. Thankfully, Deep Silver, the company behind much of the game, will be releasing a patch to fix the game. So, hopefully, the game will be up to par to how it SHOULD be running! Now, have you guys played this game yet? Is it worth the purchase?

For the conclusion of today is GameXplain’s first major E3 Analysis. The topic is Pokémon Sun and Moon! It’s a shorter analysis as the demonstration we got during E3 pointed out a lot of changes such as the changes to the battle screens and similar things to note. The majority of this video focuses on the mysterious Pokémon Magearna and how it possibly involves itself with GameXplain’s theory video from a while ago and even stranger, how it may involve the character Lillie. Watch the video above to get the full details!

Monday, June 20th

Our first morsel of news relates to the Wii U Virtual Console. I’m happy to say that three Pokémon Mystery Dungeon titles are heading to the eShop very soon. In fact, this Thursday, all three of those titles will be available for pickup. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team are two of the three; these games were the original titles for the Mystery Dungeon Series, so why not start with those? However, if you want to get a little more modern Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky won’t let you down. Let me just tell you, Explorers of the Sky is the paragon Mystery Dungeon title. You must play it! With three games coming, which one will you choose?

Mighty No. 9 will be releasing tomorrow! Wow, it has been quite some time since the game was first announced. It’s a warm feeling to have it finally come out, right? Well, to hold you over for just a little bit longer, there is a release trailer out now. Mighty No. 9 is basically Mega Man in a new direction and because of this, I’m extremely excited to have it finally available to the world! What’s stopping you from getting it? Go on! Check it out!


So, the E3 trailers from Nintendo have broken some records for Nintendo’s YouTube channel. In fact, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s trailer is the most viewed YouTube video on their channel to date! SuperZambezi has a full article on how Nintendo’s other top videos fared against it here, and there are some interesting numbers in there. I did not expect a few of the videos on there to get so many views!

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100 thoughts on “Nintendo Spot: 6/20/16 – 6/26/16

    1. Greninjario

      Hilariously, my reaction is reverse of yours. I’m going to go pick up the Wii U version of Mighty No. 9 at GameStop tomorrow.

      1. AbsolPowers

        Unfortunately, I lack the funds to buy the game. I’ve seen it hasn’t had the best reviews, but I need something to metaphorically scratch my metaphorical itch for Mega Man.

  1. SuperZambezi

    Ahh, these Might No. 9 trailers. At least they stuck with it, I’ll give them that!

  2. 8B1T

    Sol did you see the Ninty tweets on the amiibo functionality of Metroid Prime Federation Force?

    1. Geo Stelar

      that happened really late last night for me and this was updated before then so he didn’t put that here
      Today I bet he will

  3. RafalRib

    Nintendo of Portugal just made an “article” about the reveal of Star Rush and at the end they wrote: “Muitos mais modos estão, neste momento, em preparação.”

    Translation: Many more modes are, in this moment, under construction.


    1. Author's Ness-Greninja

      If i dont see a classic party mode ill question why they hate Mario Party…and where are the mini games :T

      1. RafalRib

        They showed 2 minigames on the stream, and there were 2 more to be playable too but they didnt chose them!
        Minigames are already confirmed

    2. SmashBoo

      The exact translation is “in preparation”, not under construction. I don’t care if it means the same or if you did on purpose. 0/10 – Bad translator : P

      1. Geo Stelar

        LOL yeah Under Construction did make no sense for this sentence
        so hugo is the better translator

      2. RafalRib


  4. Author's Ness-Greninja

    No doubt Zelda Breath of the Wild got so popular. Youd have to be an idiot not to love it (btw this is a joke, do not take it seriously)

          1. Mr. Luiginary

            No. I meant that his dislike for the new Zelda is why Trump and Hillary are running for president and are trying to ruin America.

          2. Luigiguy567

            Lol, I’m not voting for either. Clinton is a crook, but Lord Crump (from The Thousand Year Door) would be better than Trump.

    1. XT

      IS THAT SHINY MAGEARNA!! If it is, it looks similar to how Shiny Hoopa, and Shiny Volcanion look. If this is Shiny Magearna, man I really hope they distribute Magearna in some form of event for sun and moon rather than just automatically giving it to us through qr code scanner. That way people can be able to soft reset for it (that is if its not shiny locked) I really hope they distribute this pokemon that way.

      1. Geo Stelar

        its only confirmed for the animie but I think it will be distributed at some point

  5. Vipsoccermaster

    So Sonic Team announced a new Sonic game in the works… Great! But then here it comes again. You know what I mean. That damned Sonic Cycle.

    1. Author's Ness-Greninja

      I hope its like Sonic Unleashed….ya know. The game that saved the franchise before

      1. RafalRib

        Yet it gets hated a lot 🙁

        I loved every bit of Unleashed but most of the people think its crap

          1. RafalRib

            I just want another Main Playable character to be introduced 😛
            What was the last one, Silver?

  6. Geo Stelar

    Just in case Absol forgets something here is the Nintendo update of today
    Marlin DLC for Hyrule warriors legends
    Shiny Magearna
    Plus many more

      1. Geo Stelar

        idk why but besides the 4 classics that are great
        my favorite sonic games are
        and Generations
        although some others are good I think these are the best of the modern sonic
        and I believe that
        Classic sonic 1991-1999 before adventure 1
        Modern Sonic 2000-today after adventure 1

    1. Geo Stelar

      the only thing I liked about Sonic 06 is the Crisis City Zone
      other than that it sucks it suck more than color splash in my opinion and color splash is horrible

    2. Mr. Luiginary

      It’s our fault for why Sonic 06 is so bad. We were rushing Sega to make the game around Sonic’s 15th anniversary. So to meet the deadline, they ignored bugs and glitches.

      1. RafalRib

        The same thing will be likely to happen then with the next game, people are already rushing SEGA for this game

        1. Geo Stelar

          I hope it has no bugs, but I will still paly it anyways
          I hated sonic 06 but there were some good moments

  7. Geo Stelar

    My laptop like busted so i dunno when i will be on skype again unless i get it for my mobile device and i don’t want too
    I am seeing if i can get it fixed asap until then i won’t be on skype

  8. GreenPiggy

    Here’s my rating for the “Main Stream” Sonic games shown through the 20th anniversary video

    Sonic 1 – Good, but Labyrinth Zone though…
    Sonic 2 – One of the best Sonic games EVER!
    Sonic CD – A kick-ass game that has a great Japanese Sound Track
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles – THE best Sonic games ever!
    Sonic 3D Blast/Flicky’s Island – This game is sooooo distorted! The asymmetric view makes this game hard on the eyes!
    Sonic R – A game with a great Sound Track, terrible controls, and a creepy Tails Doll
    Sonic Adventure – A great Sonic game, but Big the Cat though…
    Sonic Adventure 2 – A good game that has some gameplay issues (WHY IS TAILS IN A MECH!!!)
    Sonic Heroes – A good game with bad controls and repetitive levels (Actually it’s just an OK game)
    Sonic Next Gen/2006 – Sonic’s stages are pretty good but the rest of the game is S***
    Sonic Unleashed – Sonic’s day time levels are good but the Wherehog levels are just OK
    Sonic Colors – One of the best Sonic games in a long time!
    Sonic Generations – Also one of the best Sonic games in a long time!
    Sonic Boom – Shattered Crystal was alright, but Rise of Lyric SUCKS!!!!

    Honestly, I feel like nowadays, I’ve become a HUGE Sonic fan! I can’t wait for SEGA’s reveal for Sonic’s 25th. Also yesterday was his Bday 🙂

    BTW – I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Geo Stelar

      what about other sonic games that they didn’t show
      like Rush, Rush adventure , chronicles, Lost world, etc

      1. GreenPiggy

        Rush – Awesome!
        Rush Adventure – Never Played
        Chronicles – Heard it was good, but never played it
        Lost World – PAIN IN THE ASS!!!
        Shadow the Hedgehog – THE WORST SONIC GAME EVER!!
        Advance Series – Really Good, but not perfect
        Secret Rings – Bad
        Black Knight – Worse
        Game Gear Games – All bad especially Sonic Labyrinth and Tails Sky Patrol
        Sonic Riders – The 1st one was good but the rest were lame
        Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 – Never played but looks great

    2. Luigiguy567

      Sonic 1 – Honestly, I think it’s so-so. (Sorry, I need my spin dash)
      Sonic 2 – My personal favorite Sonic game.
      Sonic 3 & K – Great games, but not my favorites.
      Sonic 3D Blast – I tried to give this game a chance, but I gave up in Spring Stadium Zone.
      Game Gear games – All terrible.
      Sonic R – A guilty pleasure of mine. It’s one of those “It’s so bad it’s good” games.
      Sonic Adventure – Personally didn’t like this one. Controls were annoying and (of course) Big the Cat’s levels suck.
      Sonic Adventure 2 – Better than the first, but far from perfect.
      Sonic Heroes – Not as good as I remembered it.
      Sonic Rush games – Never played the first, but the second was so-so.
      Shadow the Hedgehog – “Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?” (a.k.a. Terrible)
      Sonic 06 – My least favorite Sonic game. It will always be a scar in my gaming childhood.
      Sonic Riders – Only played the first one, which was actually good, contrary to popular belief.
      Sonic Chronicles – Didn’t like it. Battles are annoying and POW Moves are hard to pull off.
      Sonic Storybook games – Secret Rings sucks, never played Black Knight.
      Sonic Unleashed – Never played.
      Sonic Colors – My second favorite Sonic game.
      Sonic Racing games – Good, but I like Mario Kart better.
      Sonic Generations – Never played the console versions. 3DS version is OK.
      Sonic Lost World – A horrific mess of a game.
      Sonic Boom games – Never played, but they look terrible.
      Everything else – Never played.

    3. Author's Ness-Greninja

      Sonic 1: cant beat the game that started it all 🙂
      Sonic 2: I LOVED PLAYING THIS WITH MY SISTER!!! Great sonic game
      Sonic CD: this game was fun, I actually liked the Time travel mechanic
      Sonic 3 & Knuckles: cmon you know this was the best ;3
      Sonic 3D Blast: i played this all the freaking time when i was young, despite what everyone says i actually enjoyed it.
      Sonic R: hm hm hm hm hm hm..so *bumper sound* catchy
      Sonic Adventure DX: do i even need to say it
      Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: again, do i even need to say it! =D
      Sonic Advance: pretty underrated series, one of my favorite handheld sonic games back then, i still love them!!!
      Sonic Heroes: ill show you the real super power of $12.99 on eBay plus shipping
      Shadow The Hedgehog: Eh it was alright once you look past the replaying Westopolis thing…the gun mechanic was interested….oh god did Sonic curse???
      Sonic Rush/Adventure: i loved this game (both) they brought the boost to life and had catchy songs…well Rush did anyway
      Sonic 06: wait for it…. My opinion is loading -_-…
      Sonic Unleashed: behold! Our savior through the dark age! AMAZING GAME! Expanded the boost mechanic! Had interesting gameplay with the Werehog and….graphics/music/story…..holy *ring sound*
      Sonic 4: umm i dont exactly remember much on these episodes…but i guess Sonic 4 was a nice nostalgia trip…i see what they were trying to do
      Sonic Colors: ANOTHER GREAT GAME! I loved it! The graphics were just as good as Unleashed and the wisps were a nice new and fresh species
      Sonic Generations: best…game…of its year….oh who am I kidding this was pure gold, 10/10
      Sonic Lost World: how do you go from this ^ to THIS
      Sonic Boom: something better save this series fast

    4. TheMarioMario64

      In the video, they never mentioned any of the Sonic Boom games. They mentioned the TV show.

  9. Author's Ness-Greninja

    Forgot the pokemon news coming July 1st*

    I saw that Sonic video, loved the 06 bit

    Marin is so beautiful, i love the windfish somg. so much nostalgia and whoa looks like Linkle is the new Captain Falcon to Hyrule Warriors

    1. Mr. Luiginary

      Speaking of Link’s Awakening, I’ve recently finished it. It only took watching Chuggaa’s LP of it to get through, although I did get through some areas on my own…some.

  10. Spiny Bro

    Hey guys! I went to CEO today… and met Zero! (yeah best thing 10/10 :P… Sarcasm)

    At least I met him I guess 😛

  11. GreenPiggy

    If Yacht Club Games made either a Metroid, a Mega Man, a Mario RPG, or a Contra style game, I might as well let them take my wallet!

    1. AbsolPowers

      Mhm. I’d very much like to see what they’d do with a Metroid-like game. Considering how lively, quirky, and colorful Shovel Knight is, I’d like to see what they’d do with a somewhat more minimal and atmospheric platformer. Especially taking into account how different Shovel Knight’s levels are compared to an early Metroid title.

  12. Author's Ness-Greninja

    Does it bother anyone that Sol is the only one that does this every week…isnt it exhausting? Stressing? Some other word i cant think of

    1. Mr. Luiginary

      Good thing I wasn’t chosen then. I don’t really do that much stuff, but I still get stressed easily.

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