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E3 2016: Watch the Treehouse Live for Mario Party and Paper Mario Here

Day 2 of the Nintendo Treehouse Live for E3 2016 is currently streaming, and more importantly, it’s set to show off new Paper Mario: Color Splash footage, along with the full reveal of Mario Party: Star Rush.

Watch live video from Nintendo on

The only information we have on Mario Party: Star Rush is its release date and a few bits of information on its multiplayer.



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  • Mario_Comix

    King Boo’s back!! :’D

    • RafalRib

      Yes, all the amiibos are confirmed playable! 😀
      I dunno about Bowser tho but i think he is also

  • RafalRib


  • RafalRib

    Only local, and its download play compatible

  • XT

    Well this looks interesting and it actually lasts alot longer than Island Tour. Looks like stars and coins are back and the ally concept Im looking forward to. I hope and pray this will have online cause this would be so much fun to play with others across the world than having to physically finds friends to play this with.

    • RafalRib

      It doesnt have online, Nintendo Life confirmed it during the stream

      • XT

        Aw Dang it I didnt even notice them saying that because I was so focused on the new gameplay mechanic of this game

        • RafalRib

          I liked this gamemode so much i’d buy the game even if it was just this gamemode 😛

          Also this game is easily my fav Mario Party and we’ve only seen like a bit of the game

          • XT

            I like this too though I hate that you have to land exactly on the boss instead of just running into it, and you apparently start out as the toads which is weird and you collect the Mario series characters as allies which is interesting. At least you obviously get to play as them so that counts. Hopefully everybody not gonna TRASH this one because unlike most people I actually enjoyed Mario Party 9, 10 and IT. Even though it was different from the original that everybody knows thats didnt mean I was gonna stop at Mario Party 8 cause I just kept right on going.

          • RafalRib

            I also like the Car mechanic and IT a LOT but i prefer this 😛

            Also Nintendo said that we can play with the normal characters on other modes
            Like, on Toad Scramble we start as Toads but on other modes we play only as the normal characters

          • XT

            Oh ok cause if it was just that the main playable characters were the toads that would be odd for a Mario Party game but now I know thanks for telling me.

      • 8B1T

        I really wonder how a car mode would work with simultaneous movement…

  • RafalRib
  • 8B1T

    I’ll probably make a post on the Treehouse footage.