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E3 2016: Paper Mario: Color Splash Official Artwork Released

The Paper Mario: Color Splash coverage doesn’t end with the new footage and the 10 new screens. A batch of new pieces of official artwork for the game has been released, showing off characters like Peach and Mario, along with environmental art and group art that will be used for the box art. See it all below!

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  • Ateles Arma (KINGZ)

    Visually this game looks stunning.

  • MagiKooper

    Hmmm we need need artwork that really shows off this games uniqueness…Hmmmm….I’VE GOT IT!


  • Mario_Comix

    I found it intriguing that in the scene artwork, that Red (Paint) Star resembles a Grand Star

    • :)

      It’s even called a Grand Paint Star!

  • Greninjario

    So far this game looks great (to me anyway). What do you suppose the !? Block does?

    • Mister Sushi

      Special item? Like perhaps a super star or something?

  • E.Gadd

    It’s interesting to me that even though we know that the Koopalings are bosses(and thus Bowser our end game boss), that Shy Guys are singled out in much of the art as being the primary culprits behind much of the paint trouble.

    There’s even a wanted sign with a shy guy on it.

    Obviously not in the cards(*groans* I’m so sorry), but it’d have been a good opportunity to bring back General Guy.

  • Mister Sushi

    Really? What doesn’t make sense? It’s Huey as in a colour hue.
    I’m pretty sure they wanted gonna name him after colours, not a bucket lol

    • XT

      I didnt know that Really? Huey is the name of a color? Huh even though he is literally a paint bucket which is why I thought it was gonna have a name similar to was he actually is. I will say that Kersti name was more creative than Huey’s name since to took awhile for people to realize that her name was basically the word sticker backwards only that the letter c is missing from her name.