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E3 2016: New SUPER MARIO Amiibo Coming November 4th

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The second wave of Super Mario amiibo will be released on November 4th. Nintendo announced the latest line of Super Mario amiibos at E3 2016. The new amiibos include:

  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Daisy
  • Rosalina
  • Boo (glow-in-the-dark)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong

The new amiibos are set to be released alongside the just announced Mario Party: Star Rush.



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  • Rodney Jenkins

    HOLY CRAP! Can’t wait to try to get these soon!

  • NeoStar

    This feels so much like a dream. I never want to wake up!!

  • Yoshiman222

    Took a while to get here.

    Kinda weird though, I still feel as if there are a few characters that are missing an amiibo though, like Toadette and Birdo.

    Wave 3 in 2 years guys? 😛

    • you forgetting Bowser Jr… ; _ ;

      • Spiny Bro


    • Waluigifan32

      Spike from MP10 too. I doubt they’ll make one for him though.

  • E.Gadd

    Wow. Look how much better that Diddy amiibo design is from the Smash one. Incredible

  • And yet again, we only get 12 playable characters… only one of them is new, Diddy

    • E.Gadd

      We definitely need a ton of more characters.

      I’m guessing system space + short dev time + ability for amiibo tie-ins has led to this situation.

      I’d be fine waiting a few years for one massive Mario Party with a ton of characters instead of three games in three years with only a handful.

    • Waluigifan32

      Completely agree with you Dario. That’s why modding exists :3

    • RafalRib

      Well in MP10 not every character had an amiibo when it released, probably there are more characters like these in Star Rush

  • Ateles Arma (KINGZ)

    I love how the Boo amiibo can glow in the dark. Also the Diddy amiibo looks way better than the smash one so I may pick it up. Also I’m glad Waluigi and Dasiy finally got amiibo for their fans. Finally the new DK and Rosailna amiibo are pretty standard but I still like the addition of them. Really liking the Wario one through, I didn’t purchase his Smash one so I may just get this.

  • MagiKooper

    So we get a Waluigi Amiibo but no Kamek amiibo….I….THAT….YOU……UGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • CorrinFTW

    I’ll get Boo and the princesses. I really like Rosalina’s pose, even if she makes that pose almost everytime lol

  • XelaFury

    I knew there was gonna be more Super Mario amiibo sooner or later, the fact that the Boo amiibo can glow in the dark is awesome! And i’m calling it right now, the Daisy and Waluigi amiibos will sell like hotcakes when they come out.

  • DerpyKong

    I just now noticed Diddy kong’s amiibo is the only amiibo in that whole collection that isn’t based on an image that can easily be found on google lol.

    • Toblet

      It’s not a bad thing. It’s kind of like their signature poses. It’s possible that the Diddy pose is based off a currently unreleased artwork.

  • Toblet

    Diddy Kongfirmed for the next Mario Party?

    Also I’ll be 100% picking up the Rosalina. May have to consider a couple of others.

    • MagiKooper

      Well I hope you end up getting Rosalina amiibo, and hope that some random hater with money to waste doesn’t buy a ton of them just to spite the fans…..again.

  • Author’s Ness-Greninja

    I swear i thought Rosalina, and Donkey Kong’s super mario amiibo already came out, why are these so different?

  • Lakilester


  • Waluigifan32

    I’m so getting Waluigi Amiibo! The next amiibo I’m gonna hunt for are probably the Sm4sh Lucario, Waluigi and Boo Amiibo 😛

  • Mario_Comix

    Boo amiibo! Boo!!! :’)

  • Ademir

    I just hope you can use the amiibo Disy in Mario Party 10. I look forward to an update I am right?

    • Waluigifan32

      I hope so too. I’d like to see Waluigi, Boo and Daisy Amiibo themed boards in Amiibo Party.

      • Ademir


  • Ademir

    I sent this email and had this answer, please everyone can help by asking them to perform an update in order to use the new amiibos in Mario Party 10. Try sending requesting it may seem little but should help

    Thank you for contacting us with your question. We don’t currently have any announced Mario Party 10 compatibility for the second wave of Super Mario amiibo, but keep your eyes on the official amiibo compatibility website as any updates we have on the topic will be found there. I’ve included a link to the page below.