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Moms of the Mushroom Kingdom

Ever wonder what kind of moms take residence in the Mushroom Kingdom? To celebrate Mother’s Day, Mario Party Legacy is taking a look at some of the greatest and best mothers who make up the Super Mario series. If you notice a mom missing, be sure to give them a shout out in the comments!


Goomama and Gooma

Paper Mario starts you off in Goomba Village, a small town with a single Goomba family. You’ll quickly meet all the inhabitants here, including the well mannered Goomama, the mother, and the “ho ho ho ho” laughing grandmother, Gooma. Apparently, Goomama is a great cook while Gooma was popular with the boys back in the day!


Queen Jaydes

Spoilers for Super Paper Mario!!

Super Paper Mario has one of the most detailed and intriguing stories in the entire Mario series, and the scene between Luvbi and her parents is a key example as to why. This touching scene shows Luvbi confronting her parents about her true identity and the lies she has been told by her mother and father. Queen Jaydes, while at first appearing to be the villain of the area, proves to be a prime example of motherhood when she ultimately loves her daughter, related or unrelated, unconditionally.


Rose Town Innkeeper

A Toad that runs the Rose Town Inn in Super Mario RPG makes it onto our list! The Rose Town Innkeeper has a son named Gaz whose doll eventually becomes the Geno we know and love today.  However, this strange tale of a doll coming to life isn’t enough for the mother to accept, so it isn’t until Mario proves Geno is real that the mom starts believing Gaz. Thanks to this, Mario can stay at the Inn for free!


Baby Mario and Baby Luigi’s Mom

When your journey comes to an end in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, the baby brothers safely make it back home to their mother and father. Or so you thought. Turns out you made it back to the wrong parents in the first game, but Baby Mario and Baby Luigi finally make it to their real parents at the end of Yoshi’s New Island!


Mom Piranha

Were you expecting one of the moms on our list to be an enemy? Mom Piranha is a nasty Piranha Plant that sprouts on the runway of Beanbean International Airport in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Her offspring are all connected to Mom Piranha, so Mario and Luigi fight them off first in order to get to the mother inside the egg. No Mom of the Year awards here!


Using Vivian to vanish into the ground in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door can lead you to overhear some interesting conversations. If you do this by the two crows perched on a tree in Twilight Town, you’ll eavesdrop on a conversation between Maude and Flo. Turns out both are mothers with their own respective families! Maude has a son named Billy, while Flo has many children, but her oldest son is Ronnie. Fun facts!



Thanks to the Gamer stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, 5-Volt is a well-known mother in the Nintendo universe. Originally from the WarioWare series, 5-Volt is the mother of 8-Volt, a rowdy child who is always playing games and staying up way too late to the dismay of his mother. You’ll usually see her scolding her son for playing under the covers, but don’t underestimate her love for gaming!


Blooper Mom

We bet you forgot about this one! In Mario Party 3, landing on certain Happening Spaces in Deep Bloober Sea will trigger an event with the Baby Blooper in the middle of the board. The little guy will call for his mother who will snag you with one of her tentacles and move you up or down a path.



Lydia, the Mirror Gazing Mother, is one of over twenty Portrait Ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion. As the mother of the dastardly Chauncey and the wife of the book-loving Neville, Lydia is so obsessed with her look and her hair that keeping the curtains closed and the breeze at bay is more important than her own capture by Luigi.


Rosalina and Luma

While you might not have expected it, Super Mario Galaxy features a good amount of backstory on Rosalina and her previous family. At first, a young Rosalina finds a Luma and embarks on a journey to find his lost mother. After years of searching and dreaming of her own mother, Rosalina took on the role of Luma’s mother. After new Lumas are discovered, Rosalina ends up adopting each one as her own and forms her new family.

Rosalina’s backstory is quite an interesting one, and if you haven’t read it in full already, we definitely recommend it by heading over to this link!

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  • Rosie

    We have so many nice moms in the Mario series! My favorite mom has got to be Rosalina tho. It’s so cute her relationship with the Lumas, and how she took care of them ever since she was a child. And now, as a thousands or millions year old adult, se still lives with and takes care of them

    • Blobbo

      And she chucks them at people in Smash 🙂

      • Rosie

        IKR? She’s so nice that she even let’s the Lumas join her in Smash! It’s everybody’s dream being in Smash, and she gave the Lumas this chance to shine

    • Geoman

      same I like Rosalina and her relations with the lumas