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MPL Community Picture of the Day: Week 67

No theme this week!


Although Sakurai has retired his Pictures of the Day for Super Smash Bros, Mario Party Legacy are proud to deliver a community driven series where YOU submit your images for everyone to see! We’re updating EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! (Please click this to listen to the above in the Announcer’s [not really] voice.)

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Monday, March 14


I am honored by his decision to put this up!!


Submitted by:  Mr. Mii

Game: Nintendo Badge Arcade



Tuesday, March 15


You mean like the one that Cube gave me for free?


Submitted by: Luigidenne3DSGCN

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf



Wednesday, March 16


Toon Link: What The? Da heck is Zelda doing there?


Submitted by: RafalRib

Game: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS



Thursday, March 17


All the characters who are green are fighting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! All items that appear on this green Kirby stage also come into play! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go GREEN!


Submitted by: Vipsoccermaster

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Friday, March 18


Mewtwo: I am Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokémon living! Fear me!





Submitted by: Kirbylover490

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Saturday, March 19




Submitted by: KINGZ

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Sunday, March 20


You can run…

This is the first video of the “Snippets of Smash” series. Apart from the montages, this could potentially become a mini-series based on funny and interesting moments that happen during regular smash matches.


Submitted by: SuperMushroomU

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



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  • Bowser Jr.

    Training Ryu as we speak XD

  • Geoman

    bye Ryu your dead

  • Author of the Universe

    when you break someone’s shield, you just cant help but say “FINISH HIM!!”

    • Spike “R” Jagger

      Though you can’t anything like in, say, Mortal Kombat X
      (Trust me, that game’s Fatalities are not for the squeamish)

  • ℳKKIℵGȤ♕

    Funny thing is Little Mac missed that punch.

  • Spike “R” Jagger

    Thank God for the green spotlight in Saturday’s Post ^^;

    • Geoman

      and for little macs green glovers and everything

  • Spiny Bro

    Too much Kombat, Little mac 2 strong

  • RafalRib

    Little Mac/DK = Ferra/Torr 😛

    • Mew2Fan

      So true XD

    • Do u still use Skype?

  • Fluttershy64

    Excellent post KINGZ! 🙂

    • ℳKKIℵGȤ♕

      Thanks 🙂 If only I did finish him.

  • XelaFury

    Man, March 18 was one of the best days of my life and a day i’ll never forget, mainly because of a gift that I was not expecting… a 3DS XL with 3 games! I finally have a Nintendo 3DS after years of not being able to get with the times with Nintendo’s consoles.

    • Greninjario

      May I ask, what were these 3 games?

      • XelaFury

        Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Y and Omega Ruby.

        • Greninjario

          Nice! I have all three! Well…my brother owns Pokemon Y, BUT STILL 😀

    • Vipsoccermaster

      Nice! You’ll be able to play games you missed out on. Odd that you got the 3DS XL instead of a New 3DS XL.

      • XelaFury

        Well, the reason why I got the regular 3DS XL instead of the New 3DS XL is because it is way too expensive, it costs around 5000$ where I live in and obviously my brothers can’t afford that amount of money. I’m still happy with what I got, so that’s good enough.

        • Vipsoccermaster

          $5,000?! Damn, I guess that’s understandable.

          • Well, maybe $5,000 equals $300 in the US.