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Mario Party Legacy is Assembling a New Staff

Mario Party Legacy is looking to revitalize our staff! We want to bring you more content and articles to look forward to, but we also want to get new voices and opinions up on the spotlight. We’ve got five positions we’d like to fill!

These positions are all on a volunteer basis. Because of this, those who do fill the positions will not be tied down to any strict schedules or be required to do more than what is mentioned in the descriptions below. We want the new staff to contribute if they can, and more importantly, if they have the desire to.

With that said, please note that all of these positions require you to write, so those who are confident in their writing are expected to apply. If you have any interest in joining one or more of the following positions, please send an email to:

sz@mariopartylegacy (dot) com

replace the “(dot)” with “.”


Features Editor

Top Five Mario Party Boards, Why Mario Kart 8 Needs to Fix its Item System, and An Analysis of the Paper Mario: Color Splash Trailer. These are the types of articles the Features Editor would be working on. We need a new voice on Mario Party Legacy, so let us know if you want your opinion to be heard!

Nintendo Reporter

Mario Party Legacy will continue to focus on all things Mario, but we can’t ignore that most of our readers are also into Nintendo and all the news that surrounds it. We’re looking for someone who follows Nintendo and all its games and properties to help us start a weekly post that is regularly updated with the biggest Nintendo news. The details are still being worked out, but if this sounds like something you can do, by all means let us know!

Community Night Coordinator

We’re looking for an additional Community Night Coordinator to help Yoshiman222 make Community Nights a little more common! Here you would help think and plan creative Community Night events, as well as creating the articles themselves. Our goal is to have a Community Night every other week, so you would be asked to do one a month.

Community Editor

We want to try something a little new at Mario Party Legacy. The community is a very important part to the success of the website. With that in mind, we want to start posting articles that feature comments and opinions from all of you wonderful readers. Lots to plan for this one, but if you have interest, let us know!

Log Writer

Remember the Mario & Luigi Log? We’d like to do something like this again, but with someone other than myself. What the game would be and how it will be organized will be decided once we have someone!

Michael Koczwara

Executive Editor and Founder of Mario Party Legacy. Head Administrator at the Mario Party Legacy Forum.

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32 thoughts on “Mario Party Legacy is Assembling a New Staff

  1. DerpyKong

    Interesting. Although, I won’t be able to enter due to my terrible Grammar and Immature-ness xP
    Although, I am excited to see who will be promoted to a staff spot 😀

    1. SuperZambezi

      I’ll ask those who send me an email to write up a sample when the time comes, so you can always try that and see how that goes.

  2. Geoman

    I signed up for one of the staff roles
    I wish all of you luck for who is signing up for a staff role

    1. SuperZambezi

      Feel free to try. If you’re not what we’re looking for, we’ll simply let you know, no harm done.

  3. Spongyoshi

    Oh shot, I REALLY wanna do that article about the Mario Kart 8 Item System! I love doing that sort of things! <3 I wanna try but im unsure about my quality of writing… Could I try anyway?

    1. SuperZambezi

      Go ahead and send an email – I’ll ask for everyone to do a writing sample at one point and that’s where we can see whether you fit or not!

  4. Mr. Luiginary

    I just sent SuperZambezi an e-mail from Google G-Mail about my application. I hope he gets my e-mail.

    1. Mister Sushi

      You don’t have to talk like a robot, you can be proper and casual at the same time :3

        1. Mister Sushi

          Well you don’t have to say Google G-Mail. You can just say gmail. A lot of your words and phrases can be simplified to sound more casual, but still serious.

  5. GrandStarGalaxy

    I really wish I could do Nintendo reporter and Features Editor (I like the sound of that Trailer analysis article) But unfortunately, I need to focus my time to doing school work, but I could probably do something during the Summer if the jobs are still open.

  6. BossBlitz

    Sent an email (lol accidentally two), but I won’t say what for….either way good luck to everyone emailing a request!

    1. Geoman

      Probably like one for the North America side (includes Mexico and Canada) I think South America
      and one for the Europe side
      so one can focus on his/her region instead of world wide

      1. Mister Sushi

        Also there wouldn’t be south america, north and south america are mostly in the same timezones.

  7. SuperZambezi

    Just a heads up that I’ve been getting all the emails mentioned here and that I will be replying soon. Going to give everyone a little more time before we move forward!

    1. Geoman

      okay just asking did you get mine if not I will send it again because mine may not have sent like Luigidenne

  8. MrSquigglet1

    It sucks because I’d love to be part of this but I’m coming up to my exam period so that probably wouldn’t be the best idea I could have.

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