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Help us Form the Future of Mario Party Legacy!

The success of a website will always be determined by its userbase. Without the readers, there is nobody to look through the articles, nobody to participate in our Community Nights, and nobody to comment and engage with the community. That’s why it’s important to always be in the loop with your readers and that’s why we’re asking you to vote in some polls! Sounds like fun, right?

In all honesty, these polls really do tell us a lot. So please vote in all of them and make sure to be honest! You’re also able to vote up to three options in almost every poll. And please use the comments to sound off any more thoughts, concerns, suggestions, and anything else regarding the future of Mario Party Legacy! We would really love to hear everything, both good and bad!

What makes you visit MPL the most?
How often do you visit MPL?
How should Community Picture of the Day be handled in the future?
How often should Community Nights be held (according to how often you would join)?
Which past feature would you like to see return?
What types of articles would you like to see more of?
What do you think Mario Party Legacy should cover?
If Mario Party Legacy were to add more members to the writing staff, would you be interested in applying?
Why do you visit the Forum?
Why do you listen to the podcast?
What kind of episodes would you like to see more of on the podcast?
Do you follow Mario Party Legacty on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc?
What is the biggest thing on MPL that needs improvement?

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37 thoughts on “Help us Form the Future of Mario Party Legacy!

  1. SuperZambezi

    Guys, please share whatever thoughts you have in the comments! I’m taking them all very seriously and I want them to help guide me as I make decisions for the future.

    And don’t be afraid to post something negative, this post is here for a reason!

  2. Spongyoshi

    I answered most of the stuff here! I love this website especially all his Mario Party related content! Thanks the social media!
    I also said im for being a writer since I love Mario Parties but I also dunno if I could handle it with school & stuff.. I mean, I rarely update my blog even if I wanna make some reviews…
    But still, hope this website keeps working and growing since I love this place! <3

  3. windkirby

    I think you guys are doing an incredible job! Personally I frequent the site on a more casual basis–just for news, information, that sort of thing. So I don’t participate as much in the community, forum, podcast, that sort of thing. But it seems like a great resource for people who are interested in being more involved.

  4. CorrinFTW

    Personally, I think the website is good as it is right now. I don’t have any complain and I’m glad to have found it a while ago 🙂

  5. florisdeimann .

    You guys are awesome. Since i found the site its getting better and better. Hope to help it get to the next level.

  6. Rosie

    Aside from Facebook, YouTube and the videogame wikis, this is my favorite site ever! I love basically everything about it, like the news,(sometimes you post even before Nintendo Everything) and the people. The admins here don’t try to be better than you(believe me, there are sites in which the admins kind of try to throw their opinions in your face like facts.) and the users are also awesome!

  7. BossBlitz

    MPL is a great website, and I would really like to see some of our opinons affect the site.

    – I am on the side looking to move some of the comments of the CPOTD into the Forum. “Well I tried, but the Forum is just too hard to use!” *coughcough*learn to use a forum*cough*. Well, I wasn’t surprised to see the option of having readers make articles, but that had me thinking. That gives all the fan content that randomly gets dumped in the CPOTD a rightful(and easier) place. Maybe a weekly showcase or article for not just pictures but ideas in general. Personally I feel that’s an easy way of implementing fan content into user activity, making more people wanting to submit things. This could help, or it could make POTD irrelevant, but that’s up to you staff if y’all wanna work out the kinks, but I’m just rambling now =p.

    Some other thoughts:
    – For the last poll I picked the three after News coverage
    – I visit daily. That’s good….I think.
    – I’d like to see Dark Boo go ham in a debate lmao
    – Random forum plug yey join le forum
    – Biggest reason I listen to the podcast, the hosts obviously ;D
    – I’d like to have a chance of making an article, I’m busy and a tad nervous, but anything to help the site grow!
    – I’d die for another Splatoon CN or even a ACNL CN.
    – I definitely think MPL is doing great things to improve(themes is a great step), so thank you staff for giving chance for fan input we don’t see Nintendo doing that with Color Splashufebjduvoggw

    1. CorrinFTW

      I totally agree with the weekly article for ideas/fan content. I think it’ll be a nice way for some people to present their ideas/concepts, instead of limiting them into one comment on the PotD page.
      Now, I know there’s the forum for that, but it seems that not everyone wants to share their ideas there.

  8. DannyRaisin4

    Why do you listen to the podcast? Answer: Dark Boo’s rants!!!!!!!!! and of course Shade! 😀

  9. J.C.

    I really liked the guides with all of the helpful pictures and info :3
    Plus, this really isn’t a “problem” since it’s practically been solved, but I do believe that weekly themes kinda remove the uniqueness of the POTD, because you’ll already know that “Oh, it’s going to be another Animal Crossing pic tomorrow” or “I don’t even have this game genre so can’t submit anything for the week”. For me this rules out any 3DS game, and some Wii U games as well (since my posts are usually just Smash). HOWEVER, this may convince me to expand my library of games, so it’s not that bad.

  10. Mr. Luiginary

    I voted that I would like to become a member for the writing staff. And other stuff as well.

  11. Pikachu Trainer

    Why do u listen to the podcast?
    But what if I don’t care about It at all there’s no none of the above selection or do I just not answer anything

    1. SpiderStaryu

      Well, just like with any questionnaire; if you don’t do something (like visit a website, play a certain game, or whatever that particular questionnaire is aimed at) you simply skip the question. People have questionnaires to get an idea of why people like something, or watch something, and things like that.

      For the podcast question, we want to know why you listen to the podcast, so us on the podcast can have a better idea of what’s important to the listeners. Having a “I don’t listen to the podcast!” choice doesn’t give us any insight on the question we’re asking.

  12. ℳKKIℵGȤ♕

    I definitely became more active once CPOTD started as I became a daily user as I knew there’d always be something updated on the site making it more worthy to come back to. However, before I would only visit twice a week it just gave a more welcoming approach to MPL once that feature arrived. I would like to see the return of question of the week as it gave the opportunity for relaxed but interesting discussions and debates, much more in my opinion than other areas of the site. The podcast is great as it is, so at least from my view I can’t see much else it could improve on. I do like the idea of monthly themes and implementing some of the creative ideas you have come up with into them so I’d like that to continue. Finally I think strengthening and increasing the community is always a good idea. Its great to see your always trying to improve MPL SZ, I hope this thread helps.

  13. DerpyKong

    Community Night…Haven’t clicked one of those in 2 years, let alone join, ever.
    Podcast…Meh, never was really interested in it. Although i did get 2 minutes in during the DK64 episode.
    Social Media…Wait, MPL has Social Media? Since when? Eh, I don’t have any social media accounts anyways.
    Writing Staff…Lol literally the only thing I would do with that kind of Power is make rapid posts about my Fanmade games lmfao. So count me out xD…unless I get paid…if so, here’s my Steam ID:
    Forums…The site also has a forums? 0.o

  14. RafalRib

    I’d like MPL to cover Nintendo and not just Smash and Mario news 😛
    It would even better to cover Gaming as whole but that’s asking too much 🙂

  15. NotSoEpicDude

    I would like more opinionated posts, I liked the Top 5 Mario Party 3 items you guys did the other day and doing more of that would be enjoyable in my opinion 🙂

  16. Zympherior

    Some old topics before even the Smash 4 PotDs were nice, like Weekly Question, Top lists, Opinions, and other things. Those were interesting and got me thinking for a bit.

    Tbh, I’ve been sick of the CPotD for months now. It was a nice idea at first, but then it became repetitive. WAY too repetitive.

  17. Author of the Universe

    Ive always wanted this place to cover everything nintendo and not just mario (party). They are starting to do that but im just saying. A bigger community and more activity would be nice also

  18. Greninjario

    I think this site should cover all things Nintendo, but focus mainly on Mario. Keep news article about Mario news but have discussions and podcasts about Nintendo. I just like how it is right now.

  19. Bowser498

    MPL is a great site!

    Yes, I don’t go on the site that much mainly due to the fact that I go on the Forum. Definitely continue the site, but I would like to see more activity on the Forum. It would be nice to see more members on the Forum for more discussion. Me and a few others are thinking of possibly doing another Forum activity like Conquering Kingdoms soon, so that could be one reason to join! As Bossblitz said, it’s not hard to get a Forum account; you don’t have to be on every day lol.

    If changes occur, MPL could even be the most popular website ever! You guys have potential! 😀

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