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New Board Revealed for Mario Party 10

Full size views of five Mario Party 10 boards have been released, showing off one previously unseen board. This new board takes on a haunted theme, while another image shows us our first image of the sky-based board first seen shortly after E3 2014. We also get better looks at the amusement park board, the underwater board, and the Bowser board. Check it all out below!

And here is random piece of official artwork for the dice block! EDIT: And now a Mini-Star!

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475 thoughts on “New Board Revealed for Mario Party 10

  1. PeachNirvana

    Wow, a Mario Party 9 clone with better graphics and a few different characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but they need to step up the creativity on Mario Parties to come, or sadly, do away with the series, which I DO NOT want to happen.

      1. king_austin95

        i agree with you mister sushi. besides, i don’t care what the gameplay is like anyways. as long as its a new mario game i’ll play it,,, except for that new mario vs. donkey kong game coming out… i’ll pass on that one lol

        1. Know-it-all-star

          Well, you gotta admit Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars(actual name) looks beautiful. Also, it is about time they made a Mini Luigi! The poor fellow didn’t have his own mini until this game!

          1. king_austin95

            i still don’t care for the mario vs. donkey kong series. its like the only mario series i don’t like

          2. Know-it-all-star

            It’s a series that carried over from Donkey Kong arcade game. It may not look like it but that’s how it came to be. I like it though.

          3. king_austin95

            btw i knew it was called tipping stars i just didn’t wanna type it all out. if anyone knows all the latest details about games coming out soon its ME. even if i don’t like the game very much or don’t plan on buying it

  2. XT

    I just now realized that the cloud stage isn’t actually a desert stage, I had to look at it more closely and it’s just a stage with clouds on top and it looks like it’s sunset or something? But obviously the best suited vehicle would have to be some sort of a cloud chariot

    1. king_austin95

      duh, its a cloud board. i do want a desert board though. and no. in a traile it showed the vehicle was gonna be an airplane.

  3. XT

    Diddy kong has to be in this next mario party because it makes no sense that Bowser Jr appears along side Bowser and Diddy kong doesn’t along side Donkey kong.

      1. XT

        Well let’s see maybe there could be Diddy kong mini games which would be the opposite of Bowser Jr mini games or he could have his own board to replace Donkey kong since he’s playable now. I also know that some people are predicting he will be playable but I don’t think it’ll happen because we already got 2 new playable characters.

          1. 8B1T

            Oi, don’t be rude. You don’t have the right to shut down someone’s ideas because you don’t like them.
            I actually think Diddy minigames acting as a reverse of Jr minigames could work, but the idea of coop with Diddy seems a little strange.

          2. king_austin95

            lucky spaces took over the role of DK spaces since DK spaces weren’t on any of the boards in mario party
            9 except maybe the DK board. so we don’t really need a reverse of bowser jr. minigames anyways.. sorry
            i’m being rude, i just don’t care for diddy much. he’s alright though i guess. :/

        1. king_austin95

          i would rather have diddy playable than have diddy minigames.
          it would be alright either way though :/

    1. king_austin95

      yes. it WOULD make sense if he didn’t appear. that dumb little monkey doesn’t have to appear in EVERY game DK is in

      1. XT

        YES VERY RUDE SIR!!! There was no need for that kind of shit I never said anything about having him in every game that DK appears in. If your gonna say that then I guess you could say the same about Bowser jr.

        1. king_austin95

          i wasn’t being rude i was just saying. and no the same thing doesn’t apply to bowser jr. because i actually like bowser jr. i don’t like diddy. besides you did too say that it wouldn’t make sense for diddy kong not to appear along side DK, which means you think that if DK is in a game Diddy has to be in the game too which isn’t true. besides, bowser jr, is bowser’s son and actually from the mario series, while Diddy is just DK’s dumb little sidekick

          1. XT

            It maybe true that Diddy is DK sidekick but it also said in his Wikipedia that he is DKs nephew if I remember right.

          2. king_austin95

            i really don’t care. Diddy is a DK character and it needs to stay that way. he needs to stay in the DK series

          3. XT

            I’m really not wasting my time with this on you and since you say that how the fuck does that not apply to Bowser jr since most of the time he’s just known as a mini version of Bowser.

          4. king_austin95

            he’s NOT a mini version of bowser. people who think that are stupid. he’s bowser’s SON. as in A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON(KOOPA) THAN BOWSER

          5. XT

            Yes I have realized that now I’m just saying and don’t get me wrong I like bowser Jr as well but it just ticks me off how people don’t like certain mario characters because of their history.

          6. 8B1T

            If anything, Bowser Jr nearly began to become less relevant in the last few years as Koopalings have had their resurgence. I’m sure Diddy has remained Donkey Kong’s quintessential buddy since the beginning of DKC.
            king_austin, no need to get so emotional and defensive over this sort of discussion.

          7. king_austin95

            sorry. but i personally think bowser jr. will ALWAYS be relevant since he’s bowser’s son. the koopalings supposedly aren’t really related to bowser

          8. king_austin95

            because i don’t like him. i have nothing against monkeys. if you want a cute monkey playable, then ukiki should be that cute monkey

          9. XT

            Diddy is part of the mario franchise whether you like it or not. Heck he’s even one of the most broken characters in smash bros

          10. king_austin95

            in smash bros. it clearly says that he’s from the DK series. Diddy will ALWAYS be considered a DK character to me

          11. 8B1T

            Diddy has appeared in enough Mario spinoff titles for him to be considered important enough in the Mario series. Also it has been argued that the DK series is simply a branch of the Mario series by this point.
            Also, Ukiki isn’t really all that relevant as a character, except as a featuring enemy in a Mario Party in a couple of games. (6? 7 and 8 iirc they featured)

  4. king_austin95

    i don’t see why nintendo can’t just be like several other game developers and have online forums for their games that people can ask questions and submit ideas on while nintendo is making the game. they should really do that. a lot of nintendo fans would LOVE that. including me. you could suggest stuff like what kinda characters to be playable in the game etc.

  5. king_austin95

    list characters that you would like to be playable in mario party 10
    as many as you would like to list
    dry bones
    koopa troopa
    hammer bro.
    shy guy
    monty mole
    honey bee
    luma(if boo can be playable in mario party then so can luma. he has arms and floats just like boo)
    petey piranha(resized to be the same size as DK, since DK is a large playable character, why not have other large playable characters?)
    king boo(again like i said above)(if boo isn’t playable)
    honey queen(if not honey bee)(resized)
    king bob omb(resized)
    greenie(or any other luigi’s mansion ghost)
    professor e. gadd
    boom boom(if not a boss)
    pianta(resized to be same size as DK)

    1. king_austin95

      oh!! also, dry bowser for bowser party mode, as an unlockable character. and when you unlock him you can choose between playing as bowser or dry bowser in bowser party! i would LOVE that! 😀

    2. king_austin95

      also, it would be cool if koopa kid made a comeback and be playable since bowser jr. can’t be playable because he has his own space. koopa kid would be a very good substitute for anyone that wanted/would like bowser jr. to be playable

      1. XT

        Sorry I got so rough but I’ve just been trying defend all the mario characters that a lot of people consider to be useless

  6. MarioFan56

    It looks like they are showing off the regular Mario Party mode and there aren’t very ministars around the board, which maybe means minigames every turn?

  7. king_austin95

    you can see in the bowser’s castle board that there are unlucky spaces on all of the bridge sections. i think if you land on one of the unlucky spaces the bridge will sink and the captain will lose half or x amount of mini stars. probably half. idk though

    1. king_austin95

      also the cloud board has unlucky spaces with fuzzies by them. and the amusement park board has the same red pipes from toad road in mp9, so a piranha plant will probably come out of it and drag you down, like in mp9

  8. FanaticMarioMan

    I think that’s only half of the Bowser’s Castle board. At the end of it, you can see the mid-boss tower and not the usual giant castle that would mark the end (as evident by the amusement part board and the underwater board.)
    I also don’t think that the cloud airship level is all of it.

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