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Mario Party 10 Official Art Released

Remember when we thought Spike might be playable based on our first look at the Mario Party 10 box art? Looks like we might be right! New pieces of official artwork for Mario Party 10 were released, showing off what we assume are all playable characters. Take a look at them below!


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487 thoughts on “Mario Party 10 Official Art Released

  1. Know-it-all-star

    Btw, sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier. I’m a new, temporary, guest user. I’ll just be popping in whenever I see news about Mario Party 10 and be leaving when the game is released. Thanks goes out to the people who respond to my posts.

  2. CuriousUser

    Is Waluigi really not confirmed at the moment? He’s not missed any Mario Party games since he Debuted, same with Daisy since she started becoming a More Frequent Mario Character.

  3. Paulo123

    I wish they would go back to the original Mario Party formula, instead of the car. I miss the x number of turns, coins and star collecting.

      1. Supernova888

        That’s definitely the one drawback of the new formula. However, there are a lot of boards with an abundance of minigame spaces, and as long as there’s still several minigame modes that doesn’t really make much of a difference to me anyway.

        1. Rosie

          For me neither, though I think it’s rather bland having a full board gameplay with only like, at least 2 minigames (2 are obligatory because of the boss minigames in the middle and the end of the board and the rest is based on how many vs and 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 spaces you and your opponents land on)

          1. king_austin95

            actually a minigame can start if you land on a blue space too.
            its nearly impossible to play on a board in mario party 10 and only end up playing the boss minigames

    1. Know-it-all-star

      Well you can’t always get what you want now can we? I suppose that next time around we should give Nintendo a little more credit for their work. Besides, Hudson Soft owned the original formula, and they were bought by Komani. Now, ND Cube works on the Mario Party games. Things happen for a reason.

      1. E.Gadd

        This is misinformation; ND Cube is the old Mario Party team from Hudson under a new name, and Nintendo still retains the rights to the old Mario Party formula, otherwise it wouldn’t be used for amiibo Party.

        1. Know-it-all-star

          OK, I see. But people still need to give Nintendo more credit because lately, there has been a lot of complaints on some of smallest of things that Nintendo does. If people wonder why Nintendo doesn’t listen to them, that’s their reason right there!

    2. E.Gadd

      I’m a fan of including both the classic style of play right alongside the new style. The new style works perfectly as an adventure style mode considering it keeps all the players together on one path and that you defeat bosses at the end. I don’t understand them not doing both. I feel similarly to including a Double Dash mode in Mario Kart games.

    3. CuriousUser

      Keep in mind that Hudson, developer of the First 8 Mario Partys has now left Nintendo, hence the New Developer and New Logo.

    4. Silverq

      Me too, but I love this new formula too, but we already had alot of the old one and everyone was whining about it, and now, they are asking to come back? Not happening.

    5. KINGZ

      Yeah that would be cool if the could do that and have online it alreadys beats the last few years of mario party.

  4. Rosalina

    Omg So much character *_* It’s perfect ! ROSALINA ! xD I want the Mii and Bloops from Mario Party 8

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