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Lots of Captain Toad Official Artwork Revealed

More artwork from the upcoming Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has found its way online. To help tide you over to the December 5 release in North America, check out nearly 50 different pieces of artwork below:

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  • Dominos

    Rainbow Mushroom huh

  • King K.Rool and Krystal

    I will make a wallpaper! see you later!

  • Boo3DSmashBoo

    I wonder what’s that rainbow mushroom, at least it’s a confirmation that we’ll get more power ups besides double cherry

    • Some ideas:
      -5 extra lives
      -Invincibility (Toads can only use mushrooms! =p)
      -Disguised as a poison Mushroom – lose health
      But yes, some power-ups are very weird and unique… 😛

  • Luigiguy567

    That new rainbow mushroom… What is it called?
    Seizure Mushroom? Nyan Cat Mushroom?

    Or perhaps… Gay Pride Mushroom?

    • Sea Slug and Wagashi

      What happened to leprechauns, unicorns, and rainclouds? I hate symbols. so many different signals flying everywhere. You never know what’s going on.

    • Marioman01

      In Health Class, I did fine using the Drunk Goggles. So I could maybe handle that.
      Also, Captain Toad is officially confirmed for the new Super Smash Bros game.

      • Braystar

        Huh? Waht? When?

        • Marioman01

          You spelled what wrong.

          • Braystar

            That doesn’t matter. Who do U know that Cpt. Toad is in Smash U? It was there when the comment was posted, then that part dissapered. U know something…..

          • Marioman01

            Actually, he was the Mario Newcomer on my wishlist for SSB5. HAVE A HEART, GRINCH! *sobs*

    • Braystar

      In japanese it’s called Invicishromm or something. But just imagine Nayn Cat playing over the games music. #NYAN NYAN

    • i think it’s the HELLAMOTHABITCHEZIMARULEDISWORLD mushroom

  • Braystar

    1. What R the Piranha Sprout looking mole enemys?
    2. The ‘ghost’ enemy looks more like a zombie. Wait. MARIO has ZOMBIES! This is dark times.
    It started with CoD

  • Waluigifan32

    Something tells me that if you grab the Rainbow Mushroom Captain Toad has the ability to jump

  • Mother4Eternity

    Oh a Rainbow mushroom I wonder what it does ? (If it works like the star , then it’s pretty pointless )

  • RafalRib



    crank up that hype

  • Here is my analysis for THIS page:
    New Items/Platforms: ——————- New Enemies/Friends:
    -Double Cherry ——————- -Giant Bird: Boss
    -Golden POW —————— -Chargin’ Chucks
    -Stack of coins/item boxes —————— -Ant Troopers
    -Green Star —————— -Spike Rollers
    -Small Golden Star ——————- -Parabiddies
    -1up Mushroom ——————- -Toadette!
    -Rainbow Mushroom?!
    -Potted Piranha Plant (unsure)
    -Green/Clear Pipes*
    *Was at E3, but I think Green Pipes are new*
    Please check out my other analysis, as I only covered the stuff NOT mentioned in my other post. 🙂

  • Dat Rainbow Mushroom doe.

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