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Leaks for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Reveal Massive Details

We debated whether or not to post the supposed leaks from the last week, but it looks like the evidence is too much to ignore. The leaks show brand new characters that have been revealed, including both newcomers and veterans. New stages, items, modes, trophies, and more are also included. Take a look below!

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Videos have been taken down!

According to the leaker, three more characters are missing from the roster. While the image and video leaks are very convincing, we’ll take cation with this last claim. Regardless, here are the rest of the images! Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

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  • Boo3DSmashBoo

    I search and I found that the leaker was a employee of Nintendo, was the guy who send the informations and other stuff to ESRB, the company who gave the ratings to the games. Anyway the leaker get SUPER SCREWED, when Nintendo found him, he was fired and got prosseced. For anyone who wants the source, here it is, but it’s in portuguese:
    I believe that all the footage was true, because the employee of Nintendo, the leaker, had the 3DS where Nintendo test the games. Also I believe that stage and selection screens are fake, other way Nintendo take down all the leak, for now I think we can count with Bowser Jr. and Shulk, nothing more. About the stages I’m not sure but I think we can also count with the return of Yoshi’s Island from Brawl. Please don’t think Bowser Jr., Shulk and Yoshi’s Island are 100% confirmed, because I’m not sure, but yes there’s high chances for that.

    • RafalRib

      I’m happy with this leak except with the stages! The Retro ones are mixed with the new ones! And there are some franchises that only have a past stage! And i’m not going to talk about the return of MUSHROOMY KINGDOM!

      • Boo3DSmashBoo

        Yeah… stages sucks. I believe tht the leak probably mix up real and fake stages. I mean 3D Land and Mushroomy Kingdom… really? No new Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario stages and I don’t talk about all. Half of the stages are returning, I’m almost 100% Sakurai won’t do that.

  • LudwigVonKoopa7777

    It’s so hard to tell if this is true or not. I’m not even sure if I want it to be true, to be honest. I’d rather have a little information revealed every so often rather than a huge info dump and then nothing for two months.

  • LudwigVonKoopa7777

    Have you guys heard that Bowser Jr.’s alternate skins are the Koopalings?

    • SonicShadow


      • LudwigVonKoopa7777

        I honestly don’t see it working without the movesets being altered.

        • SonicShadow

          Why not?

          • Person McPerson

            each have different heights and look so different from each other! most of the time, the other skins are just palette swaps.

          • LudwigVonKoopa7777

            Bowser Jr. has a completely different fighting style as opposed to the Koopalings. If the Koopalings ever make it in Smash, they should all be separate newcomers.
            Before everyone tells me what a terrible idea this is, I will say that I agree that it’s a terrible idea. The Mario series does not need 13 reps.

  • Where’s Honey Queen?
    • AgentDuplighost

      😀 MK8 is now the best game in Nintendo MarioKart history!!!!!

      • Where’s Honey Queen?

        Exactly! I’m so shocked, but I’m actually so pleasantly surprised by this!

        Also some facts on the upcoming DLC.

        The DLC will come in two packs:

        Pack 1 (November 2014):

        Characters – Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach & Link

        Vehicles – 4 new vehicle parts (unknown as of now)

        Courses – 8 new courses (two of which definitely being new courses; one of which looks completely new, the other is set in the Animal Crossing universe)

        Pack 2 (May 2015):

        Characters – Isabelle, Villager & Dry Bowser

        Vehicles – 4 new vehicle parts (one of which being the Blue Falcon from the F-Zero universe)

        Courses – 8 new courses (two of which definitely being new courses; one of which coming from the F-Zero universe, the other looks like the BMX course from Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympic Games; the third course is a retro course, Wario Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii)

    • Luigiguy567
    • koopa 27

      is this even real

      • LudwigVonKoopa7777

        As of right now, it is on Mario Wiki, so I’d assume so.

    • LudwigVonKoopa7777

      Just saw this on Mario Wiki! If this is true, then my two favourite all-time characters are in MK8 (Dry Bowser and Ludwig Von Koopa).

  • Geoman

    I honestly like the roster it is just I want bowser jr and duck hunt dog to change and that is really the only reason why I think it is fake and the stages seem weird so if bowser jr and duck hunt dog change to like krystal, king k rool or like paper Mario and magalor I am fine with that just take out those 2 and we are fine well and maybe dr Mario and dark pit since they seem like alternate costume and dark link is alternet and dark Samus is an assist trophy. also why are the ice climbers and wolf cut in my opinion I liked ice climbers in melee and wolf is a villain and we was in brawl along with ice climbers. I can see lucus and snake being cut even those a lot liked lucus. why would they show only these trophies that is my question and also if you look at Barbara is those you saw this but where is the description on that trophy. also when Sakurai confirms a character and does not have the same model on that character select screen on the leak then we will know that this leak is a fake.

  • galloots

    Where are the Mii’s in that picture?

  • AgentDuplighost

    I honestly could care less about shulk, but bj, ganondorf, ness, olimar, toon link, captain falcon, and king dedede will make up for all of that! Bowser Jr. and Toon
    Link for the most part though.

  • NovaFish

    in the “leak” footage of bowser jr, shulk, and ganondorf battling, the computer characters are labeled as “cpu” but in the new 27 pictures of meta knight, the computer characters are labeled as “cp” with different font, then the one seen in the “leak”. with less then 3 weeks away for release in japan, its weird to imagine sakurai would still be showing us pictures with such a minor thing different, then the supposed “leak” shows 

    • RobinFTW

      Nice find 🙂 but, maybe it’s because it’s not the same language (English for ERSB and Japanese for PoTD).

  • MagiKooper

    686 Trophiess……..I WILL COLLECT THEM ALL!!!!

    But I find something weird….I see a Larry Koopa trophy and he’s in the Koopa Clown Car………why I ask….That has become Bowser Jr. trade mark….Bowser doesn’t even use his anymore….and the one time he used the clown car was with all of his siblings all stuffed together in it in New Super Mario Bros 2.

    Eh… long as they make a Ludwig trophy I will have no problem whatsoever with that.


    • the koopalings are alts of bowser jr.

  • MagiKooper

    So Bowser Jr….is a new playable character.

    I see why he skipped out of Mario Kart 8.

    • SonicShadow

      Diddy also passed Mario Kart for Smash Bros…
      That means…
      BIRDO CONFIRMED!!1!111!

  • Name

    Well, since the past two PotDs (which have never been seen before, as far as I am aware) have completely matched up with this leak, it’s pretty likely to be real.

  • King K.Rool and Krystal

    The leak is real and Krystal is just a trophy 🙁 !
    Now I hoping for Mewtwo ,Dixie, Impa and King K.Rool for Smash like Playable characters!

  • RLWilliams3d

    Let’s see if I can name all 34 stages:
    *Final Destination
    *3D Land
    *Golden Plains
    *Paper Kingdom (temp)
    *Rainbow Road
    *Mushroomy Kingdom (Brawl)
    *Jungle Japes (Melee)
    *Gerudo Valley
    *Spirit Train
    *Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)
    *Brinstar (Melee)
    *N’s Castle
    *Prism Tower
    *Corneria (Melee)
    *Something looking like an F-Zero stage
    *Arena Ferox
    *Tortimer Island
    *Game Boy
    *Reset Bomb Forest
    *WarioWare Inc. (Brawl)
    *Distant Planet (Brawl)
    *Boxing Ring
    *Fountain of Dreams (Melee), I think it is.
    *Living Room
    *Tomodachi Apartment (temp)
    *Pictochat (Brawl)
    *Streetpass Quest/Find Mii
    *Balloon Fight
    *Flat Zone 2 (Brawl)
    *Gaur Plain
    *Wily Castle
    *Green Hill Zone (Brawl)

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