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Week 51: Super Smash Bros. Official Site Updates

The official website for the two upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles is once again making updates on a regular basis. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. Dojo for Brawl, the official website will post images from both games five times a week. Whether this means we get announcements and characters reveals is still up in the air, but rest assured that new content is always coming your way. Keep checking back to this post as we update everything that is released for this week! A new post will be made for the next week.

Monday, June 2


Here’s a new Wii U stage, Mushroom Kingdom U! It brings to life the worlds of New Super Mario Bros. U.


When Kamek casts a spell, the stage transforms drastically! That said, this is not what you would call a moving stage…

…By the way, this stage will be playable in the demo version of the game for E3, a game expo that starts on June 10 in Los Angeles.


Tuesday, June 3


Some stages have been shrunk down and made into trophies, like this one of Tortimer Island for the 3DS version. I wish I could have a figurine like this in real life.


Wednesday, June 4


Here’s a new item that we’ve thrown in–the boomerang. As you’d guess, it’ll fly back into your hands after you throw it, and if you keep catching it, its attack power grows with each throw! However, opponents can nab the boomerang out of the air, so it might be an easier item to use in Smash Run.


Thursday, June 5


Brewster brings The Roost back to Smash Bros. Nothing beats watching a battle of famous fighters with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


Friday, June 6


Here’s Ike, Marth and…a brand-new stage!

We’ve added a familiar setting from the Fire Emblem series, the Coliseum. In the original game, this place is filled with both hope and despair. There is machinery in the ground that activates variable platforms.


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A veteran of the Forum, you'll probably know me as H-J (Kaabii) or 8B1T. My main role on the website is as an assistant editor. My favorite Nintendo franchises are Mario, Kirby and Legend of Zelda, though I do have fleeting moments of entering fandoms beyond the Big N (mainly Japan only stuff).

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269 thoughts on “Week 51: Super Smash Bros. Official Site Updates

  1. Sea Slug and Wagashi

    Looks like this is “stage week.” 😛
    The Coliseum looks a little mundane though. Hopefully other platforms will appear throughout the battle. Then again, maybe the picture doesn’t show the whole stage…

    1. 8B1T

      “There is machinery in the ground that activates variable platforms.”
      Well, let’s hope this isn’t like Bridge of Eldin in that a whiffed Critical Hit will cause Marth to SD O.o

  2. DaisyYoshi4LIFE!

    I really hope mk8 dlc is confirmed at e3. Probably more characters and battle courses

    1. Pingass666

      WRONG! At e3 They are announcing weegee, reggie, Captain Falcon, Ness, Jigglypuff, queen sectionia, A pony, Tails, Mewtwo, Hitler, Eggman
      (ps. Hitler’s final smash Is genocide,weegee is ultra proton mama luigi,Queen sectionia’s Includes Marx, A Pony blows up, eggman gets Ultra PINGASBOT,tails farts, and Reggie GETS MY BODY IS READY)

      1. Boo3DGoldBoo

        I’m really get tired of trollers like you. So TAKE THIS!!
        What a coincidence, all the words that man say is the words I’m thinking say to you and to all other trollers, but now they’re dedicated specially to you, this time is “Game Over” for you (DON’T BE RUDE TO THE OTHERS WITH THAT KIND OF STUPID THINGS – it’s my message).

        1. MagiKooper

          I actually smashed my copy of Megaman 3 because of this very song.

          NO ONE MOCKS ME!

  3. TheMarioMario64

    Huh, I was expecting more info on the Tomodachi Life stage, but this stage is pretty cool too actually.

  4. SmashBrosChamp

    Pic names
    Monday ( lets a go … again)
    Tuesday ( honey I shrunk the island )
    Wednesday ( get outta my face! )
    Thursday ( how bout a boring coffe pic to waste your time )
    Friday ( SURPRISE another stage! )

      1. SmashBrosChamp

        Really oh because I thought a collectable was way better than an unnoticeable stage figure that we won’t pay attention to but the fighting plus the trophies are the games main focus I.E the fighters are trophies

        1. Peach and mario <3

          it’s MY opinion and you should respect it without sarcasm. one of the rules is respecting everybody’s opinion and you didn’t respecting mine. and really,you’re upvoting your own comments?
          and yeah,the trophies are the game main focus and not the characters,the stages,the items,the fighting and the gameplay

          1. SmashBrosChamp

            I’m sorry I criticized your opinion and I should’ve respected your words I really didn’t know I was just trying to be funny ( oh and I liked also ;P )

          2. Peach and mario <3

            and i’m sorry for having an attack. my life isn’t easy now. my cellphone broke and i will only buy mk8 in 3 weeks

          3. DaisyYoshi4LIFE!

            oh… well that stinks. i don’t use my phone a lot but still i feel really bad

    1. CuriousUser

      Don’t Look Surprised. There was a Week with 2 3DS Stages confirmed: Lumoise City and the only once seen Tomodachi Life Stage.

      1. SmashBrosChamp

        Oh yeah I forgot about that week when will we see more of the tomodachi stage ?

  5. Boo3DGoldBoo

    This. New. Stage. Is. Awesome. Fantastic. Amazing. (open the gates to Coliseum!!)

  6. Peach and mario <3

    talking about stages,what stages are your favorites? mine are: (wii u version)
    battlefield,final destination,mario galaxy,mushroom kingdom u,skyloft,kalos pokemon league,town and city,wii fit studio and pilot wings the ones i will least play on are:palutena’s temple (it’s too big,the biggest stage of all the smashs,it’s bigger than new pork city and hyrule temple) and garden of hope

    1. Boo3DGoldBoo

      Well, I only can say if stages are really my favourite after play in them, but that ones I’m really excited to try are Battlefield, Final Destination, Mario Galaxy, Mushroom Kingdom U, Skyloft, Garden of Hope, Pilotwings, Windy Hill and Coliseum.

      1. Peach and mario <3

        but well,i mean by just looking,not playing like,because the game will only come in winter

        1. Boo3DGoldBoo

          yeah, I understand it at the first time, but I can’t see if it’s a good stage before playing, a good example of it it’s Skyworld from Brawl, just by looking it seems good, after playing not really. However all these I point out seems to be great.

          1. Boo3DGoldBoo

            However Palutena’s Temple seems to be more funny than New Pork City (remember all stages are more than New Pork City) and I found it interesting not to be BIG, but unlike New Pork City, Palutena’s Temple has a lot of different locations what can be a pro and hasn’t so closed like New Pork City (well, except the undergroud part). I don’t know there’s something in me who says this stage isn’t so boring.

          2. Peach and mario <3

            actually, I don’t think it’s boring. it’s just that I hate giant stages. like,the match takes a long time to finish and the items fall far away. and also,when a cpu or player goes far from you,the screen zooms out to show the character that went far away and the view turns horrible. (sorry for that extremely horrible english)

          3. Boo3DGoldBoo

            More, in big stages takes an eternety to die 1 life/time. I don’t know why but I actually love Hyrule Temple and hate New Pork City and both are gigantic stages. (kind of weird, no)

          4. Peach and mario <3

            you (and me actually) love hyrule temple not because of the stage,but because of the nostalgia. that amazing song in the background,the nice zelda references,the stage’s beauty. i remember that i only started liking nintendo after seeing my cousins playing brawl in hyrule temple.good times good times. then i told my mother and she bough a wii and everything started (of course i was so unlucky,i wish i had snes,n64 and gamecube)

          5. Boo3DGoldBoo

            I actually had a GameCube, but no N64 or SNES, however I download big N64 games from Wii Virtual Console, like Mario Kart 64, Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Paper Mario and a few others.

  7. Peach and mario <3

    at the end of next week it will be the brazil world cup. so i wonder if they will put soccer related pictures on thursday and friday. (like showing that soccer ball attack of wii fit trainer or revealing what exactly it does)

  8. SmashBrosChamp

    Next week is going to be the BEST WEEK EVER and I’ll tel you why
    A. Summer break starts
    B. E3 is coming
    C. I’m graduating middle school to high school

    This has been the roughest year for me guys but this site and you all made me feel better so see y’all in high school next year and happy SUMMER BREAK

  9. Kabukikirby234

    Day 1a: For Wii-U!
    Day 1b: To save peach’s castle
    Day 2: That’ll Be a waste
    Day 3: Sticks Confirmed
    Day 4: Sakurai: Let me show you this thing instead of a reveal because I’m saving most for e3!
    Day 5a: why The game is T for Teen
    Day 5b: RISE OF ROME

    1. SmashBrosChamp

      It sorta does a little , coliseum such a generic name for a stage but we’ve had worst *cough* water park , town and city *cough*

  10. CuriousUser

    I look forward to see the game being played at E3 itself (first time player’s themselves get to try it out), where tonnes more stages should be confirmed (preferably those playable would be the Default One’s). I certainly hope the Audio will be good enough so we can see what the music sounds like. Whoever’s going to LA this year, have a safe flight this weekend, hope there can be way’s of passing the time on it.

  11. Person McPerson

    Don’t hate me when I say this, but Ike and Marth look like a couple when they stand together in the upper picture

    1. Boo3DGoldBoo

      True. Don’t hate me when I say this, but Marth seems like a girl (sorry Marth fans), I thought it was a girl the first time I see him. A few months ago I play my first Fire Emblem game (the Awakening for 3DS) and suddently I heard “…he…” and me “oh my god he isn’t a she”. Again sorry and don’t hate me by this, but see this picture and say that Marth doesn’t look like a girl: (don’t think I think this because the hearts, just ignore the hearts and look to Marth, it isn’t also by the royale symbol in his head)

      1. Sea Slug and Wagashi

        Are you referring to the sassy wrist flick/shrug that looks weird because of the iffy quality of the models of the characters as feminine?
        Is it because most male warrior-ish protagonists have huge eyebrows?
        Is it just the headband, as per usual?
        Is it because of his small nose which is also unusual for stereotypical male warriors?
        Is it because of the contradiction of having small arms yet huge pectorals and that makes it kind of look like breasts?
        Is it because you think something is being implied when Peach’s hearts are being reflected on the red broach which is on his chest plate???
        I can understand that most people are confused by Marth because of the headband, but why is this picture so remarkable?

        1. Boo3DGoldBoo

          Isn’t the headband, isn’t the eyebrows, isn’t the small nose, isn’t the arms, isn’t the pectorals, isn’t the hearts, isn’t his chest plate. But Marth seems like a girl sometimes, I’m not certain about what make he seems like a girl, maybe the face or hair, I don’t know. For example I look to the 1st pic I say “male”, 2nd picture I say “female”.

          1. Sea Slug and Wagashi

            I think in this specific case it’s just
            Legs spread and arms extending = stereotypically male pose
            Legs touching and arms at side = stereotypically female pose
            + He was given a squarer jaw in Shadow Dragon to make him look “masculine”
            + bigger cape = more intimidating = more “masculine.”

      2. SmashBrosChamp

        Haha Marth looks like he stuck his middle finger at peach btw this pic reminds me of Not Exactly Royalty you guys should watch it it’s HILARIOUS

  12. Luigiguy567

    E3 is next Tuesday, so Monday’s pic should be pretty awesome (not a new character, but a new stage or assist trophy or something.

    1. SmashBrosChamp


        1. Boo3DGoldBoo

          Actually E3 2014 finish at 7am of 13, but I suppose that day doesn’t count.

  13. Boo3DGoldBoo

    There’s a quick question, that’s your favourite Mushroom Kingdom U part? Acorn Plains or Rock-Candy

  14. Boo3DGoldBoo

    And if the Giant Urchin (I think it’s the name) appears under you in the waterfall, you get screwed I guess.

  15. SmashBrosChamp

    The Colliseum looks so bland normally what I see in stages are Color , variety , and unique hazards and tricks this stage is sorta lacking in most of these but we just have to see some gameplay of it at E3 to Change my mind

  16. MagiKooper

    Alright 3 Days…..yeah. We can totally wait 3 Days for E3.

    (10 Seconds Later)


    1. SmashBrosChamp

      I feel the same way right now it’s like your waiting for Christmas it’s hard to go to bed knowing a bunch of games information will be revealed

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