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SuperZambezi’s Top 10 Super Smash Bros. Picture of the Days

E3 2014 is just around the corner, meaning that the daily Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS images have been going up each weekday for nearly a year. Before we get our news dump on the latest two entries in the Smash series next week, take a look at my personal favorite images from the last year!


10.) Friday, July 12 (Week 5, Image 42)

The reveal of Captain Olimar as a returning fighter came to me as a shock. It wasn’t because I didn’t expect him to return or because I thought he was being replaced, it was because I was not expecting any kind of character reveal for a very long time. Captain Olimar was revealed a month after the game was shown at E3 2013. We really were not getting any major announcements in the weeks prior, so revealing Captain Olimar let fans know that many more announcements would come through the daily pics.


9.) Friday, February 7 (Week 34, Image 169)

Whenever a series gets new representation, especially the Metroid series, you can definitely count me excited. The reveal of the Mother Brain Assist Trophy gave us a sign that there were many more cool Assist Trophies left to be revealed.


8.) Tuesday, August 6 (Week 9, Image 41)

Again, this reveal was made fairly early on, just two months after E3 2013. This image of the Pilotwings stage was simply released without much explanation, allowing fans to run rampant with their thoughts and ideas. It was pretty clear that this was part of a stage, but this was our first stage reveal and that’s what makes it so special.


7.) Monday, January 6 (Week 30, Image 145)

We really didn’t know if trophies were going to return and if they were going to be presented the same way, so the reveal of the Saria trophy gave us that confirmation that they would indeed return. Plus, we are getting new Ocarina of Time trophies. Awesome!


6.) Friday, November 15 (Week 23, Image 114)

A few weeks prior to the reveal of the Super Mario Galaxy stage, Sakurai posted an image of Kirby against a starry background. He teased the glow that outlined Kirby, and fans correctly guessed this was a hint for the Super Mario Galaxy stage. The stage itself is amazing to look at, making this a very memorable Picture of the Day.


5.) Monday, March 31 (Week 42, Image 205)

Getting confirmation that Luigi is getting a new Final Smash gave us one great sigh of relief. His Negative Zone Final Smash from Brawl did not make any sense for his character, so pulling something from the Luigi’s Mansion series was the right move. This also meant that other characters could also get new Final Smashes as well.


4.) Friday, December 6 (Week 26, Image 139)

Majora’s Mask is awesome, so seeing Skull Kid as an Assist Trophy made this Picture of the Day one of the best. I also loved Sakurai’s emphasis on making sure fans knew he was not playable.


3.) Wednesday, December 18 (Week 28, Image 137)

Our first newcomer since the reveal of Megaman, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer back at E3 2013. Not only was this one of the biggest reveals for the game, it was also the addition of a highly popular character to one of the most popular series found in the game. Rosalina and Luma have a lot of potential, and this image that followed the Nintendo Direct helped make that clear.


2.) Wednesday, May 7 (Week 47, Image 232)

I played the Wonderful 101 and thought it was a fantastic game. Unfortunately, many Nintendo fans have stayed away from the game, some because it’s a new franchise that they are not familiar with. The game was not very popular, and this helped solidify my conclusion that the game would not have any representation in the upcoming Smash Bros. titles. This Picture of the Day gladly proved me wrong. Not only are we getting a very cool trophy of Wonder-Red, we are also getting trophies of some of the other heroes as well! This couldn’t have made me happier!


1.) Wednesday, April 9 (Week 43, Image 212)

Is this cheating? The Smash Bros. Direct that aired two months ago was by far one of the biggest days for any Smash Bros. fan. Nearly 40 minutes of constant Smash Bros. footage and information was dumped on us all, giving us character reveals, new stages, new mode reveals, new items, and a lot more. Not only did we get the video, but we also got over 200 images of the game. So there were images after all!


Some Honorable Mentions:

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  • I agree with 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 1. 😛

  • MagiKooper

    1 Doesn’t Count….though it doesn’t hurt to been the rules sometimes. 😛

  • Person McPerson

    i agree with 10, 6, 5, 3, and 1 even if 1 doesn’t count.

  • Person McPerson

    my favorite all time pic of super smash bros pics is No. 10.

  • Braystar

    1. may count… just..

  • DryBowser9999

    Better see Squirtle at E3…

  • Sea Slug and Wagashi

    I feel iffy with half of this list, but I think that’s just me having off the beaten path favorites. Like that one with the Samus/Kirby mutant. I had a good laugh when I saw that one. 😛
    Although I think #7 is actually disputable. Trophies are like a SSB staple (IMO.) No way they wouldn’t be back. Saria was fun, but I honestly doubt that a pic celebrating the obvious return of trophies beats the surprises the Isabelle assist trophy and the Palu Temple stage were in a scale of awesomeness.

  • RafalRib

    Agree with all!!!!

  • Nookling

    The Mario Galaxy stage was for sure amazing. I think that Lucario making it was also in my top five though and I would take out trophies as they don’t hold as excitement for me as you guys.

  • Peach and mario <3

    another thing: the smash direct was on my birthday! it was an amazing birthday present that nintendo gave to me!

    • Braystar

      U R SO LUCKY!

      • Peach and mario <3

        thank you! (no sarcasm)

        • Braystar

          Y would I think that was sarcasm? U R UBER lucky to have such important info on UR B-Day

          • Peach and mario <3

            thanks. the best was zss’s reveal

          • Braystar

            Mine was Yoshi, FINALLY he was revealed!

          • Peach and mario <3

            really, when he said something like:
            “who? what happened to zero suit samus you say?well,unfortunately,she’s not going to participate in this “generation”(i think he said generation,but i really didn’t understand what he said. it also looks like he said “eneration” but i think this word doesn’t even exist) of smash brothers”
            I cried. I was wanting zero suit samus for a long time,she was my second brawl main and i really didn’t want her to be taken out. also,i don’t have nothing against the jet boots

          • Sea Slug and Wagashi

            Pretty sure he said “iteration.” 😛

          • Peach and mario <3

            what’s that?

          • 8B1T

            Version. (or in the context of sequels, “edition”)
            Don’t diss the jet boots 😛 (I know you aren’t, I’m just teasing)

          • DryBowser9999

            I know what you mean. He’s my main in SSBB because of his Egg Roll and Ground Pound.

  • I like most of these…. Rosalina is the most rememberable for me, because of how much I hate it. And the Mario Galaxy stage isn’t too interesting to me.