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Mario Party 10 Announced!

Mario Party 10 has been announced for the Wii U! Check out the trailer below as we get more info!

Michael Koczwara

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115 thoughts on “Mario Party 10 Announced!

  1. Swiftie Muggle

    Sooo they kept the car and the mini stars? Nintendo is basically listening to the walls instead of the fans…

  2. Mr. Sushi

    Glad the car is back. I got sick of the exact same Mario Party gameplay every time.

    1. Mr. Sushi

      I think that Rosalina will most likely be in since Nintendo is putting her in everything now.

  3. Braystar

    … Really the car? At least the bowser thing is ok… And iteresting! And there R more ways to get mini stars! I also like how on the post it has a exalmation mark!

  4. Mario_Comix

    I really hope they include a Classic Party mode in the game, I mean, it’s the 10th installment! reaching that milestone should really call for some nostalgic throwbacks.

      1. DryBonesLoverandFantic2

        Oh too me it looked like Blooper, but he might appear as a boss again. And I still think he won’t be playable because of this cameo and for the fact he was only playable in Mario Party 8 along with being a boss in MP9 and I don’t think he even made an appearance in Island Tour.

        1. Mario_Comix

          He made small appearances in various minigames, like many other enemies. Although, I hope they don’t drop Boo, he IS a very popular character after all! That’s also why they brought him back for Island Tour.

      1. DryBonesLoverandFantic2

        I bet Toadette will be returning because she has been in the latest Mario games like MK8 and Mario Golf: World Tour, so i’m pretty sure she’s returning.

        And for Rosalina I guarantee she will be playable because she’s been appearing in a lot of games lately being playable, and she even appeared in Mario Party Island Tour as a cameo. also she’s even a character in Smash!
        So overall I think both characters will be playable

        1. Peach and mario <3

          yeah! really,they put her (rosalina) in mario golf,so why not mario party?

    1. shyguyfanatic222

      just when I wanted to see him as a playable character like in island tour. I hope that this space is only in bowser party and he is unlockable or something …
      (Crusader fingers) 🙂 sorry for english, I speak portuguese

      1. Peach and mario <3

        yeah he is and still no sign of daisy,toadette and rosalina (daisy will obviously be,rosalina has 90% chances and toadette has 75% chances)

        1. MagiKooper

          FORGET MARIO PARTY 10!!! Something amazing and (horrible) has been confirmed for Smash!

          1. Peach and mario <3

            let me guess: the amazing is palutena’s reveal and the horrible is the miis reveal or that the3d sversion will not come in summer?

          2. MagiKooper

            NONE OF THE ABOVE!


          3. Peach and mario <3

            WTF???!!! thank you!!!!!! uugghh i hate you right now nintendo!!! (and they also added mr game and watch!) really,and later people say that wii fit trainer was the worst choose

          4. Dude1230321

            Yes, but Palutena doesn’t compare with Rosalina, because Rosalina is better than Palutena anyways.

          5. 8B1T

            Ok no more Smash talk in an MP10 thread please. I know why you guys brought it up earlier, but now is no excuse Dude…

          6. MagiKooper

            NO! Palutena was a great addition.

            PAC-MAN IS CONFIRMED!!!!! and MiiFighters you can’t use online 🙁

  5. BlazinJ

    If you go on Gamexplain’s youtube channel he’s got videos of a few of the Mini-Games and one is a Boss Battle against Petey Piranha

    1. Palutena alights!

      yeah,but the mario partys from the gamecube came one year after another and that’s why the gamecube had 4 mario partys. maybe they want to do that with the wii u too.

  6. MarioFan

    You guys know that the reason why Nintendo doesn’t go back to the old play style is that Hudson Soft still has the copyright to that right?

  7. TwoDreamy Luigi

    I’m really confused on this phrase ” It is confirmed that the game has a standard Party Mode “. Can someone tell me what that means because I’m flummoxed?

  8. TristanBomb

    Hasn’t it practically be confirmed that the Classic Mode doesn’t have a car and the Bowser Mode does?

    1. TristanBomb

      Oh… I just watched the trailer again… the beginning doesn’t have the hearts, and it’s like MP9… damn…

  9. Billy

    Man, I really wish Donkey Kong would return as a playable character! He wasn’t even in Mario Party: Island Tour, for crying out loud, so it’s just proof that Nintendo is probably retiring him from the Mario Party franchise, just like Koopa Kid! At the very least, give him a cameo appearance or something, just show some sort of respect for DK.

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