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Episode 117 – The Lost Levels (Mario Kart 8 Review)

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Lost Levels! It’s finally out everyone, Mario Kart 8 has been released! All of your favorite Lost Levels have picked up their copy of MK8 and have been playing it nonstop, even Dark Boo who FINALLY has a Wii U now! We review Mario Kart 8 in all it’s glory, talk about our favorite kart combinations, thoughts on the character roster, and our criticism  on Battle mode! If you been keeping up with the Mario Kart 8 news with us, you’ll definitely wanna listen to this podcast! Hosting this week is the ever so juicy SpiderStaryu, with Dark Boo, ToadetteSol, and SuperZambezi, being his co-hosts.

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I am a joyful 19 year old dude who loves everything Nintendo, particularly Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, and Kirby. I have plenty of roles through out the MPL network, which include: Being an Admin of the MPL Forums, being a Writer here on the website, and also being part of MPL's podcast, The Lost Levels. Outside of MPL, I'm a Let's Player on YouTube.

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  • SpiderStaryu

    Watch out for Sol on Mario Kart 8, he is RUTHLESS and CUNNING with the Boomerang! He hit me over 5 times with it! FREAKIN’ SOL!! 😛

    Also guys, be sure to send in questions for the mailbag, we’ve been lacking in some questions lately!

  • MagiKooper

    Great review….now for a not so great review.

    (WHY WOULD MARIO KART HAVE A STORY?!?! IT’S MARIO KART! A RACING FUN GAME!!!! FREAKING XBOX FANBOY! ALL OF HIS REVIEWS ARE NOTHING BUT LIES AND POORLY PUT TOGETHER INFORMATION.I SERIOUSLY DOUBT HE’S EVEN PLAYED THE GAME!!!!) Sorry just had to get this off my chest….but seeing poorly, and FALSELY told reviews like this….just makes me so upset. He’s trying to make it sound bad instead of NOT trying to make it sound bad….that’s one of the main points of reviews.

    (Also i’m probably going to write this rant again if this idiot makes a review for Smash Bros 3DS and WiiU and flat out lies and says they’re the worst fighting game of 2014.)

    • Mr. Sushi

      Also, when the hell has ANY racing game had a story!?

      • BlooperLover

        Sorry to be smart lol, but Sonic Free Riders (and earlier installments) had a story if you count it as a racing game

        • Mr. Sushi

          Someone called me a f**king idiot on that page for saying that, and they said some Need for Speed game had a story. People these days are so rude! Not the people on MPL though 🙂

          • BlooperLover

            Yep 😛 And how does one Look behind them on MK8 with just the Wii Remote?

          • Mr. Sushi

            Not sure, but I never look behind myself anyway, so it was never an issue.

    • SuperZambezi

      Videos like this are made specifically to get reactions and rants like the one you made. This is what the guy wants.

      • BlooperLover

        I gave him a rant on the channel XD

  • Yoshiman222

    Don’t worry – Toadette was the 2nd character I unlocked.
    Also love Shy Guys.

    And for those wifi races… I’m just a very fast learner. Give me a new game and I can learn it within an hour. =p

    • DryBowser9999

      I’m with you. From the first race it felt like I’d been playing MK8 for years. Probably just because I loved it from the first race.

  • Mr. Sushi

    You should make this the new intro music 🙂

  • Lots of Lilian

    My character unlocks were pretty much the same as Toadette’s, except I got Baby Rosalina first instead of the adult version and then Pink Gold Peach. Last unlocks were Wendy, Larry, Metal Mario and Lemmy (in order).

    Went in at 150CC at first, feeling like a badass. Came out feeling like a wimp. It took me like 5 cups just to get 1st place four times. And I only have a few 3 star rankings so far. Kinda made me hate Pink Gold Peach that little more, since she cost me 1st place twice in a go.

    I’m dead at y’all dragging Wendy for filth! 😛

    Thought I was the only one who’s a car fashionista! I always try to make sure the car/bike/ATV avoids looking ugly as hell.

    In terms of the character roster, I kinda think Lakitu didn’t really deserve to make it in this game. Have Birdo or Diddy Kong replace him. The metals and the babies are really quick to create, so they wouldn’t take anybody else’s slot, but Lakitu does. But regarding PGP, I don’t get it when people say her purpose is to have a female heavyweight character in the game, because Rosalina already counts as a heavyweight character, and if they needed another one, then they could’ve just brought back Honey Queen, or make a Pauline a heavyweight.

    Prepared for y’all to slaughter me, but I kinda prefer battle mode to racing. The overall changes made to battle mode are just too good for me to ignore, and I already like the whole concept of using race courses for battle arenas.

    My favourite courses are Cloudtop Cruise, Twisted Mansion, Dolphin Shoals, Mount Big Sexy Wario and the Rainbow Roads. Least favourites are GBA Mario Circuit (because they really could’ve chose some more vibrant GBA tracks) and Bone Dry Dunes (because it’s the least appealing of the nitro tracks).

    Regarding SSB4, my mains are gonna be Wii Fit Trainer (female), Olimar & Rosalina/Luma.

    Long-ass post over.

    • Nookling

      But they do because that’s 11 out of 30 slots…

      • Lots of Lilian

        I can admit that Baby Mario and Baby Peach would take up about two slots, but the others really don’t, considering the rest are just copy and paste characters. Baby Luigi is a copy of Baby Mario; Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina are copies of Baby Peach; Metal Mario is Mario but with a metallic texture, and same goes for Pink Gold Peach/Peach.

        • Nookling

          I know we think about it like that but if they didn’t put in the babies and koopas there would only be 19 racers which would mean there would be at least 6 more unique racers. Probably Bowser Jr, Birdo, Diddy Kong among them.

          • Lots of Lilian

            I’d say six would be a stretch, in my opinion. Maybe three characters at best. Birdo, Diddy Kong and another veteran (preferably King Boo) could’ve replaced the metals and the babies. I like most of the Koopalings, in that they’re each unique and have their own separate personalities, and they add more character and diversity to the roster, unlike the babies and the metals.

            Roy’s the muscular show-off; Lemmy’s the adorable, likable Koopaling; Wendy’s the spoiled brat; Iggy’s the crazy, scientific one; Morton’s the dumb brute; and Ludwig’s the intelligent leader. Larry’s arguably the only one that doesn’t have much of a personality, but I blame that more on the developers than the character itself, especially when he’s always the first boss in the New Super Mario Bros. games, where he’s seen more as an introduction to defeating the bosses, whereas with the others, they get to show more personality, since the player already knows how to defeat the boss. Personally, he has a great look for a character.

    • Bunnie365

      I agree with ALMOST everything you said except for Lakitu DEFINITELY deserves it more than Pink Gold Peach Or Metal Mario… And Birdo And Diddy Kong Should come before “Pauline..”

      • Lots of Lilian

        Oh no, he does deserve his slot more than the metals and some of the babies, but in terms of the unique characters, I feel that Lakitu least deserves his slot.

  • GameGuy5

    Toadette was the very first character I unlocked, no joke. :p

    The roster this time is around is okay. 5 babies is absolutely ridiculous, however. The babies are the WORST characters in Mario Kart, and I will always stand by that. And I like what Staryu’s been sayin’: “Who’s been popping out all these babies?!” I love the Koopalings, however, they’re a cool welcomed edition.

    My mains are Shy Guy, Daisy, Toad, and Pink Gold Peach (don’t ask). My favorite kart combination is the Sports Bike, Standard/Slim Wheels, and the Cloud Glider. I mostly only use that for online. For casual play, I LOVE the Wild Wiggler, Slim Wheels, and any glider.

    I don’t know what you people have been smoking lately, because inside-drifting is absolutely HEAVENLY in this game. I could not use the Mach Bike AT ALL in MKWii, that was awkward for me to use, but the Sports Bike is literally the best bike for me so far (I still haven’t unlocked every kart combo part).

    Racing is almost perfect in Mario Kart 8. The anti-gravity is a wonderful touch that adds new ideas to the long-lasting series. And it’s awesome how bikes aren’t as overpowered in this game, unlike Mario Kart Wii. And it’s also awesome how they fixed the character stats, so not everyone online is Metal Mario, unlike Mario Kart 7. I feel that MK8 fixed a lot of mistakes that MKWii and MK7 made.

    Battle Mode in MK8 is absolutely atrocious and horrid. I only played it once (on SNES Donut Plains 3), and it was so boring. I love that they brought back the elimination style, but racing on the tracks was the stupidest idea made in the entire franchise history. Yes, I think it’s a worse move than including the Thunder Cloud in MKWii. I want my battle courses, dammit!

    My favorite nitro courses are: Shy Guy Falls, Sunshine Airport, Mount Big Sexy Wario, Cloudtop Cruise, and Bowser’s Castle.

    My favorite retro courses are: GBA Mario Circuit, SNES Donut Plains 3, GCN Sherbet Land, 3DS Music Park, DS Tick-Tock Clock, and 3DS Piranha Plant Slide.

    Twisted Mansion and Bone-Dry Dunes are the two nitro courses that really honestly bore me a little. They’re by no means bad courses, their designs are just a little inferior to some others. I also feel Electrodrome is overrated for what it actually is. It’s not too fantastic, in my opinion. I think Toad Harbor is an absolutely beautiful course, one of the best design-wise, but I suck at driving on it, lmao.

    And to be completely fair, Rainbow Road in this game sucks. Reason 1: It’s not even colorful. Take a few minutes and really look at Rainbow Road. It’s 70% white & gray, and 30% actual rainbow colors. And that’s a serious problem, considering it’s called Rainbow Road. Reason 2: It has a nice atmosphere, but nothing really is on the tracks or interferes with it. You just fly through 3 metallic rings, and drift through a boring, twisty track with nothing on it besides those things that make you spin!

    And lastly, I like Tournaments, but honestly, they’re just as bad as communities! Near the end of the community night recently, I got disconnected and it took me 30 minutes to find a group of people racing again! Every time I re-joined the tournament, I was put in a room by myself, while everyone else was racing, and that PISSED ME OFF.

    • Nookling

      I hate the new Rainbow Road this time around. What happened to the difficulty that was supposed to be of this ultimate track? And why is it so bland 🙁

      • BlooperLover

        I am kinda disappointed about RR too, but it wasn’t too bad. Just not the difficult one >.<

    • Bowser498

      The reason why you get disconnected from the tournaments is because you probably live far away from Zambezi. 🙁

    • BlooperLover

      Same, got Toadette first too 🙂 Best thing is, I was planning to use her as my main lol. But then, I got PGP >.< I guess I'll try her out.

      • DryBowser9999

        Wow, you guys got Toadette first? Toadette was the LAST character I unlocked!

        • BlooperLover

          Oh that’s kinda sad XD Sorry, Toadette was calling my name!

          • DryBowser9999

            It was okay with me because I’m not a huge Toadette fan (no offence if you are). I was looking forward to Ludwig Von Koopa, who I use as my main.

          • BlooperLover

            Yeah, I mean I’m not a huge fan of Toadette, but after like 5 or 6 year (lol) of not seeing her in any recent game, I start to miss that Pink Toad. I’m Looking forward to Ludwig too. I have been creaming people with Wendy lol. Got my rating up by 300 Yesterday thanks to her. That’s pretty dang good for me 😛

          • DryBowser9999

            Woah…I just realized now I’ve never played online yet! Better start!

    • Bowser498

      Actually, if you get into a room all by yourself, you have to keep trying to get back in over and over again… I believe that Zambezi said that he will try to edit his tournament so there isn’t any shuffling every 4 races. :p

  • TwoDreamy Luigi

    My very 1st character I unlocked was Metal Mario. Looks shiny!
    The character roster is at best alright, but Nintendo could have put better characters such as Diddy Kong, Dry Bones, Bowser Jr., Wiggler (at least I can ride him :P), Petey Piranha (don’t know why they would neglect him), etc. It’s definitely not the worst roster since MK8 holds the biggest roster, but there’s low variety. Koopalings was a great addition since their 1st playable appearance in the entire Mario series is this game, so I not gonna complain on that. Most people don’t like Pink Gold Peach because it’s a clone of Peach + Metal Mario; I haven’t unlocked her yet, so I’ll have to wait. I bet there’s going to be a meme all based on Pink Gold Peach!
    The characters that I play with the most, so far, are Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa, & Iggy Koopa. My kart combination is somewhat schizophrenic for me, don’t ask why.
    In Mario Kart 8, racing is phenomenal. The bikes aren’t OP to the point where the title should be called “Mario Bike Wii”. I still prefer bikes over karts, but balancing is still important so kudos, Nintendo. In Mario Kart Wii, Bikes dominated the karts. In Mart Kart 7, while it’s slightly more balanced than MKWii, many people use Metal Mario. Although Metal Mario is one of my favorite characters in MK7, I still change out my characters sometimes. Metal Mario is not as BROKEN as Funky Kong + Flame Runner combination, but still. Mario Kart 8 manages to make racing more balanced than before; thus, many people will more likely pick their personal favorite rather than a “broken” one.
    Almost 90% of the courses I really enjoyed a lot. But my favorite courses of the new courses are Sweet Sweet Canyon, Mario Circuit, Toad Harbor (so AWESOME), Shy Guy Falls, Sunshine Airport, Dolphin Shoals (challenging, but has one of the catchiest songs ever), Electrodrome, Mount Wario, Bowser Castle, & Rainbow Road (I bet it’s gonna be the most underrated courses of MK8). Also, my favorite retro courses are Moo Moo Meadows (like the sunset), Cheep Cheep Beach, Toad’s Turnpike, Donut Plains 3 (I just like the beautiful, simple scenery), GBA Mario Circuit, Wario Stadium, GCN Sherbet Land (Has one of the best beautiful “final lap” songs), Yoshi Valley, & Piranha Plant Slide! I somewhat have a hard time on Bone-Dry Dunes. But like Mario Kart 7, there’s not a single course that I really hate. Aesthetically, N64 Rainbow Road tops it over the new Rainbow Road; however, I had a more fun time on the new Rainbow Road than the N64 Rainbow Road.
    Battle Mode is hit-or-miss for most Mario Kat fans. I did play more than about 10 times (more than what most people did). I find it alright, but similar to the character roster, it could have been better. I’m not a Battle Mode “fanatic”, so it really doesn’t affect me too much. I did somewhat have a good time with Battle Mode because it weirdly reminds me that I’m playing a simple Call of Duty game. I also tend to camp, especially in Donut Plains 3, it’s water under the bridge (pun intended). I only go for Battle Mode if I’ve played extensive hours on racing. I can see why people don’t like this new approach, and I don’t blame you. Either Nintendo was just plain lazy, or they couldn’t make arenas sooner or later.

    • DryBowser9999

      I got Metal Mario first too, and Roy was the first Koopaling I unlocked. My favourite tracks are Mount Wario, Electrodrome, DS Wario Stadium, and N64 Yoshi Valley.

      • TwoDreamy Luigi

        Iggy was the first Koopaling I unlocked.

        • DryBowser9999

          My order of unlocking was Roy, Wendy, Iggy, Ludwig, Morton, Lemmy, Larry. What was yours (if you remember)?

          • TwoDreamy Luigi

            My order was Iggy, Lemmy, Wendy, Roy, Ludwig, Larry, Morton Jr.

  • Where’s Honey Queen?

    Not really sure where to put it, but I love the little details of connectivity between certain stages! Like the Statue of Peach in Toad’s Harbour is also found at the beginning of N64 Rainbow Road. It’s really awesome! 🙂

  • GameGuy5

    Dark Boo: If you were given 3 wishes, what would you wish for? (Can’t be for more wishes)

    SpiderStaryu: Are you like your parents or completely different from them (personality wise)? Which parent are you more similar too?

    To everyone: Describe the scene in which your first kiss took place. (Don’t have to mention any names) 😛

  • DaisyYoshi4LIFE!

    I got rosalina first… Then I got baby rosalina… Well then.