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Listen to All the Mario Kart 8 Track Themes Here!

Mario Kart 8 is showing no signs of slowing down, as nearly the entire soundtrack to the game will be orchestrated. And you don’t need to wait until May 30 release to hear it! Thanks to user Vini64, you can take a listen to every track theme below! Enjoy!

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116 thoughts on “Listen to All the Mario Kart 8 Track Themes Here!

          1. MK KINGZ

            You would think so but they seem to have shown us everything the game has to offer from release but there is a small chance of anther row and I would love that but DLC is a big possibility

  1. Boo3DarkBoo

    Personally I love Thwomp Ruins and Mount Wario musics and I think Tick Tock Clock and Piranha Plant Slide musics are better this time around. Moo Moo Meadows with this violin theme seems better than MKWii too.

  2. Boo3DarkBoo

    About Mario Kart 8 itself unfortunately Toadette isn’t a starter driver. The starter drivers are: all showed at the E3 except Toadette, the babies except Baby Rosalina and Shy Guy. So 16 starters, 14 unlockable.

      1. Boo3DarkBoo

        Iggy is the easiest to unlock of that three, what is good for me because I love Iggy.

        1. Boo3DarkBoo

          Iggy – Win 100cc Mushroom Cup
          Larry – Win 150cc Star Cup
          Baby Rosalina – Win 150cc Flower Cup

    1. Roninor Derpypants

      So surprised that the babies are starters! Well at least Daisy is a starter 🙂

    2. Braystar

      Ah, Shy guy is available at the start… It’s Lakitu who’s locked (Sorry TGOT)

        1. Braystar

          I like it AS LONG as it isn’t that ‘Get a star or better ranking to unlock this character’… That’s Y I don’t have every character in MKW…

          1. That Guy Over There

            Well, all my plans for the Mario Kart games with online mode is to beat all the cups with Triple Stars before playing online mode. So it wouldn’t be a problem for me.

  3. Jimmy Elwell

    oh come on! Every single time they cut off before the completion of the gusty garden galaxy music in cloud top cruise. also i got mgwt

  4. That Guy Over There

    Which track are you guys excited for? I’m excited for Cloudtop Cruise (because Airships), Shy Guy Falls (riding a waterfall), Elecrodome (a whole city in a techno party), and Rainbow Road (dat Space Station).

    1. MK KINGZ

      Wario Summit (looks incredible) Cloudtop Cruise (looks so fun) Bowsers castle (looks interesting)Shy Guy Falls (Cant wait to fly down a huge water fall)
      Dolphin shoals (cant wait to swim on a giant eel) and my most anticipated Retro track is N64 Rainbow Road

  5. E.Gadd

    I can’t get enough of Mount Wario and Dolphin Shoals.

    Electrodrome and Sunshine Airport too, actually.

    Hmmm… I think Star Cup may already be my favourite cup!

  6. maltam123

    Diddy Kong (basically) Confirmed. This also pretty much confirms that there will be other hidden characters. Picture originally posted by Official Nintendo Magazine of Spain

        1. lew.coll1

          I reckon there will be DLC for this game, so Diddy Kong could easily be a DLC character, and possibly Bowser Jr. too!

          1. MK KINGZ

            The current Roster is the final for the games release but I think there might be DLC as well

        2. Boo3DarkBoo

          Diddy can always be a DLC character, sorry but non-dlc… there’s no way to that.

    1. CuriousUser

      I’ve been expecting one more character to be in the game. Magazine’s can’t lie.

  7. Seeing Starbucks

    And I think the ELECTRODROME IS THA FAVE… Came pretty close to Moo Moo Meadows though…

  8. Roninor Derpypants

    Electrodrome should be the Main Theme 🙂

    It sounds very futuristic, which would be good for this game since anti-gravity tires (and even gliders and propellers) are very futuristic and overall the song is just great! I can imagine myself sitting around on the Title Screen just listening to this song FOREVER!

  9. DryBowser9999

    Gotta love the DS Wario Stadium / Waluigi Pinball remix. Why, Nintendo, did you have to put Waluigi Pinball in MK7? WHY???

    1. Boo3DarkBoo

      I like Waluigi Pinball, but a time Waluigi isn’t playabel in that game and that track have Waluigi’s face just right there I think it’s a bit weird to see that track. (I know it’s because Nintendo want and some fans want Nintendo to put that track in the game too, but continue to be a bit weird that).

  10. Lots of Lilian

    Perhaps not the right thread to say this, but Mario Kart 8 easily has the best selection of Nitro tracks out there. Aside from 1 or 2 okay tracks, the rest are absolutely amazing. Could be because of the graphics, but they’re just so beautiful to look at, and I’m sure they’re even more beautiful to race on!

  11. Roninor Derpypants

    Grab some headphones, plug them in, turn this on, and prepare to be amazed at how great this soundtrack is!

  12. Boo3DarkBoo

    Here’s a fun thing about the electrodome tracks. That track is a kind of reference to the koopalings. First a thing who everyone know, in the course there’s board where appears the name “Larry Lights” and there’s more references like this with other characters all over the track. All the koopalings names are rock star names, that course is essentially about music and has various things refering to them, I have no doubt one that track is a bit inspires in the koopalings. (Sorry if the comment is confused)

    1. tsvlink25

      Actually, advertisements like “Larry Lights” appear in other courses too! They’re just most prominent in Electrodrome 🙂

  13. koopa 27

    I love toads turnpike, wario stadium, dry dry desert and N64 rainbow roads remix themes

  14. DryBowser9999

    New Track Themes

    16. Sweet Sweet Canyon
    15. Mario Kart Stadium
    14. Toad Harbour
    13. Shy Guy Falls
    12. Sunshine Airport
    11. Cloudtop Cruise
    10. Water Park
    9. Twisted Mansion
    8. Rainbow Road
    7. Mario Circuit
    6. Dolphin Shoals
    5. Bone Dry Dunes
    4. Bowser’s Castle
    3. Thwomp Ruins
    2. Electrodrome

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