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Character Select for Smash Bros. Causes Fan Meltdown (FAKE)

Yup, here we go. Four images of what appears to be the character select screen from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U have surfaced online. Originating from a now deleted topic on 4chan, the images show a roster of 50 different characters, most of which are locked and hidden. The images are all off-screen and are taken at an angle. Take caution as we continue to look through this rumor.

In less than 24 hours since the images appeared online, the apparent leak has been debunked, confirmed, debunked again, re-debunked, and I’m sure someone has confirmed it once again. We are only a little over two weeks away from E3 2014, so you’re best bet is to sit tight and wait to see if this is the real deal.

Still, we know this is going to be a huge topic of discussion as we wait for the playable demos of the game at E3. Is that really Ridley to the left of Pit? Are we really getting 50 playable characters? What is the Color tab? How credible is this 4chan source, especially after the leak was deleted from the site? Does that one slightly off-colored pixel discredit the entire image? Time to discuss!

UPDATE: The above images are confirmed fake. The creator of the images admitted to his work being fake. Thank you, Toblet.

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  • Unknown Entity

    Lemme guess. They used BrawlBox & Brawl Roster Maker to make this. IIRC, BRM has it where you can have up to 50 selectable slots. So, this isn’t out of the question. If you use BrawlBox, you could easily replace old images with new images. I’m going with my hunch to say…this is fake. But then we go back to when the Brawl roster was leaked & I start to just go in circles.

  • Midori Inaba

    Am I the only person who finds offensive to the Fox and Capitan Falcon characters that they are used in Smash as fanservice, but Nintendo has forsaken them and hasn’t given them a real respectable new console game.

    • Colt Lokk

      You never know! Maybe there are games for Star Fox and F-Zero coming! (HOPEFULLY, PLEASE NINTENDO)

  • Dark Link

    If Smash has 50 characters, I will be all smiles! Now, with that being said, I think this is fake. I don’t believe Nintendo is so lazy to give us the same pictures from the website as the character select screen. Sylux and Mike Jones for Smash! Metroid Prime Hunters 2 and Startropics 3! 🙂

  • hextupleyoodot
    • Unknown Entity

      BrawlBox & Brawl Roster Maker. Fake. Concluded. lol

  • Mitchhhh19

    Has anyone actually proven this rumor to be 100% false yet?

  • T0blet

    Nope, still not proven fake.

  • programninja

    if this is real you’d think that there would be at least 4 rows, if this is fake you’d think that it was custom brawl roster

  • lemer87

    17 Characters X 3 Characters = 51 Characters. People are Saying fifty alot

    • T0blet

      51 – Random Select Button = back to 50.

      • lemer87

        but they haven`t showed the Random Select Button

        • Charles Haskell

          Bottom right. It is assumed to be there as it is slightly different looking than the other tiles.

  • SonicShadow

    What i think:

    -5 Mario, Pokemon and Legend Of Zelda reps.

    -One more third party character.

    • lemer87

      so your comment =
      another Pokemon character
      another 3rd party character
      another Zelda character

      • SonicShadow


  • Boo3DGoldBoo

    I hope to be wrong, but I think Sakurai won’t put so many characters, maybe 45 of even 48, but I don’t believe more than that.

  • GameGuy5

    If the 3DS can hold 50 playable characters, I’ll never doubt its potential power ever again.

    • RLWilliams3D

      That’s the thing with me. The idea of 50 playable characters in a 3DS game, alongside the non-playable Assist characters, seems both possible and impossible to me.

  • CuriousUser

    Surely not 50 Characters. Too much, then they’d never add more characters to the roster again.

    • Charles Haskell

      It is a lot of characters, I’ll give you that. I don’t think any 3D fighting game has had this many before and it certainly would be a leap, however, it still doesn’t seem impossible.

      For example, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom has a roster (correct me if I’m wrong) of about 48 characters. So in that sense, if SSB4 had 50, it would only be two more than that game. Not very much more, if you ask me.

  • Charles Haskell

    I just realized it now, but if this is proven to be legit, Ridley is confirmed. And it’s not just because of the two extra slots next to Samus.

    Look at the bottom image and notice the box directly left of Pit’s. It is selected and has half of the letter “Y” showing. Now look at the bottom left of that same image. Notice anything familiar?

    Of course, it could be Anthony as well since his name also ends with a “Y,” but I highly doubt that.

    • Sea Slug and Wagashi

      Oh! I see it! The Metroid emblem! So it’s definitely Ridley! We’ll just have to wait until E3 to see if the menu actually looks like this.

    • Cyan

      On the left side of megaman, there’s an empty slot, and in the left side of that slot, there is a “P”… This could be Pacman?

  • T0blet

    Just an update. This character selection screen HAS been confirmed to be fake.

    The original poster of the leak has admitted it, though surprisingly nobody was able to completely disprove it beforehand.

    • RLWilliams3D

      Well, well, another character select screen proven fake. What else is new with these Smash games during development? 😉

  • Updated this post to confirm that the Character Select Screen for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been confirmed fake. Thank you, Toblet.

  • Quinton

    Naaah. we need 112 fighters my roster look like this on the wii u and 3ds

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