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Shy Guy, Lakitu, and Metal Mario Return in Mario Kart 8

Looks like the Mario Kart 8 roster just got bigger! Shy Guy, Lakitu, and Metal Mario were all revealed as returning playable character in today’s media blowout for the game. All three characters were first playable in Mario Kart 7, although Wiggler and Honey Queen, two other newcomers in Mario Kart 7, are nowhere to be found.

With this addition, the roster is now at 27 characters total, the highest number in any Mario Kart game to date. With that said, Nintendo has stated that there are still other characters yet to be revealed. Here is a list of all the current characters:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Toad
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Bowser
  • Donkey Kong
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Daisy
  • Toadette
  • Rosalina
  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Luigi
  • Baby Peach
  • Baby Daisy
  • Larry Koopa
  • Morton Koopa Jr.
  • Wendy O. Koopa
  • Iggy Koopa
  • Roy Koopa
  • Lemmy Koopa
  • Ludwig von Koopa
  • Shy Guy
  • Lakitu
  • Metal Mario

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73 thoughts on “Shy Guy, Lakitu, and Metal Mario Return in Mario Kart 8

        1. That Guy Over There

          So? Yoshi and Birdo were also a Kart in MK:DD!! Also Bowser was a Bike in MKW. That doesn’t prove that he might not be playable.

  1. Jimmy Elwell

    Omg birdo diddy bowser jr. King boo and dry bones would complete the roster leading the game with 32 playable meaning every character would get there own course

  2. Luigiguy567

    My guess is that there will be somewhere around 44 playable characters, including everyone from Mario Kart Wii (32), the Koopalings (+7), with 5 left remaining. My hope is that the 5 characters will be: Petey Piranha, Kamek, Nabbit, Prof. E.Gadd, and Toadsworth.

  3. T0blet

    So far it seems everyone has been revealed in groups in each of the trailers with the exception of Rosalina:
    -12 Starters(?)
    -Babies + Rosalina
    -3 MK7 newcomers
    It seems that Wiggler and Honey Queen will therefore not return as playable characters if this is true otherwise they would have been revealed in this trailer.

    I predict this game will have somewhere between 36-40 characters because anything more than that would be too dramatic of an increase. (A climb of 12-16 is fantastic as it is from the previous largest roster [24] of any Mario Kart game).

    My thoughts: I’m very happy to see Shy Guy return, even though I’m not fussed about the other two, especially the retexture Mario, but he was inevitable anyway considering he’s really easy to create. And while I’m ecstatic that Funky Kong has not yet been announced, neither has Diddy and that makes me worried that they could be revealed together in the next trailer. :S Like Mario Kart 7 though, I don’t think everyone from Mario Kart Wii will return, and I really hope that doesn’t mean Dry Bones is cut; the only character I want at this point.

    1. DryBonesLoverandFantic2

      Same, I don’t care about any other characters that are going to be confirmed cause all the characters I wanted have been confirmed. And if Dry Bones is cut that will be really sad for me cause he’s the only character that I want right now.

      1. Faceblob

        I seriously know first he was cut out of the new Mario Kart 7, then out of the newer Mario Parties, and he’s my favorite character so if he doesn’t make it I’m going to be extremely disappointed in Nintendo

  4. DryBonesLoverandFantic2

    Ok, so right now since the roster is already at 27 characters and there’s still more to be announced…. You cannot forget that the Mii will be returning and he might have outfit B and maybe have the new outfit C that I heard people talking about. And if there is the Mii outfit A, B, and C that will make the roster go up to 30 characters, and in my opinion I really don’t want that, I just want one Mii and then Dry Bones, Birdo, Bowser Jr, King Boo, and Diddy return, and maybe some more newcomers like E. Gadd and Kamek. So that would make the roster go to 35 (37 if the Mii outfit has B and C).

    And in my opinion on these characters being announced is a really really good thing. First of all, in Mario Kart 7 I would only play as Shy Guy and Lakitu, so I am very glad they are returning and I will definitely play as them even if Dry Bones is confirmed playable. For Metal Mario though, I am ok that he’s playable again, I just wish he wasn’t playable cause in my opinion he is just ruining a spot for a different character. But if Dry Bones is confirmed playable I won’t have to worry that Metal Mario took up Dry Bones spot, and I will be happy that Metal Mario is there…. I guess.

    1. Luigiguy567

      Here’s what I feel the roster will be like:
      Everyone from Mario Kart Wii (24)
      The Koopalings (+7)
      Shy Guy, Lakitu, and Metal Mario (+3)
      Two-Three more newcomers (hopefully Kamek, Prof. E.Gadd, and Nabbit)
      Mii (Outfit A, B, and possibly C)

  5. E.Gadd

    I’m thrilled to see Lakitu and Shyguy because they’ve always been favorites of mine, even before they were in Mario Kart.

    Metal Mario I could take or leave, but I can see why they chose him since he pops visually in this game. He really does look good.

    As far as additional characters are concerned, I’m kinda hoping to see Plessie from 3D World and Professor E. Gadd from Luigi’s Mansion.

  6. Lots of Lilian

    Oh my god…not Metal Mario :/

    So glad Shy Guy’s coming back tho! All I really want now is Birdo and Honey Queen. For the newcomers, a Sprixie princess and maybe Nabbit would be cool 🙂

  7. Luigiguy567

    As long as Honey Queen isn’t back and Kamek and most characters from Mario Kart Wii are in, this will be the best Mario Kart ever.

  8. Sea Slug and Wagashi

    Yay Metal Mario! Wishing for Birdo, Kamek, and a lot of other newcomers.

  9. DK Fan

    Shy Guy was playable in Mario Kart DS, though he was only available to DS Download Play racers, remember?

  10. Bunnie365

    If Nabbit is playable before Bowser Jr. That is horrible…. Just like Metal Mario Being In Mario Kart 7 before Waluigi

  11. tsvlink25

    “Nintendo has stated that there are still other characters yet to be revealed.”
    I wonder how many of these are going to be newcomers, and how many will be returning racers 😮 Either way, this is great! It’s not only the biggest Mario Kart roster yet, but there are even more!

    1. Rodney

      They better be, but if Mii characters aren’t gonna be in this, then I won’t be buying the game.

      1. Bunnie365

        But what fun is playing as a Mii? I mean its a MARIO kart game with Mario Characters…

        1. Rodney

          The only thing about playing as a Mii is hearing the voices. And I’m hoping that they used the ones from “New Super Mario Bros U”. (The voice I had on New Super Mario Bros U is from Mario Kart 7.)

          1. Rodney

            UPDATE: I checked the E-shop on the Wii U and the Mii logo is NOT in there. I’m afraid I might have to do a rant on that soon.

  12. GameGuy5

    Yay, Shy Guy!! At least he made it back into the playable spot. Lakitu, I’m okay with, I used him a few times. But Metal Mario… >.< Why? Oh well, but I have to say, this roster is HUGE, and they're not even done yet. :p

  13. Marioman01

    I don’t mean to be a stickler, but Shy Guy wasn’t a newcomer in Mario Kart 7. He was a newcomer in Mario Kart DS playable only in Wifi.

  14. Mario_Comix

    A still taken from Gamexplain’s video for Royal Raceway. One of the ads seen clearly shows Birdo! (The ad also includes Daisy on the other end of it, and although hard to make out I think it says “Women Racing”.) I think she’s playable because of the claim I heard that every playable character has an ad, and so far every ad with a character has a playable character on it.

    1. CuriousUser

      I sure hope the Final Version will have a Map. Only one Person can use the Gamepad, and think about Wii Remote/Pro Controller players.

      1. Mario_Comix

        Not that ad, but the one to the right of it. It shows Birdo and if you look closely (not in this image) you can see Daisy too, and what appears to be “Women Racing” (although all the video stills are blurry).

          1. Mario_Comix

            Ah well, it was too blurry in the videos for me to read it. There’s also a similar ad at the turn before the big jump that has Toadette and Wendy on it.

  15. BlooperLover

    My Wigglers 🙁 Then again, he is kart. Honestly, I’m glad Shy Guy and Lakitu joined again, but MM 😛

    1. Roninor

      TBH I think none of the Mario Kart 7 newcomers should be in Mario Kart 8 or any other Mario Kart.

      1. Name

        Why not? Lakitu is a huge part of the MK series, so having him playable was a good move. Wiggler is also a major enemy in the Mario series, so him being playable makes sense, too. They also seem to be trying to incorporate Metal Mario into the spin-offs the same way they are trying to incorporate Rosalina in the main series. I don’t see a problem with that. He’s better than Honey Queen.

        1. Roninor

          If Lakitu is playable then there should be someone new to carry the kart off a cliff. Perhaps a Paragoomba?

          1. Name

            The playable Lakitu has a red shell, the non-playable one has a green shell. Just like how blue/purple/yellow/green Toads are spectators in multiple games, but Toad, himself, is playable.

    1. Bunnie365

      Yeah I agree, I mean they should come wayyy before the Koopalings I mean Im glad they are in but… They should be announced before.

  16. garroldgansun

    There’s propably only going to be nine more. It would make sense to triple the roster from the starting characters (twelve) thus making 36. Plus two miis making 38. So if there are nine I’m hoping for Diddy K, Bowser Jr, Dry Bowser, King Boo, Dry Bones, it seems Birdo is in the game, Kamek, Plessie, (I know it’s strange but seeing it in WiiFolder Josh’s video changed my mind, Dixie K, and Hammer Bro.

    1. Mario_Comix

      Plessie would be interesting, but he seems a little too big to fit. I would agree with the rest of your choices except for Kamek, I’d personally rather see Petey Piranha.

    1. Bunnie365

      Yes I definitely agree! He’s dead weight. He could easily be replaced by Birdo or King Boo, Diddy Kong or Bowser Jr.

  17. Bunnie365

    Does anyone know if there is actually proof that there will be more characters announced or is that an assumption…? Just asking.

    1. Roninor

      Since there is roughly two months until the game is released, I think it’s safe to say that there will be more characters shown.

      1. Bunnie365

        Well didnt someone say Nintendo actually STATED that there is yet to be more characters revealed.

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