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Charizard Fires it Up in Super Smash Bros.!

Charizard returns to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS as a separate character! Now that there are no longer any transforming characters, do Squirtle and Ivysaur still have a chance?

Michael Koczwara

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  • Sea Slug and Wagashi

    BELLOSOM’S BACK!!! Doesn’t look like she’s a fighter though. Shame. 🙁
    Although it would be pretty annoying if Squirts and Ivy didn’t come back. I know a lot of people think otherwise, but Charizard is honestly the worst of the three PT Pokémon.

  • Mario_Comix

    I don’t think Squirtle will return because we have Greninja taking the role of a Water-type Pokemon this time.

  • BlooperLover

    Charizard… Why did you have to be X

  • MagiKooper

    Pic 1: MATRIX!!! *falls while dodging shuriken* …Never mind.

    Pic 3: Charizard must know the move Thief

    Pic 5: No words from Charizard…….

    Pic 7: This is Ash’s Charizard isn’t it…


  • Boo3DarkBoo

    It seems Pokémon Trainer has a cut, but Charizard returns better than ever! Now we have 4 big characters in the smash: DK, Bowser, Dedede and Charizard.

  • galloots

    The question is…who will represent the grass type?

    • MagiKooper

      I doubt anymore Pokemon will be added as playable besides Jigglypuff. But if I were to PICK one grass type Pokemon to be playable…….I would say Grovyle.

      • galloots

        I thought the same, but I feel like they are really expanding the roster and may even scrap jiggs. Who knows! But I am interested to find out 😀

        • MagiKooper

          They wouldn’t scrap a character from the original 12…..if they do PLEASE let it be Captain Falcon

          • Name

            Yes, scrap the main character and only rep of a popular franchise instead of a minor character from a franchise who has 600+ possible reps and four already confirmed. Great logic!

      • Except Grovyle is not a finalized evolution. It would have to be Sceptile, pretty much. And here’s the thing. If there were to be a Grass starter and Jigglypuff, then that would get us a total of six Pokémon reps for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U. No franchise has more than five representatives. And Mario is the only franchise to have five right now.

        • MagiKooper

          Alright I get ya……I guess Jiggs is the only one we can expect to come back from the Pokemon series.

        • MagiKooper

          Wait…why do the have to be finalized evolution anyway? Jiggs is Mid-Evolution and Pichu is Pre-Evolution….do you mean to match the theme of Greninja and Charizard?

        • dude1230321

          Well, i think Torterra would be the Grass Starter to appear in this game.

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