8B1T On December - 26 - 2013

The official website for the two upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles is once again making updates on a regular basis. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. Dojo for Brawl, the official website will post images from both games five times a week. Whether this means we get announcements and characters reveals is still up in the air, but rest assured that new content is always coming your way. Keep checking back to this post as we update everything that is released for this week! A new post will be made for the next week.

Monday, December 23


Rosalina’s got height! She is seriously tall! However, she boasts an anti-gravity effect, so she’s very light.


Tuesday, December 24

Happy Holidays! Here’s a new 3DS stage–Rainbow Road! It can’t be explained in one picture, but it’s going to be a cruise-type stage.


Wednesday, December 25

Yellow characters.


Thursday, December 26

Zelda Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

To celebrate the launch of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in Japan, Zelda joins the battle!! It’s great to see so many female characters this time around.


Friday, December 27

The pic of the day that runs Monday through Friday will be on break starting Dec. 27. I’ll be back on Jan. 6, so I hope everyone has a happy new year!!


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  • CuriousUser

    Happy 2014 Mario Party Legacy. Hope Vippoccemaster and SuperZambezi appreciated my New Year’s Miiverse messages I gave. What new announcements of Mario should there be this year? I think Super Mario Sunshine HD, Mario Party 10, A New Baseball game, A MvsDK-like game or Remake and a Super Paper Mario follow up.

    • Luigiguy567

      Mario Games I’m hoping for (that are currently not announced):
      Mario Party 10 (Wii U)
      New Mario Baseball (Wii U)
      New Mario Strikers (Wii U)
      New Mario Sports Mix type game (Wii U or 3DS)
      Super Mario Sunshine 2/HD (Wii U)
      Wario Land 5/Wario World 2 (3DS/Wii U)
      Paper Mario 5 (Wii U)

      Non-Mario Games I’m hoping for (that are currently not announced):
      New 2-D Metroid game (3DS)
      New Earthbound (Wii U)
      New F-Zero or Star Fox (Wii U)

      • CuriousUser

        Hope to hear great new announcement’s by Iwata at the Nintendo Direct this month. I think I may know what it’ll be like, as with June’s.

  • Luigiguy567

    I may be a little late, but I have something important involving the characters and release of this game. According to the official site (Link:http://www.smashbros.com/us/characters/pit.html 20 characters have already been announced (16 veterans, 4 Newcomers) and 7 left to be revealed. (Minus a few characters probably being kept up wraps until the release of the game.) Anyways, normally, one or two characters are announced each month, so that means the 7 remaining characters will be announced over the course of the next few months. In other words, the game will release in 6-7 months from now, with one character being announced each month (or two characters announced in one of the upcoming months). So basically, we can expect the game to release this summer (which will be the best summer break ever) with a possibility of 27-34(at the most) characters (Nintendo confirmed this game will feature less characters than in Brawl, but it appears there will be more characters than in Melee).

    • 8B1T

      I’m more inclined to think that’s filler so the bottom bar doesn’t look wrong, from memory before we had Zelda/Rosalina/Marth the number of those boxes changed.

      Also having five Mario reps, three Zelda ones and pretty much one of everything else is… pretty thin. Lol

  • Boo3DarkBoo

    Look at this Smash Bros. fans:

  • Boo3DarkBoo

    If you can choose a 3rd Party Character for joins the battle in Smash 4, what do you choose? (without Sonic and Mega Man) My answer is PAC-MAN or BLACK MAGE.

    • Luigiguy567

      For me, it’s Pac-Man and Llyod Ivring

    • VideoTanooki


  • Fireflower30

    Here Comes The Ultimate Thing




    • Luigiguy567

      So, Twilight Sparkle, eh? WELL HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENEGER!

      Move set:
      Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris
      Final Smash: Walker, Texas Ranger (a.k.a. Cowboy Chuck Norris)

      Chuck Norris doesn’t get invited to Smash Bros, he invites himself.

      • GameGuy5

        Chuck Norris sets ants on fire with a magnifying glass….. At night. :p

        • Luigiguy567

          When Slender goes to bed every night, he checks his closet and under the bed for Chuck Norris.

  • Luigiguy567

    New Character:
    Pac-Man chomps his way in!
    Move set:
    Special: Target Chomp (A combination of Sonic’s Homing Attack and Wario’s Chomp.)
    Side-Special: Rev-Roll (Similar to Sonic’s spin dash, but slower and easier to control)
    Up-Special: Spin Jump (turns into Tornado Pac and flies horizontally or diagonally up.)
    Down-Special: Power Berry (eats a random power berry(fire, ice, Ect.) that lasts for a short time.)
    Final Smash: Flying Berry (Let’s the player fly around as Flying Pac and eat other players to deal massive damage.)

  • CuriousUser

    After the weekend, Sakurai should be back in business with Daily Pic’s, and I hope we all get him a nice warm welcome back. The pic saying he’ll be having a week off should’ve been one of Luigi’s taunt where he kicks the ground. This year as we get closer to release timing, we should get even more confirmation, maybe even our first look at the Announcer, more Gameplay Footage (hopefully character voice clips will not be like Brawl’s this time) and of Final Destination.

    • VideoTanooki

      What do you mean character voice clips? what was so different bout them ?

      • CuriousUser

        In the Gameplay Footage we’ve seen so far, Character Voice clip’s have sounded the same as in Brawl.

        • VideoTanooki

          okay, I was confused, but in the Sonic Trailer you can Roger Craig Smith when Sonic fights Luigi.

  • Boo3DarkBoo

    Newcomers who should appear as playabel characters in the next smash Bros.:
    Bowser Jr. (Super Mario)
    Waluigi (Super Mario)
    Oshawott (Pokémon)
    Blaziken (Pokémon)
    Chrom (Fire Emblem)
    Isaac (Golden Sun)
    Yuga (The Legend of Zelda)
    Pac-Man (Pac-Man)
    Art Academy Professor (Art Academy)

    Note: After see Wii Fit Trainer, I think the last character is a possible newcomer.

    • GameGuy5

      Umm, I don’t think Pac-Man is a Nintendo character. I know this is a wish list, but still.

      • Boo3DarkBoo

        I know Pac-Man isn’t a Nintendo character, he’s a 3rd Party Character like Sonic.

    • Luigi1234

      I’d add Tails (Sonic)