Michael Koczwara On December - 24 - 2013

Rainbow Road is the setting of the newly announced stage for the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. Sakurai revealed the stage through an image in today’s daily update, and he even left a message to accompany the announcement:

Here’s a new 3DS stage–Rainbow Road! It can’t be explained in one picture, but it’s going to be a cruise-type stage.

Based off the image, this particular Rainbow Road is taken right from Mario Kart 7. Sakurai notes that the stage will be a “cruise-type stage,” possibly meaning that we will see a majority of the track as the main platform flies around the stage. What are your thoughts on the announcement? Do you think there will be a Rainbow Road counterpart for the Wii U version?

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  • Luigiguy567

    It seems like a Delfino Plaza stage. My guess is the Wii U version will be based off of MK8.

    • tsvlink25

      Well, the Wii U already has a Delfino Plaza-like stage, and that’s Skyloft.
      Maybe another one, though :o

    • CuriousUser

      Sakurai said with exception’s of Battlefield and Final Destination, the stage’s and music will be different.

  • BlooperLover

    I actually wasn’t expecting this…

  • CuriousUser

    Never thought this page would come, seeing none for the MiiStreet Plaza and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Stages hadn’t. Thanks anyway Santa Zambezi.

    • VideoTanooki

      I’m guessing this got a page while those didn’t is because this is a Mario stage.

    • Sea Slug and Wagashi

      The accuracy of those images are questionable. Most tend to stray away from the ambiguous, although some have taken a chance and accepted it as a stage.

  • tsvlink25

    When I heard “cruise-type stage” I thought of Rainbow Cruise from Melee and Brawl…Could it be like that?

    • Sea Slug and Wagashi

      ”Cruise-type” means like Port Town Areo Drive (or whatever it’s called.)

  • CuriousUser

    Stuff I’ll assume is some connection to the Good Egg Galaxy stage in the Wii U Version and that similar to Mario Circuit in Brawl, Shy Guy Racer’s could collide during battle.

  • Baltimore Shagnasty

    If there is a Mario kart counter part on the Wii U I think it will be based on MK8. I really wonder what they are going to do for pokemon on the Wii U…

    • MagiKooper

      What they always do probably, Pokemon Rumble or Colosseum…..

    • CuriousUser

      Maybe a Stage like PokeFloats in Melee. Something not from an actual game good well for Pokemon.

  • Braystar

    Well I hope for HEAPS of RR music because those BGM are AWESOME!

  • Boo3DarkBoo

    Cruise-Type stage is like the F-Zero stage in Brawl.

  • Boo3DarkBoo

    Personally I think the stages Summit and Bridge of Eldin from Brawl are amazing, I hope them in Smash 4.

    • VideoTanooki

      I loved summit also, but if ssb4 follows the same criteria brawl used to select returning stages then summit does not have a chance.(in brawl a stage from the original 10 franchises were chosen to return.)

  • happyperson

    Just a fun fact: Many ppl wish Delfino Plaza was a real place and they could live there. Oh yeah, and I heard their security and police is great