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30 Insanely Amazing Super Mario 3D World Screens

Is it possible to not be excited for Super Mario 3D World? 30 brand new screenshots were revealed today, showing off new levels and specifically the graphical capabilities of the new game on the Wii U. They’re gorgeous to say the least, but they also reaffirm that variety and creativity certainly define the game, something that so many doubted back when the game was first announced. Check out all the screens below!







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40 thoughts on “30 Insanely Amazing Super Mario 3D World Screens

  1. E.Gadd

    Okay a couple of things:

    1) Shell Power-up?
    2) Japanese level?!
    3) Dat Wet Screen Effect!!

    This game… I need it. ;D

  2. 8B1T

    I wonder if that crown that the bros fight over, and later Toad is seen wearing, is a means of generating competition or just another bonus item. :p Nice teamwork moves (Mario tossing Luigi to attack the Fire Bro, and toad on top of Peach hovering over lava).

  3. That guy over there

    Hmm, there seem power-ups or ítems that look like enemies (Luigi as a Goomba in 1st pic, Peach inside Koopa Shell, you could carry a Piranha plant in other screenshots) Interesting…

  4. CuriousUser

    Is there anything from SM3DL that won’t be in SM3DW?

    Still no sign of Yoshi, a character known for being in Sequel’s for game’s.

    1. MiniMarioBros

      It would be hard to bring yoshi into the game. The orange thing, i think is supposed to replace yoshi, for now.

  5. MaghKooper

    Luigi vs Kamek, the scared yet brave hearted plumber/ghostbuster vs the evil blue cunny koopa wizard. BUY TICKETS NOW!!!

  6. Luigiguy567

    I wish Wart was in this game…
    Top 5 Mario Villains that need a come back as a main antagonist:
    5. Ghastly King (Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)
    4. Rudy the Clown (Wario Land 3)
    3. Count Cannoli (Wario: Master of Disguise)
    2. Wario (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)
    1. Wart (Super Mario Bros. 2)

      1. Luigiguy567

        There’s still a chance. After all, I don’t want to fight Bowser for the rest of my life, so I’m hoping for Wart in the future.

    1. Boo3DarkBoo

      My top5 Mario villians for return:
      5. Petey Piranha (Super Mario Sunshine)
      4. Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario (Super Mario Sunshine)
      3. Chief Chilly (Super Mario 64)
      2. Giga Lakitu (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
      1. Gobbelgut (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

      1. Name

        Petey Piranha was in PMSS last year. He hasn’t stopped appearing. Neither has Bowser Jr. You really need a better understanding of the word “return”.

      1. Luigiguy567

        I think you may be right. So far only 7 worlds have been confirmed, and it’s rumored the 7th world is Bowser Themed. (Which is odd, considering that Bowser is usually 8th.) So I think there will be a 8th world with Wart as the final boss.

        1. MagiKooper

          That would be weird, cause Wart isn’t really a Mario villain, but it would be kinda cool, and is possible since this game is heavily taking things from Super Mario Bros 2. Still as for the story, my guess he got sick and tired of taking over the Mushroom Kingdom and just took over some mysterious world. Still what a plot twist it would be if you just beat Bowser and you think you beat the game then out of know where Wart shows up.

          1. MiniMarioBros

            And besides you know hard it would to be to update a super Mario bros 2 sprite to the major plot? It would be extremely painful. But he could still show up.

        2. MiniMArioBros

          Actually World seven seems to be the lava world. The Boswer Amusement park looks like the final world.

  7. Boo3DarkBoo

    It seems we can use Koopa’s shell like a power-up like in New Super Mario Bros. for DS, here’s a screeshot of a pink shell, probabily with Peach inside.

      1. Boo3DarkBoo

        I don’t notice that detail, I only think the true Pom Pom is the left, because the shuriken.

  8. Boo3DarkBoo

    My Top10 Super Mario Galaxy 2 levels for return:
    10. Upside Dizzy Galaxy
    9. Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
    8. Wild Glide Galaxy
    7. Space Storm Galaxy
    6. Melty Monster Galaxy
    5. Yoshi Star Galaxy
    4. Haunty Halls Galaxy
    3. Chompworks Galaxy
    2. Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
    1. Puzzel Plank Galaxy

    1. Boo3DarkBoo

      My Top10 Super Mario Galaxy levels for return:
      10. Melty Molten Galaxy
      9. Space Junk Galaxy
      8. Dusty Dune Galaxy
      7. Beach Bowl Galaxy
      6. Ghostly Galaxy
      5. Gold Leaf Galaxy
      4. HoneyHive Galaxy
      3. Battlerock Galaxy
      2. Gusty Garden Galaxy
      1. Toy Time Galaxy

  9. MagiKooper

    I can’t wait for this to release for to reasons, one the graphics look so awesome, and in my opinion it’s gonna be a great way to end off the Year of Luigi. and two (which is going really off topic)there is this troll reviewer, this big mircosoft fan or something, that just ….. its like he throws a brick at great games. If/when he does make a review about 3DWorld. I’m going to post up a link on the latest 3D World page, and just show everyone here thats he just a jacka**. Seriously, he nails everything he says Super Mario 3DLand and New Super Mario Bros 2 Sucked, He calls Nintendo a greedy selfish orginzation, He puts Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Yoshi’s Island, New Super Mario Bros U on his top 10 worst Mario games review. He said the 3DS sucked and that all the games on it are unoriginal, he did a review of the top worst 3DS games, 8 of which are Nintendo’s best sellers. He EVEN puts Top 10 reasons why Mario himself sucks.Its not just Nintendo, its Sega, its Sony, its Activision, RetroStudios, its basically everything to him accept Mircosoft. Now I personally don’t care about these companies, and i don’t really focus on reviews, but this guy just make me so mad because he just spouting out pure nonsense and lies. Seriously it’s hard to believe anyone could be this stupid. So if he does make a 3DWorld Review, I will be so ticked off.

    Sorry just had to get that off my mind.

    1. Luigiguy567

      That guy sounds like a ignorant jerk. I don’t like Microsoft myself, but I don’t hate on everything they ever made.

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