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Week 11: Super Smash Bros. Official Site Updates

The official website for the two upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles is once again making updates on a regular basis. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. Dojo for Brawl, the official website will post images from both games five times a week. Whether this means we get announcements and characters reveals is still up in the air, but rest assured that new content is always coming your way. Keep checking back to this post as we update everything that is released for this week! A new post will be made for the next week.


Monday, August 19

Right back atcha! (everyone can do this)


Tuesday, August 20

Out of the blue, here’s a new stage–the Pyrosphere from Metroid: Other M! An enemy from Samus’s past may appear at any second…



Wednesday, August 21

I guess we haven’t shown the Villager or the Wii Fit Trainer on the 3DS until now. By the way, their outlines can be made thinner or made to disappear completely.


Thursday, August 22

Wii Fit Trainer knocks in a header! This lethal move is based off of one of the Wii Fit Balance Games.


Friday, August 23


New and old planes makes a miraculous rendezvous.


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  • Unknown Entity

    Now, ANYONE can Metal Blade their way to victory with that Wily Stage 1/2 Theme!

  • ?

    Peach: “Don’t worry Mega Man, I know how you feel. A turnip in the face DOES hurt ya know…”

    • Unknown Entity

      Hi ? I know.

  • 8B1T

    Would this mean Metal Blades are similar in properties as those wretched ROB gyro top things? I can’t see how it’d be safe to grab those things flying toward you. :p

  • Retrogecko

    It’s nice to see a screenshot zoomed out. The graphics really are amazing but I am blown away by the lighting. Bowser looks so incredibly real in this shot.

  • nintendofan10039

    Does this mean we will see Ridley in some form or another? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • 8B1T

    I know Day 3 isn’t up but…
    WFT is in the 3DS game. Which is COMPLETELY unexpected but cool at the same time. O-o Ofc that kinda strengthens the argument that the roster is shared between the games…

  • Ewan Dewar

    I Question Day 3’s Screenshot. Basically the Wii Fit Trainer’s Series has not had any handheld games (so best of luck, as the 3DS Version will have only stages from handheld games and the Wii Fit Trainer would be homeless/stageless) and I’m telling you Mr. Sakurai mentioned not all can be one both versions due to 3DS Limitations(something about Limitations). The Character aim is no more than 40 Total Characters, and only the Wii U would support that.

    • 8B1T

      Sakurai-san might very well have made changes since what he said last. Perhaps someone found a way to optimise characters across both. Stage wise though I think the diversity and disparity between versions is intentional.

    • Cole Holbrook

      He said there would be the same characters on the Wii U and 3DS. Only different stages.

      • Ewan Dewar

        Well, 40 characters total cannot be supported on a 3DS I don’t think, and the Wii U Version can’t have free space either. Best of luck having characters like the Wii Fit Trainer on the 3DS as since that version only has stages from handheld games, they’d be homeless/stageless if they’d dare to make it.

        • tsvlink25

          ROB was stageless in Brawl..

          • Ewan Dewar

            No he wasn’t. His series stage was Mario Bros., check the All-Star mode.

        • anonymous

          the 3ds is as powerful as the wii and there wont be a story mode so yea it can definitely support it but its holding back the wii u which can very easily have more than double

  • Retrogecko

    So we can customize how thin or thick their outlines are?? Too cool!!

  • koopa 27

    just olimar left

    • BlooperLover

      Yeah Not so many pics of Olimar anymore

      • Forge233

        Too many Luigi Pics. Need more Olimar and Pikachu

        • BlooperLover


  • nintendofan2000

    I never doubted that the Villager and Wii Fit Trainer were on 3DS but it’s nice that we have proof now 🙂

    • BlooperLover


  • Forge233

    I’m pretty sure that all characters will be the same for both systems. Just stages and customization will be different.

    • Guest

      It’s confirmed to be so.

  • Cole Holbrook

    Can anybody tell what the audience is made out of? -like who is in it- I can’t make out the shapes.

    • BlooperLover

      Don’t know, I saw some Robots though.

    • Unknown Entity

      They don’t look like any distinctive characters. Also, maybe they’re cardboard cutouts. LOL

  • 8B1T

    I’m wondering what sort of move would have Pit let go of Palutena’s Bow like he has done in Thursday’s picture. :p

    • Cole Holbrook

      it looks like a dodge to me.

      • Unknown Entity

        I was thinking the same.

  • Ewan Dewar

    Here is what I believe the Fighting Arena Stage would be.

    • luigiguy567

      That, or it could be from Punch-Out, which could mean Little Mac is in the game.

  • BlooperLover

    Awsome new pics. 😀

  • Cole Holbrook

    After seeing this weeks pictures, I am starting to feel even more confident about this game. (especially the Wii U version) The stage shown off so far look SPECTACULAR and the Pilot Wings stage looks beautiful to me. Even the simple one from Other M seems to have more to it as Ridley is likely to attack. I think the stages this time around are going to be great!!!

  • Blizzardwaltz

    I wonder if Zoroark will replace Lucario or maybe a newer Pokemon of that build.

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