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Beautiful New Artwork for Mario Party: Island Tour

Not long after the announcement of a name change and the reveal of the box art, Nintendo released some new pieces of official art for Mario Party: Island Tour. We only get a few images, but the beautiful look at the group shot more than makes up for the scarce amount. Take a look at them all below!

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  • 8B1T

    The Yoshi image looks like a full version of his MTO mugshot lol.
    4 on the Banzai block is quite a high number o.o

  • Jaysee


  • koopa 27

    I like to see every playable charater ever enstead od Dk and koopa kid since thay wre not playable for a while

    • Boo3DarkBoo

      Koopa Kid never again, the only way is Bowser Jr. for substitute he

  • Beef

    Mini stars, Flutter, and Rosalina. This is looking bad…. 🙁

  • Stavros Hatzopoulos

    Ya see Waluigi and Rosalina? They might be playable. Don’t forget the characters from other Mario Party games.

  • luigiguy567

    *Mind explodes from amazement*

    • luigiguy567

      Oh, wait a minute… Mini Stars? *sigh* Never mind.

      • Luigiguy567

        But the artwork! It’s-a-so beautiful… *Mind explodes again*

  • supamawiol0l

    Why doesn’t anyone like Mini Stars? I thought the idea was great!

    • luigiguy567

      It was a good idea, but ND cube executed it horribly. Working together in a Mario Party? (Car mode and Mini Stars). The whole point of Mario Party is to beat everybody else and become the superstar.

  • Psych

    I hope you guys complaining about Mini Stars realize that the point of Island Tour is completely different for each map… right?

    • luigiguy567

      I know, I just hate the idea of Mini Stars all together.

      • Psych

        If anything, they’re likely a mere aspect of one of the maps.

        • Luigiguy567

          I hope one of the boards has the classic battle royal mode from the other Mario Parties.

  • Ewan Dewar

    @supamawiol0l:disqus Please check the 3DS Letter Box/Swapnote when you can. I have sent you a letter(s).

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