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Art of All Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Characters, Karts, and Tracks

While Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has no plans to release outside of Japan, fans worldwide continue to follow the game as media and new information comes in. The official website for the arcade game revealed images and art for every character, kart, and track featured in the game. In the end, the game features twelve different playable characters, twenty-three karts, and 10 race tracks. You can check it all out below!






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  • Ewan Dewar

    No Diddy? He’s been in every Mario Spin Off Bowser Jr. has.

    • tsvlink25

      But this is the Arcade GP series. Daisy hasn’t been in these either, and she fits that too. Same for King Boo, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, etc.

  • E.Gadd

    I’m still not convinced that that’s every character. If it were, why’d they arrange the characters in such an odd way on the site to allow room for two extra racers on the bottom row? Silly web designers, you should know better than to give me an inch to speculate with!

    • supamawiol0l

      you stole my comment

  • luigiguy567

    I don’t think this is everything. Where is Rainbow Road? It has been in every single Mario Kart to date. Also, I don’t think they would put Rosalina and Metal Mario icons on the machine for no reason.

    • E.Gadd

      I bet if there is a secret Rainbow circuit that it’s based on Mario Galaxy. ;D

      • luigiguy567

        There is a rumor of an online update, so if Rosalina was DLC, then a Rosalina Cup (Rainbow circuit) may appear with her. The race tracks could be:
        Rosalina Galaxy (Tour of various galaxies from Mario galaxy 1 and 2)
        Rainbow Road (Pretty self explanitory)

  • T0blet

    These things may be small evidence but they still all indicate towards the possibility of 14 characters.

    -The emblems of Rosalina and Metal Mario on the side of the machine

    -Rosalina and Metal Mario both have in-game karts.

    -Notice in the website there is a ‘coming soon’ link. About a week ago about half of these were blank and they have all been revealed quite quickly. But inside this hidden link could be anything including two hidden characters. I’m pretty sure Mario Tennis Open had one hidden link also before it finally revealed Metal Mario.

    -Notice also that this is just below the playable characters link.

    -Notice in the third link that there’s 12 characters. 7 are on-top and 5 are below. Why not 6 on-top and 6 below? Could this mean there’s two hidden characters? Also I’m pretty sure E-gadd said previously that “If you add two more character boxes to the selection screen, the character select rectangle would match the width of the grey bar underneath it perfectly.”

    -In the fourth link the karts of Rosalina and Metal Mario are specifically positioned just after the characters in their own karts. Why aren’t these karts just randomly positioned if Rosalina and Metal Mario aren’t going to be playable?

    -Peach is the only female so it would make sense for Rosalina to be playable.

    At this point I’d feel mis-lead if Rosalina and Metal Mario weren’t playable.

    • E.Gadd

      Yeah, I just don’t buy that this is it yet. Good run down on all the reasons why we still have suspicion about it.

      It’s true that it’s possible that both Rosalina and Metal Mario were originally planned to be in this game and that later on Nintendo decided against it for some reason. That could be why they have emblems on the machine, Karts in the game, and probably even character specific items too, and not be actual drivers.

      But it would be extremely silly for them to do that IMO.

  • LuigiIsAwesome2

    Well, Wario and Waluigi are in after all. Daisy and Diddy Kong should have been in….

  • supamawiol0l

    Mmm delicious cake car

  • Bern

    There a reason Daisy isn’t playable in these, but Waluigi is?

  • anon

    I’m pretty sure this is it. That last coming soon link could be for new karts.

  • DK Fan

    Hm, those bonus karts have my eye. Daisy? Diddy Kong? Rosalina? Metal Mario? Someone from Dig-Dug?

    • luigiguy567

      That actually might be true. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • yoshifan4526

    I think they’ll add in a Rainbow Cup later and call it a day, because other than that, it looks like we got everything.

    I mean, the fact that Ms. Pac-Man, Blinky, and Mamegatchi got dropped in favor of Bowser Jr. and Don Chan should say something.